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Egyptian Temples

Egyptian Temples

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Published by jamessonian

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Published by: jamessonian on Dec 06, 2012
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Egyptian Temples
Egyptian Temples
 Ancient Egyptian Temples were believed to be the dwelling places of the Egyptian Gods. Only the Pharaohand the Priests were allowed inside the temples and the priests would undergo ritual purification in a deepstone pool before they entered the Inner Sanctum of the Temples. This not only cleansed them but alsogave them contact with the primeval moisture of life. Ordinary Egyptians were only allowed to come to thegates, or forecourt, of the temples to pay homage and offer gifts to the Gods. The Priests would collect thegifts and say prayers on behalf of the person in the confines of the temples. The priests would conductceremonies, sacrifices and chant magical incantations, sometimes referred to as spells. The temples wouldconsist of heavy gates which accessed a massive hall with great stone columns, and then a series of manyother rooms through which processions of priests would pass. These rooms, or chambers, were lit bycandles and incense would be burnt to purify the air of the Temples. The chambers gradually decreased insize, the lighting in the temples was deliberately and significantly reduced to create an atmosphere of deepening mystery until the priests reached the chapel and the shrine which contained the Naos. The Naoswas the stone tabernacle inside the shrine which housed a great statue to the god to whom the temple wasdedicated.
Famous Ancient Egyptian Temples
 The most famous Ancient Egyptian Temples include the following:
Luxor - The Temple of Luxor built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II dedicated to the gods Amun Raand Horus
West bank of Luxor - the temple at Deir el Bahari -The mortuary temple of Hatshepsut was built bythe Great Steward of Amun who was called Sennemut dedicated to the god Amun
Karnak - The most famous temple at Karnak is the Temple of Amun. Originally the temples atKarnak and Luxor were connected with a two-mile avenue of sphinxes
Abu Simbel - The most famous temples at Abu Simbel are the Temples of Ramses and Nefertiti
Agilika Island - Temples of Philae built by the Ptolemaic pharaohsEdfu - The Temple of Horus built by the Ptolemaic pharaohs and dedicated to the god Horus
Kom-Ombo - The Temple of Kom-Ombo built by Ptolemy VI dedicated to the god Sobek
List of Famous Ancient Egyptian Temples
 The following list of Ancient Egyptian Temples contains details of the temple, the Pharaoh builders andthe gods who were worshipped at them.
Famous Ancient Egyptian TemplesLocation of Temple Name of TemplePharaoh BuilderEgyptian God
Abu Simbel, NubiaTemple of Ramses,beloved of AmunPharaoh Ramses IIAmon Ra ( aka Amun)Abu Simbel, NubiaThe Temple of Nefertaridedicated to the goddessHathorPharaoh Ramses II builtthis temple in honor of his wife NefertitiHathorAmarna, the city of AkhenatenGreat Aten Temple atAmarna ( destroyedafter the death of theAkhenaten, the heretic )Pharaoh AkhenatenAtenSiwaTemple of the OraclePharaoh Ahmose IIAmunBahariya OasisTemple of Alexanderthe GreatAlexander the GreatAmun and Horus
Page 1of 2Egyptian Temples5/23/2010http://www.king-tut.org.uk/ancient-egypt/egyptian-temples.htm

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