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Clinkz the Bone Fletcher

Clinkz the Bone Fletcher



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Clinkz the Bone Fletcher
by Beast_Pete (as of v6.60)
Strategy Guide for Clinkz the Bone Fletcher
by Beast_Pete (as of v6.60)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strategy Guide for
Clinkz the Bone Fletcher
(as of v6.60)
Visit http://planetdota.blogspot.com for your Dota needs!
——————————————————————————I. Introduction——————————————————————————
Beast_Pete and MrBuffet both had written a guide for Clinkz seperately before writing this one.As both guides were based on Dr Aegis (Divine Rapier + Aegis of the Immortal), they decided tomake a merged guide, which was waited by many forum readers. That meant the end of thefirst era of their guides.After the merged guide was published it received loads of positive comments and soon becamea nominant for the premiums. After the reviews of moderators it finally became one of thePremium Guides. Unfortunately MrBuffet decided to retire from DotA, but the guide is stillbeing updated by the other author, Beast_Pete. A bit after the premiuming the guide waschanged which meant the end of the 2.0 series and the introduction of the 3.0 version.After the new trends, I decided to add Hand of Midas to the item build as it helped in farmingup for the expensive items a lot. As Bone was better off farming for 40-45 minutes Midas was aneeded item, however in newer and newer versions pushing strategies became more and moreeffective meaning that farming whole became not viable and Bone started to become useless.If that was not enough, the Dr Aegis builds were screwed up by removing Aegis of the Immortalfrom the shops and adding it to Roshan as a droped item with only one charge and nophysical/spell resistance.So it was clear I had to change my guide by completely revamping it. But thanks for the buff onThe Butterfly the Bone Fletcher's time for owning the Sentinel seemed to come again! Bonereceived some buffs, the possibility of orb-walking at level5 and a "cheaper" ultimate.But I decided to revamp the guide again and as the 4.0 series ended with only few edits, I amnow introducing you the 5.0 series. This version includes two different item builds and is a bitshorter than the previous versions. I hope you'll enjoy my guide and will be able to becomemuch better in this wonderful game called as Defense of the Ancients.
A. Pros and Cons
One of the best assassins in the game
Very effective at taking down buildings alone (best backdoorer in the game)
Really hard to get ganked with proper use of wards by the Bone player and his allies
Good at landing last hits and harassing enemy heroes thanks for Searing Arrows
Many spells get negated if Wind Walk is turned on just before the spell would blast in
A free moving observer ward for allies thanks for Wind Walk
Fragile to stun & high damage combos
Really low on mana in early-mid game
Many AoE spells affect him even when he is invisible
His wind walk + strafe combo can easily be screwed up with a single stun
He is hated by most of the players in public games, so expect to be ganked regularly
B. Bone's Role in the Team
Basically there are two ways of playing the Bone Fletcher. One of them is an gank oriented, assassintype, which focuses on building up a relatively high DPS as early as possible and go around participatingin ganks allowing your team's main carry to farm up or you to farm up by scoring kills and having freefarm as the enemies are underleveled.The other style is concentrating more on farming in early/mid game, which will allow you to solotowers and raxes later on. Backdooring is allowed by the TDA rules, therefore on default you may startattacking towers without your creeps being nearby. Only exceptions are leagues that deny IceFrog'srules and rather make their own ones forbiding backdooring and other kind of strategies.You can often see 5-men teampushes in league matches, and Bone should be the one to make confusionin the enemies' line-up by suddenly attacking someone from behind/the side and possibly taking out ahero or more. This is good also at defence and at attack.Another important role in the game is backdooring. You should go under WW, travel near to one of thetowers, and wait for the creeps passing by until they cannot see you and turn back automatically whenyou'd start attacking a tower. If the tower has full health, then you should backdoor only if you have areally high DPS or some teammates are helping in.Don't forget that you win when you destroy the opposing team's World Tree or Frozen Throne. Frags donot count when your Tree/Throne is falling down.
In this mini-clip you can see how I pick out Zeus by a surprise attack from the right wing side of thetower while my teammates are pushing from the front side. This made a little confusion and a loss of one hero for them. The whole game can be seen in the
PRG vs dT scourge
replay that can be found inthe league replays section.
——————————————————————————II. The Power of Clinkz——————————————————————————
A. Skills Info
Fire a large number of arrows in a short time period.Lasts 10 seconds.Level 1- 20% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)Level 2- 40% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)Level 3- 60% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)Level 4- 80% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)Beast_Pete:
"The hero killer and tower destroyer ability. Great to use at a backstab. But don't forget,

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