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QMU 1st Week

QMU 1st Week

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Published by Alif Akmal

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Published by: Alif Akmal on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Module : REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (MODULE 16)Name :Week : 1
1) Which of the following is the muscle of pelvic wall?A. Levator aniB. CoccygeusC. PubococcygeusD. Obturator Internus2) Which of the following is the muscle of pelvic floor?A. PiriformisB. Obturator internusC. Levator aniD. Biceps3) All the following are the muscles of levator ani muscles
:A. PubococcygeusB. PiriformisC. IliococcygeusD. Puborectalis4) Which of the following is not fascia of pelvic floor?A. Piriformis fasciaB. Superior fascia of pelvic diaphragmC. Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragmD. Pelvic ligaments
5) What tendinous arch that gives attachment to levator ani muscle:A. Piriformis fasciaB. Coccygeus fasciaC. Obturator fasciaD. Perineal fascia6) Regarding the boundaries of perineum, which one is not correct?A. Tip of coccyxB. Ischial tuberositiesC. Superior pubic ligamentD. Sarcotuberous ligament7) These are attached to the central perineal tendon,
:A. urethral sphincterB. internal anal sphincterC. levator aniD. right bulbospongiosus8) These are the contents of the superficial perineal pouch in male,
:A. branches of internal pudendal arteryB. greater vestibular glandC. deep dorsal vein of penisD. bulbo spongiosus muscle9) These are the contents of the deep perineal pouch in female,
:A. dorsal nereve of clitorisB. sphincter urethraeC. urethraD. bulbourethral gland 
10) What are the root origins of the Pudendal nerve:A. S2 and S3B. S3 and S4C. S2, S3, S4D. S1, S2, S3 11) All of them are part of the fallopian tube
:A. IsthmusB. IntramuralC. AmpullaD. Fundus 12) All of the statements about fallopian tube are false
:A. Intramural is the site of fertilizationB. Ovarian vein drains into Internal Jugular VeinC. The uterine artery supplying the medial part arises from internal iliac arteryD. It drains lymphatic into superfical inguinal lymph node.13) The lateral surface of the ovary are related to all of these
:A. Obturator nerveB. Pudendal nerveC. Peritoneum of lateral pelvic wallD. Obturator vessels14) All of these are ligaments of ovary
:A. Ovarian ligamentB. Round ligamentC. MesovariumD. Suspensory ligament

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