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Losing Your Virginity

Losing Your Virginity

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Published by Erica Valencia

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Published by: Erica Valencia on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Losing Your VirginitySex is an act between two people who shares an intimate bond. It is a physical act of joining your  bodies together with your intimate parts. There are always first time in everything. Having sex isone of them and there are lots of questions that will surely confuse you.The first thing that you should consider is your decision. You must make up your mind that youare ready to share this magical moment with somebody that you care for. Remember that sex isnot a crime, it is a human need and you have every right to satisfy that primal hunger. However,having sex is not just all about pleasure, it is also about responsibility. You must accept whatever the consequences.PlanningThe next thing you should do is planning. A good plan will leave you and your partner satisfied.There are various things that you must consider namely:
HygieneAs it is your first time, it is better to shave your pubic hair. This is to avoid the irritation. It wouldalso be more enjoyable to take a bath before having sex. Sex under the shower is also proven to be satisfying. You will have the chance to bathe each other, another way to increase arousal.
SettingYou must set a romantic ambience. Find a place where both of you will not be disturbed. Since itis your first time, then you may opt to do the act in private. Your own flat or maybe checking inon a hotel would be good. Just make sure that both of you will be comfortable. A romantic musicwill also help in setting your desired effect.
DressIf it is your first time, you might want to find lingerie that would make your partner drool.Imagine, doing it for the first time wearing a panty with a cartoon print on it. Instead of havingthe perfect sex, you might leave your partner rolling on your bed laughing. This might reallyoffset your plan or even ruin your relationship. A sexy, silky or lacy bra partnered with thosemesh stockings would surely give your partner a raging hard-on.
ProtectionAs stated above, you must be responsible on your actions. You have every right to satisfy your carnal thoughts but at the same time, you must protect yourself. Sex can give you an unwanted pregnancy or even acquire sexually transmitted disease. You may prevent this cheaply, buy a boxof condom!
PositionThere are various positions that you can try such as:1. Missionary position- This is the oldest position you can see in books. This position is male dominated. Men are onthe top while women are on their back. If you're a feminist, this might not do you good. Also, itrestricts movement of both parties.
2. Woman on top position- Just by hearing the name, you know what this already means: women would stay on top. In thistype of position, women can control the pace and thrusts. However, men may not like it sincemen are notoriously known as dominating.3. Right Angle Sex position- In this position, the woman would lie flat on her back while the man will kneel between her thighs. The woman would then raise one of her legs which is supported by the man making aright angle. This position promotes a good angle for deep penetrations.
4. Spooning position- This type of position promotes intimacy and closeness. You are literally close to each other andcan have the opportunity to say sweet nothings during the intercourse. It is basically snugglingwhere the man will penetrate he woman from behind. It is not the earth shattering type of sex butit can really be pleasurable.
5. Doggy Style Position- This is one of the most common sex positions. In this type of position, both you and your  partner will kneel. The man will penetrate from behind and start thrusting. IT is said to beenjoyable especially for women because it facilitates stimulation of your G spot.These five positions are the most popular and most practiced sex positions. There are a lot of variations and other positions but these are the basics. Also, it would be better for you todiscover yourselves those other positions. It will help you know each other more than you’ll ever  be. Experimenting will keep you far from being bored with the same position everyday.Best position for virgins:The best position for a virgin like you is still the missionary type. For women, it is best becauseyou can let your partner guide you. For men, it is best if it is your first time since inserting your man tool is difficult, missionary position would help in maintaining your girl’s vagina open.Also, you are facing each other so you can see the emotions passing on each other’s faces.The Act

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