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Dark Terror the Faceless Void

Dark Terror the Faceless Void



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Darkterror the Faceless Void
by nekdolan (as of v6.60)
Strategy Guide for Darkterror the Faceless Void
by nekdolan (as of v6.60)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strategy Guide for
Darkterror the Faceless Void
(as of v6.60)
Visit http://planetdota.blogspot.com for your Dota needs!
Table of Contents:
Instructions, Click on a paragraph to get there.Click on the paragraph's picture to get back.
Links & Videos
Skill Build
Item Build
Used Items
Situational items
Rejected Items
Early Game
After MoM
After Butter
Using Time Walk
Proper Chronoing
Chrono Pictures
Art of Ganking
Supporting heroes
Chrono heroes
Things to Avoid
How to deal with?
Well I couldn't come up with anything original, so I decided to upload some concept art, instead ofleaving this space empty:
Links & Videos
!My other video on youtube !Faceless void's skills and statsMy old guideBacktrack & EvasionAbout BashAbout Bash2Faceless Void WikiIn this early part of the guide I will talk about void's skills and role in the game. Every hero is specialdue to their skills. Some heroes share the same skill (like storm bolt), but none of them have two skillthat mach. It is important to view the hero as a whole. So what does void have? First of all he's melee(BF and vlads ar ok). He starts with low hp, but with good base damage. His an AGI hero, and we allknow that AGI heroes are born to be DPS (except NA). He has the time walk abbility wich can be usedto get in or out of battles. Escaping ganks or placing your ultimate right. We have backtrack and timelock our most annoying skills for the enemy. One of them incrieases EHP by X% and the other candissable anyone, anywhere. Same is true for his ultimate, only difference is the AOE. Theese skillsmake faceless to be used as a carry hero.What's a carry hero? We call carry, the heroes who can dominate late game and win. There's a limitedtype of (AGI/STR) carries that are capable to win a game. First is the tank-DPS. Radiance is the core inthis build, and to put it simply: The tank survives long enough to destroy the opponent with radiance.Kentaur and the old BB were used like this very often. Theese heroes need lots of HP and EHP andradiance. Faceless would be a good heroe for tank-DPS, but his lack of HP, and the fact that immolationwon't work under chrono makes it very difficult. Next carry is the illusion carry. Illusions give lots ofdamage and survability to a carry! The best illu carry is Terror Blade, but we have spectre and thephatnom lancer too (not to mention siren). Even if FV lacs illus he can get it with manta. One problemthough: illusions make fake bash, and that makes opponents immune to bash!! This is the only way tomake someone immune to bash, and your the only one who can do it. I advise not to.Last but not least we have the pure DPS carry. Pure DPS needs mediocore HP and lots of IAS anddamage. Best pure DPS heroes are thoose who have either IAS (viper/razor/Bf) or damage (SF, Sven,Magnus). Time lock deals too little damage to be considered damage (and it's magical, not phisical). Soa DPS void would need to get both IAS and damage to carry. That's what we are gonna do, but a bitdifferently than other DPS carry heroes. The key to realize FV's strengh is to realize that he is notalone! Time Lock and Chronosphere are dissables that cannot be blocked. The while help us to pin theenemy down. Backtrack will give us the EHP to survive as long as our teamates finish the dissabledopponent. And last but not least we have time walk to run away if things go bad for us. FV is a weakfarmer. While other carries need to focus on either IAS or damage, FV needs to focus both in a (pureDPS) carry build. We should focus on IAS and HP so that we can dissable anyone. If we want to make apure DPS carry: well, we should pick someone more suited for the job.

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