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Egyptian Gods

Egyptian Gods

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Published by jamessonian

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Published by: jamessonian on Dec 06, 2012
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Egyptian Gods - The Family Tree of Gods & Goddesses
 The Priests evolved a Family tree of the main Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to explain how some of theGods and Goddesses were related.
Egyptian Gods - The Creation Myth or Cosmogony
 The Priests also evolved a creation myth, or cosmogny, to explain how some of the Gods and Goddessescame into being and the the nature and genesis of the universe. A summary of the creation myth, orcosmology, is that there was darkness and a primeval ocean called Nun. The Sun God Atum, Ra or Re, theLord of Creation rose and spat out the elements of moisture (the Goddess Tefnut) and air (the God Shu).The twins, Shu and Tefnut gave birth to the Earth God, Geb, and the Sky Goddess, Nut. The God andGoddess Geb and Nut had four children: Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. Incest was seen as an acceptableelement in the lives of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, retaining the sacred bloodline.
Egyptian Sun Gods - The Ennead of Heliopolis
 The Ennead is the collective name given to the nine deities of the cosmogony of Heliopolis. Heliopolis wasalso one of the most ancient cities of Egypt particularly associated with worship of sun-deities andHeliopolis and was believed to be the birthplace of the company of the gods, called the Ennead and wherecreation began. The nine deities, or gods of the Ennead were:
Atum - The Sun God Ra
Egyptian Gods & Goddesses - Part Human & Part Animal
 The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were often shown as part human and part animal. Egyptian Gods andGoddesses were most frequently depicted with the body of a human with the head of an animal.
Sacred Egyptian Animals - Animal Cults
 The Egyptians believed that the Spirit of a God resided in specific animals leading to various animal cultsin which these animals would be revered and worshipped as reincarnated Gods during their lifetimes.Examples of these are as follows:
The God Anubis: worshipped as a Jackal or Dog
The Goddess Bastet or Bast: worshipped as a Cat
Sekhet aka Eye of RaHead of a LionessLife-destroying power of the sunSeth aka SetBeast-headedGod of Evil, Chaos, Desert & StormsSobekHead of a CrocodileCreatorSun God RaSolar Disk / Scarab Beetle/ FalconCreator of the UniverseTefnutHead of a lionessGoddess of RainThothHead of an IbisWisdom, learning and the arts
Name of Gods or GoddessesDepiction / DescriptionJurisdiction of Gods
Page 2of 3Egyptian Gods5/23/2010http://www.king-tut.org.uk/egyptian-gods/index.htm

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