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Delfyett - UCSB Seminar1

Delfyett - UCSB Seminar1

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Published by: UCSBiee on Dec 06, 2012
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Ultrafast Coherent Optical SignalProcessing using Stabilized OpticalFrequency Combs from Mode-locked Diode Lasers
Peter J. Delfyett
CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida, Orlando,Florida 32816-2700 delfyett@creol.ucf.edu
University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara, CADecember 5, 2012
Key Technologies
Stabilized Optical Frequency Combs
Arcsine Phase & Linear Intensity Modulators w/ Comb Filter 
Direct Phase Detection (w/o external local oscillator) w/ Comb Filter 
Arbitrary Waveform Measurements
Arbitrary Waveform Generation
Pattern Recognition using Matched Filtering Techniques
Summary and Conclusions
MotivationWhy Diode Based Fiber Lasers?
Diode lasers are small (100’s microns), electrically efficient
(>70%), wavelength agile (300 nm to >10 microns viabandgap engineering).
Robust, no moving / mechanical parts
Broad bandwidth
potential for large tuning bandwidth.
Operates over very broad temperature ranges.
Cost effective, direct electrically (battery) pumped.
Can engineer the cavity Q to be >> than conventional cavities
Potential for photonic integrated circuits, e.g., electronics,lasers, modulators & detectors
full functioningoptoelectronic systems on a chip
computing & signal processing at the speed of light!

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