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December 2012 School Newsletter

December 2012 School Newsletter

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Published by Glenda Kunze
Info. about school activities
Info. about school activities

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Glenda Kunze on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2012Tri-Center Newsletter
High School 485-2257 Middle School 485-2211 Elementary 485-2271www.tri-center.k12.ia.us
Superintendent’s News and
…Brett Nanninga
chools Wishes Youand Yours
A Merry Christmas 2012
A Happy New Year 2013!!
School Dismisses at 1:30 on Friday,December 7
for Professional DevelopmentSchool Dismisses at 1:30 on Friday,December 21
 for Christmas VacationNO SCHOOL December 24
through 31
 NO SCHOOL on Tuesday or Wednesday,January 1
and 2
 NO SCHOOL on Thursday or Friday,January 3
and 4
 Due to Professional Development**School Resumes on MONDAY, January7
(FULL DAY)**NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 21
dueto Professional DevelopmentSchool Dismisses at 1:30 on Friday, February1
for Professional DevelopmentSchool Dismisses at 1:30 on Wednesday,February 13
and Thursday, February 14
 for P-T ConferencesNO SCHOOL on Friday, February 15
**Please fill in or update your phone, cell phone, ore-mail address via the Powerschool Link if youhave not already done so.
(Radio or Television)**Please listen to T.V. or Radio beforecalling the school**
With the arrival of another Midwest winter,the possibilities of late starts, early dismissals, andcalling school off are upon us once again. Please beassured that the school has a calling system in placeand decisions regarding these items will be made ina timely manner so that families can adjust theirplans accordingly. With upwards of 15 buses/vanson daily routes in our district of 200 square miles,the reality that everyone either drives or rides toschool tells us that we have a lot at risk everyday.Please keep in mind that we do live in theMidwest where weather can be severe at times andyet isolated in terms of area. It may be that part of our district is in worse condition than another, soplease take this into consideration. If school is notcancelled and conditions in your area are such thattravel is too risky, then please contact the schooland indicate that your kids will not be able to attendon that day.The media does an excellent job of keepingus informed of pending weather advisories, and wehave access to several satellite websites via theInternet. Tri-Center Community Schools will act ina responsible manner, but we will try not overreact.Although we live in a region where peopleshould know how to deal with snow, ice, and wind-chill, we must still do our best to proceed withcaution. By all means,
 please slow down
encourage the members of your family to do thesame.The POWER ANNOUNCEMENT RapidNotification (via the phone) will be used in theevent that school is cancelled, started late, ordismissed early; so please be mindful of this meansof communication. Also, please turn on thetelevision (KMTV, WOW, KETV, FOX 42) or theradio (WOW 94.1 FM, KNOD 105.3 FM, KMA960 AM, KFAB 1100 AM) and watch or listen forthe announcement as a backup.Make sure that your kids are ready for coldweather
especially if they are exposed to theelements while waiting for the bus. If a situationexists whereby you cannot dress your childappropriately, then call the school and we will beglad to help. It especially hurts to see little kids thatare underdressed during the winter months. Hats,gloves, boots, coats are a must---please send yourkids out of the house ready for winter.
6 of Life’s Puzzlers
. . . excerpts from thebook,
“WOODEN, A Lifetime of Observations andReflections . . .”
Why is it easier to criticize than tocompliment?
Why is it easier to give others blame than togive them credit?
Why is it that so many who are quick tomake suggestions find it so difficult to makedecisions?
Why can’t we realize that it only weakens
those we want to help when we do things forthem that they should do for themselves?
Why is it so much easier to allow emotionsrather than reason to control our decisions?
Why does a person with the least to sayusually take the longest to say it?
 5 More
of Life’s Puzzlers
. . .
(Samesource as above)
Why is it so difficult to realize that othersare more likely to listen to us if first welisten to them?
Why is it so much easier to be negative thanpositive?
Why is it so difficult to motivate ourselveswhen we know that results come onlythrough motivation?
Why is it so difficult to say thank you tosomeone when those are two of our ownfavorite words to hear?
Why do we dread adversity when we knowthat facing it is the only way to becomestronger, smarter, and better?
 Have a Blessed Holiday Season! Enjoy your Family, Friends, and the Festivities!
From the Principal’s Desk 
… Angie Huseman
iving at one goal isthe starting point to
 --John Dewey
Perhaps it is appropriate that I begin thisnewsletter, the last one of the year and the last onebefore semester tests, with a reminder of goodintentions. We all have them; the end of the year,however, seems to be the time when we think more
about what we have not done, but wish we had.Obviously, the point I am hoping you all will makewith your children, is that it is never too late torededicate yourself to school. Now is not the time
to simply say, “It’s too late to make a change.”
Semester tests will be the week of December 17
,and I would appreciate your help in letting yourchildren know that the holiday break does not startuntil their last class is finished on the 17
.Additionally, I hope you will find the followingarticle by Michael Josephson from his April 6, 2006CHARACTER COUNTS Commentary a goodconversation starter for you and your child.
Strategies for Teenhood
One of the toughest jobs in the world isbeing a teenager. Everything is in transition.Everything is intense
even apathy.Kids on the brink of adulthood have to copewith inconsistencies and conflicts. A desire to bespecial and different clashes with the need to belongand fit in. The desire for independence collideswith an aversion to self-reliance and personalresponsibility.I want to suggest five strategies that canmake the journey through adolescence less painfuland more enjoyable:
Don’t run from responsibility; r 
untoward it. The sooner you become visiblyresponsible, the sooner you will be authenticallyindependent and free to do what you want and bewhat you want.
Be yourself. You don’t need orange
hair, a nose ring or tattoos to be special. Dressingor behaving in extreme ways to stand out or blendin can seem like a desperate demand for attention.Discover your talents and build your character, andyou will be no only noticed by respected.
Resist the seduction of selfishnessand short-sightedness. People who think only of their wants and needs sentence themselves to a dark 
and lonely dungeon. Don’t confuse pleasure withhappiness. Just because it feels good doesn’t makeit good. Don’t trade all your tomorrows for today.
Don’t expect
too much or settle fortoo little. No one can make you happy, but you canbe happy. Hang out with people who bring out thebest in you, and be the kind of person who bringsout the best in others.
Control your attitudes and you willcontrol your
life. You can’t always control what
happens to you, but you can always control whathappens in you. Remember, pain is inevitable butsuffering is a choice. So is happiness.--Michael Josephson
“The will to win is worth nothingunless you have the will to prepare.”
--Inscription at the U.S. Air ForceAcademyCounseling Comments
…Tami Harman
Senior Information:I have met with about half of the seniors andparent(s) to discuss post-secondary plans. Most of them are off to a great start in planning andimplementing the necessary components to gettingready for their son/daughters next step aftergraduation. I still have quite a few that I have notheard from and would like to extend anotherinvitation to please call the high school and arrangea time to meet with me in regards to yourson/daughter. These meetings let me know whattheir plans are and I then can help students look forscholarships that pertain to their career pathway.The number her at the high school is 712-485-2257.Junior Information:Juniors should be making a plan for when they aregoing to take the ACT test. There are 3 test datesoffered second semester. Tri-Center will beoffering a John Baylor Test Prep before theFebruary test. This would be a great time for yourson/daughter to take the ACT. Please call if youhave any questions about ACT testing.Sophomores and Freshmen:Second semester schedules are being finalized andshould be turned in to me by the 1
of December. Ihave gone into the classroom and talked with

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