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Meaning of Illuminati Symbolism

Meaning of Illuminati Symbolism



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Published by illadelphiakid
The true meaning of the Illuminati symbol. What they don't want you to realize.
The true meaning of the Illuminati symbol. What they don't want you to realize.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: illadelphiakid on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Self” or Ego is represented by the F
igure I, which is best understood as mind or the perceiver of existence. To which it is encompassed by Figure Y, which is rep
resented as “You” or “You all”,
but bestunderstood as the universe, or that which is perceived in existence. In order to perceive one must beperceived, for to be perceived is to exist. Fig. I perceives Y, and Fig. Y perceives I, in a looping of perception; one never existing before the other. Fig. I interprets what Y is like through its perception,and Fig. Y interprets what Fig. I is like through its perception; which implies, in turn, that each figurecreates how its own perception is like through the perception of how the other is. The ego
 interpretation of the universe directly implies how the ego can interpret. If ego perceives the universe asbeing warm, the ego can only perceive itself as being warm. If the ego perceives the universe asseparate from the ego, then ego can only interpret itself as separate. If the ego perceives the universeas one with itself, then we can only interpret the ego as one with the universe. What this shows is thatthe universe is actually a reflection of self. The ego is conscious self, and the universe is thesubconscious self. In reality they are as one, this is represented as Figure W. Fig. W encompasses bothFig. I and Y. Figure W is represented as t
he notion of “We”. This is best
understood as God. Fig. W is thetotal perception of all figures as One. Fig. W is all figures combined. This is a mathematical void which isinfinite in value, never attaining form. It is intangible, like one limitless imagination. Accordingly, thissuggests, that both Y & I together will infinitely pursue to attain such a value. To be one with God, onemust balance the conscious mind with the subconscious mind, and perceive them as one. One will thenbe able to manipulate most of reality at will with a single thought.How Self comes to perceive Self, is shown through this model. Point I begins by perceiving Point Y, andvice versa. Both Points perceive the other, which is notated by one line extending to both point I and Yon the triangle. Since W
is the sum of Y & I’s perceptions,
both points Y & I in turn perceive W, as aresult. Thus, three forms of consciousness become one, all perceiving each other, and themselves.These 3 forms of consciousness as One create an infinite sum of perceptions all perceiving one infiniteperception. It is also the triangle which resides as the simplest
” of matter, or simplest shape in

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