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New Kingdom

New Kingdom

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Published by jamessonian

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Published by: jamessonian on Dec 06, 2012
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New Kingdom
New Kingdom - Dates and Time Period
The time period covering New Kingdom is 1570 BC - 1070 BC. This is the era in Ancient Egypt with whichmost of us are familiar because of the famous Pharaohs who reigned during this era including King Tut.
Significant Historical Events, Achievements and People of New Kingdom
The significant Events, Achievements and People of New Kingdom are as follows:
The building of the tombs of the Valley of Kings
The great Pharaohs included Queen Hatshepsut (the famous female Pharaoh), Akhenaten,Tutankhamun, Tuthmose and Ramses II
King Akhenaten established a new religious order worshipping the sun godAten
King Thutmose III 1479 -1425 and Ancient Egypt reached the height of its power when militaryexpeditions brought the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea under Egyptian rule
New Kingdom - The Dynasties
The names of the dynasties spanning New Kingdom were:
18th - 20th - Egyptian Dynasties
The names of the Pharaohs who ruled during these dynasties of New Kingdom are detailed below.
New Kingdom - The Pharaohs
The names give to the Pharaohs of New Kingdom are as follows:
List of the names of the Pharaohs of the 18th - Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty
Ahmose I 1550 -1525
Amenhotep I 1525 -1504
Thutmose I 1504 -1492
Thutmose II 1492 -1479
Thutmose III 1479 -1425
Queen Hatshepsut 1472 -1457
Amenhotep II 1425 -1399
Thutmose IV 1399 -1389
Amenhotep III 1389 -1351
Akhenaten 1351 -1337
Smenkhkare 1336 -1334
Tutankhamun 1334 -1325
Kheperkheprure Ay 1325 -1321
Horemheb 1321 -1292Pharaohs of the 19th - Nineteenth Egyptian Dynasty
Ramses I 1292 BC – 1290 BC
Seti I 1290 BC – 1279 BC
Ramses II aka Ramses the Great 1279 BC – 1213 BC
Merneptah 1213 BC – 1203 BC
Amenmesse 1203 BC – 1199 BC
Seti II 1199 BC – 1193 BC
Siptah 1193 BC – 1187 BC
Pharaohs of the 20th - Twentieth Egyptian Dynasty
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