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The Griffin, Vol. 3.2 October 2012

The Griffin, Vol. 3.2 October 2012

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Published by The Griffin

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Published by: The Griffin on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Phapha, PA Octob 2012
 Th F Stunt Nwspap of Chstnut H Co
NEWS 2STYLE 4Opnon 6Sports 8
KAyCee FlOre ’13OliviA mArCiNKA ’13 Ths wk, ost Acans w b tun n to a cuca
rst debate between presiden
-ta canats Baack Obaaan mtt ron; th k nt n th ac fo th co-t tt of Coan-n-Chf. it s wh a canatcan th cha th cow
 with their awless answers
an pss atcuaton, oth can f thss to th
sharks by ip-opping on the
ssus an stubn o th wos. Th atst bac n thcton nos mtt ron an th notoous “47%” co-nt. Th ct quot s ths:“Th a 47 pcntof th pop who w ot fo th psnt noatt what. A ht,th a 47 pcnt whoa wth h, who apnnt upon on-nt, who b thatth a cts, who b- th onnt hasa sponsbt to cafo th, who bthat th a ntt tohath ca, to foo, tohousn, to ou-na-t-- that that’s an ntt-nt. An th on-nt shou  t toth. An th w otfo ths psnt noatt what. ... Thsa pop who pa nonco tax...m job snot to wo about thospop. i’ n con- nc th th shoutak psona spons-bt an ca fo ths.”Natua, ron was bu-ta ctcz b th a. Th pubc ctcs of hsak wnt a, catn anatosph of poo fo anba putaton aoun ro-n.How, hs bat a off a chanc fo pton.ron sn’t th on on who has so cann up too. rcnt, wth an abassa-o u n lba b t-osts, Obaa’s spons wasss than pss. Obaa’snta spons to th attack so wks ao uc thastatn occunc to aspontanous onstaton.in o cnt nws, th Wht Hous s conzn th attack as bn nk toth tost oup a-Qaau to nstaton non th tps of wapons us nth attack.Utat, Obaa’s so-
 what ckle reports of the at
-tack ha bn ctcz. Ths wk n th a, h wasna a “spathz,” an spojct as can tt aboutth abassao. ron’s -spons to a of ths was to caObaa nconsstnt n po-
ing true and uid information
to th pop. in on of ro-n’s wk pocast spchsan xtact fo an atc nth
Washington Times 
h stat,“W’ sn a confus, sow,an nconsstnt spons toth tost attack n lba,a fusa to b fank wth th Acan pop about whathappn, an a coptfau to xpan th own tost that w fac n thon.” H contnu statn,“Psnt Obaa’s fonpoc s on of passt anna.”Obaa buk ths, an was appa that anon cou
ip the situation for political
an. Thouhout th cuntpsnta ac w ha snuch wos ctcs an c-tzaton of canats, butt’s a pat of th tss chasto bco psnt. Now, w w t a chanc to ha foth canats; th ssus anopnons con staht foth. So o ouss a faoan tun n to th bat Oct3. to t th facts. To a th atc pnt- n th
Washington Times 
 an fnc h o to www.washntonts.coo to stn to an of mttron’s wk pocastspchs st hs wbst, www.tton.co.
 From the Opinion Section:
Debate Wars 2012
Pictured is the incumbent Democrat Barack Obama (left), and his opponent Repub-lican Mitt Romney (right), former Governor of Massachusetts.On Friday, Sept. 28, Chestnut Hill College hosted “A Conversation that Matters” with Sister Simone Campbell. In a packed theater, Sister Simone spoke to a very atten-tive audience. The event was co-hosted by the Institute of Forgiveness and Reconcili-ation (IFR), the History Department and the Women’s Studies programs.Sister Catherine Nerney, director of the IFR, said: “The work of NETWORK issomething that Sister Simone does 365 days a year, lobbying for issues of peace build-ing; immigration, economic, social, and healthcare reform; and social justice issuesof all kinds.”Sister Simone recently reached national attention after taking the “Nuns on a Bus”tour, of which she took part giving her speech at the Democratic National Convention.
image: screen capture, video by Don Visher
images: Patricia Pooladi, ickr.com/nationalacademyofsciences (left); Charlie Neibergall, ickr.com/iowapolitics (right)
 The Grifn
Vol. III, Issue 2 The Free StudentNewspaper of Chestnut Hill CollegeOlivia Marcinka ’13
Westly Mandoske ’13Business ManagerMichael Bradley ’14News EditorBleu Lane ’12Style Editor Amanda Finlaw ’15Style Editor Jessica Pennell ’14Opinion EditorCopy EditorMarilee Gallagher ’13Sports EditorMary Frances Cavallaro ’13Online Editor Jess Veazey ’13Photo EditorSkyler Stillwaggon ’14
Senior Layout Sta 
 Andrea Wentzell ’15
Layout Sta 
 Advertising AssisstantCopy EditorsZac Grubb ’12Sally Simons ’15Gabriel Henninger ’15Susan Magee, M.F.A.FacilitatorMake your opinion heardand submit editorials to
The Grifn
. Submissionsbecome property of 
The Grifn
and aresubject o editing forstyle, clarity and length. The views representedin submissions do notrepresent Chestnut HillCollege. Submissionsalso do not represent
’s position, or thatof its facilitator.
The Grifn
strivesfor accuracy and fairrepresentation in allof its publications andfactual correctness. If an error is found, emailthe issue number, theerror, and the correctionthat needs to be made
to the.grin.chc@gmail.
com. Corrections may beprinted in the next issue.
 AriAmA lONg ’13 A passonat aocat of soca chan an athtcs, Jan-c rns Kukck, m.e.,cha of th phsca ucatonpatnt, has on pactc what sh pachs thouh asof caton an ha wok.Kukck off a psn-taton on Sp. 19 to cbatth ast 40 as of socta ansat poss towasn quat. “No pson nth Unt Stats sha, on thbass of sx, b xcu fopatcpaton n, b n th
benets of, or be subjected to
scnaton un an u-catona poa o actt 
receiving Federal nancial as
-sstanc.” (Tt iX of th eu-caton Annts of 1972 toth C rhts Act).Unt ths patcua pcof saton pass, wonstu to b conz asathts, an st contnu totoa. But thanks to th t-ss ffots of fas at Chst-nut H Co an acoss th
country, the ght to be seen as
quas on an off th pan 
eld does not wage on in vain.
H nt ca s a tsta-nt to ths caus. Kukck hasbn na a b of thPouth Whtash HhSchoo Ha of Fa, th WstChst Unst AthtcHa of Fa, th Pnnsanalacoss Ha of Fa an thUSA lacoss Ha of Fa. Ths pstous tts a on n aton to h 35 as of sc to th Co as facut snc 1977, as w as h tspnt h as a stunt. Sh has
held almost every ofce in the
athtc patnt: fo pato nstucto to cto, as hasbco a post o o to tua an stunt who hasco n contact wth h.Shannon Saan, a snoucaton ajo, sa: “i hacass wth h now, oa anpats. An sh’s st ot t.Sh a pushs h stuntsthouh ha wok an ota-ton...an pan.”man stunts a atth ntnst an  Kukck anas to xu wth  actt. “it’s cuous, but ouknow, n a a oo wa,”rcha Bown, sno, sa
in reaction to nding out the
aount of t Kukck hasspnt at th Co.it s not just th stunts who a Janc an a thatsh accopshs on a a ba-ss, but th Co facut anstaff o as w. Susan ma,m.F.A., assstant pofsso of 
communications, reects on
 whn sh was a stunt at thco an ha Kukck as haobcs nstucto. “Sh wask ht onths pnant anon  o an kck,”ma sa. “it was aaz-n but  sa fo us that wcoun’t kp up wth h. i’su sh can st out-kck .”Kukck w awas b c-onz an o as th ostntc an  pson atth Co, an an nspatonto a an fa athts anstunts ak.miCHAel BrAdley ’14On Oct. 27 Chstnut HCo’s 3 Annua Both lo Cup w kck off. Whth Cup has bn an nauabsuccss n th past, t w bn b an btt ths a.
 The CHC Grifns Quid
-tch Cub, whch s sponso
by the Student Activities Ofce,
has bn pannn th ntsnc ast spn sst tonsu ths a’s cup s bttthan as past.“W ha sowh b-twn 2,000 to 3,000 pop at-tn ast a, an w a tn to bat that ths a,” sa Wsmanosk 2013, counca-tons cha fo th CHC gf-
n’s Quidditch Club.
On of th ost notc-
able changes will be the eld
on whch th as a pa. Ths a, tas w b un 
on the softball elds directly 
bow th stas outs of Foun, ath than th socc
eld, which was used last year.
 Aso nw to th Cup thsa a stunt-cub nos.Sa cubs fo th Co w b sat at tabs aounth atchs sn foo, con-uctn as o asn awa-nss n suppot of th oups. Th qutch as th-ss a on to b bthan  ths a as w. Atota of 16 cos, unstsan count tas w bathn on capus to co-pt fo th wnnn tt.“e a th s a tto ac, a tt o x-ctnt, that s bouht to thQutch ptch,” sa KacFo, 2013 bat fo th CHCta. “Ths a, han onont fo th cocounts, t s su to b anpss xpnc.”Oth co/unst tas w b tan foas fa awa as Ahst, mass.,an ithaca, N.y., to th Co. Aso n attnanc w b twocount-bas tas foth Phapha aa.
 Whichever team places rst
n th Cup w aanc ontoth ona chaponshp, whch w b h n roanok, va., o Nwpot, r.i., n -Nob. Th Cup w conc onOct. 27 wth an opnn c-
emony at 9:30 a.m. and the rst
a at 10 a..
a s latchc
 Janie Kuklik: Our Suerwoman
Harry Potter Weekend
 Janice Kuklick M. Ed., pictured coaching eld hockey, a
 position she held from 1977-2000. Kuklick lead 14 teamsto wins at PAIAW championships. She is also a USA La-crosse Hall of Famer.
image: Grifn Athleticsimages: Caitlin Kain ’13
 Above, members of Mask & Foil dress the part for last year’s Harry Potter weekend. Below, the CHC Slytherinteam was victorius, securing the trophy and a home vic-tory at the Brotherly Love Cup Quidditch Tournament.
 The Grifn
 TAylOr eBeN ’14STAFF WriTer  W ha a xpncth fustaton of an intntbackout on capus. it s notfun. Fotunat, so chansha bn a to th Co-’s nfoaton tchnoo (iT) patnt fo th nw schoo a an th a wok-n ha to ak th ssto ffct an ab thant has bn n pous as. Jo Kn-Sth, c ps-nt fo nont ana-nt, s now osn thiT patnt. Ths a sk an o pan but no-nt anant an iT acos at accon toKn-Sth, who has wok asa coput tach an hos aast’s  n nstuctonatchnoo.“it shs w wth no-nt anant n th snsthat nont anants acoss a patnts ans psnt thouhout a thschoos,” sh sa. “enontanant sttchs acossth nt count. So ntho, t bns qut nc.”Snc statn h nw po-ston, Kn-Sth, aon wthPau Suaz, cto of tchn-ca scs, ha bn assss-n an sachn tchnoo-ca ns on capus an how to suppot th ffct.“Tchnoo s oous whn t woks w an afu whn t osn’t,Kn-Sthsa, an that on of than nts foun n thsach was th ack of con-nctt n th snc has. Th sow intnt sps nth snc has, accon to Suaz, s u to “th w-ss accss ponts (WAPs) that w nsta bfo sat-phons, tabts an oth w-ss cs w as pantas th a toa” Suaz sa.Now, stunts a connctn 
ve or six wireless devices to
an accss pont.“mutp that [th nubof cs] b so an popan now th accss pont that was sn to han 20 con-
nections is ooded,” Suarez
sa. “it’s a att of kpn up wth th ts.”Kn-Sth as stat-n that “W just ha to kpaaptn. W ha to b ab toaccooat.” Th Co s on ts patto aapt. “rcnt, w’ ac-qu 30 nw accss ponts,”Suaz sa. “Ths a wsscouncaton cs fo thos [Fontbonn an Foun-], that shou hp tn-
dously with the network trafc.
 As fo th intnt backouts,that ssu was actua soast sst. Th pa fa-u was u to th co swtch.” Th co swtch s a boxthouh whch  pc of 
network trafc travels. The
phsca box tsf was faut an n to b pac n-t. Snc t’s pacnt n Janua, th ha not bnan ajo pobs. “But pow- outas,” Suaz not, “acopt out of th Co’sconto.”Kn-Sth’s an Suaz’san pot ht now s -pacn th accss ponts nth snc has, whch wb copt b th n of th sst. Th nxt focus w b on pacn k ss(th a 48 ss tota).“Th a a ot of popcat to akn t [tchno-o on capus] wok bhnth scns,” Kn-Sth sa.“if stunts a xpncn toubso spots, pas on’tassu w know t. Sn an -a. W appcat th co-uncaton.”if ou ha an qustonso conts, ou a ncou-a to st th Hp dsk on
the ground oor of St. Joseph
Ha, o a hpsk@chc.u. AmANdA FiNlAW ’15 A Qutch an Ha Pott Wkn not nouh toqunch ou thst fo a thnsHa Pott? Ths sst, th s achapt of th Ha Pott A-anc (HPA) statn at Chst-nut H Co. Th HPAs a unqu an cat non-
prot organization that uses
nspaton an paas foth wo of th stnushHa Pott nos to natchan n th a wo. Ths a-f “dubo’s A” woks towa quat,basc huan hts, tac, anan oth causs that Ha,ron, Hon an oth cha-acts fo th nos wousu suppot. “Ou ssons to pow ou bs toact k th hos th o b actn fo a btt wo,” sasth HPA’s sson statnt. Th HPA has chapts aacoss th Unt Stats, as was ntnatona. Toth, tsbs ha hp to achso ncb tuphs. Th
HPA has sent ve cargo planes
of f-san supps to Ha-t, onat o than 87,000books to posh aasaoun th wo, an s-
tered over 900 rst-time voters
thouh th “Wza rock th vot” Capans n 2008 an2010. “W a n n ak an
difcult times, as Dumbledore
sas, an w ha a choc b-twn what s ht an whats as,” sa Anw Sack,foun of th Ha Pott Aanc. Th HPA s wokn towa aatn so of thaknss n ou wo. As Hon ganstoo fo th quat of ca-tus ca hous-s, ths a-
liance ghts for equal marriage
hts fo lgBTQ nuas,as w as a fo fo a-ton aws an an qua oppotu-nt fo ucaton n ts nwstcapan, equat, FTW (Fo Th Wn). Ths capan asabout $95,000, pss o than th $50,000 oa stat th stat of th capan. Th HPA w contnu wokn towa th oas of ths ca-pan fo th nxt a. Th Chstnut H Co
Chapter, The CHC Grifndors,
s just statn up, wth d. mc-Cau as th aso. Ths cubs jonn th anks of th an oun, thouhtfu an catnuas that upho thHPA. Th ha bn a fw t-ns so fa, but nw bsa awas wco. Th t-ns an nts w noa x of fun an acts as w as aous Ha Pott-th foos an ssts. So,
if you are interested in ghting 
th wo’s Hocuxs thouh
Blackout Solutions
equat Thouh Wza: HPA
Wednesday, October 17 at 4:30 p.m.Redmond Room, Saint Joseph’s Hall
 A Fall Writers’ Forum 
 English and Communications:Creative Writing minors present 
Questions? Contact Dr. Getzen at GetzenKJ@chc.edu
 Th Pz n ethcs essa Contst s an annua co-ptton sn to cha-n co stunts toanaz th unt thcassus confontn th ntoa’s copx wou.
Contact Doctor McCauley,at McCauleyP@chc.edu for further information.
megAN WelCH ’15Bn a fshan can bsu up n on sn wo: uncofotab. Fo, t stat on bfo thncb awkwa onta-ton as o tn  ooat’s fa. it contn-us to anfst tsf n nw 
 ways as my rst semester pro
-sss. Th fn of scofotstat as soon as i azi was on ht housawa fo ho to a pac wh i knw no on. i ftt  t soon ask “Chstnut H-wh?”an thn n spons, th n  how uch i wou ss  fa,  fns an  hotown.i ft t at auaton, whn i ook aoun at th96 oth pop n  cassan az that i was onof th fw an th statfo co, an th on onan Nw enan. i ft
it during the rst awkward
phon consaton wth ooat, an whn iook aoun at  co-pt pack up booan az i wou not bspn th an o.i ot o that scofot,tn sf t was noaan tpoa. But thn i oth, an t ban a o aan.i ha to phsca t a un-nn stat to t nto a b thatn’t f k n. i t totak to soon at ontaton,an th answ on wth aook of utt sust. i anthat th a at ast 100 f-fnt cbak as that -qu ou to huat ousf n font of stans. eonaoun  s k th  w akn fns an han a bast, wh i ft copt aon an soca-awkwa. Thn casss stat. m 
 very rst class was Introduc
-ton to Jounas, sothn that i ook fowa to as b-n as. i ha bn th toof  hh schoo’s a pap, won ona an natona co-pttons fo atcs i ha wt-tn, an spokn at confncsacoss Nw enan about th wok th pap was on. That was  cofot zon, an i
 was completely over-condent
n  abts. it was just an n-toucton cass aft a, ht?it cou not b that ha.i was hob won. i was won about oth subjcts,too. i was ost n  snon of  casss fo a on. i oubt sf. i won- f i was pau wthso kn of soca-pos. i won f thn i habn tauht n hh schoo was a . i quston  so-ca sks,  ntnc, an abt to han ths o- whn co xpnc.But a onth at, i ahann t. it s st awkwa,uncofotab, an o- whn. “exa” s st anunasonab ntatn  wo. i hat sab, pntsan whn Backboa p-fos ts anshn acon potant assnnts. Th s n-nn a-n to o an n-nn howok.mtn nw pop s stawkwa, but i ha afns, no sf ncubs an actts on ca-pus, an a sohow han-n  wokoa. i haaz that i ha on bnh fo a onth, an thatakn staks o fn uncofotab s not th nof th wo. i st ha tot a unnn stat to t nto b, but i a not stupo fnss an co s
going to be just ne...
Awkward transton: frst year fears
soca-justc acts an othHa Pott-at actts,a th foun, AanaFnaw, at FnawA@chc.u tob a to th a st, “k”th oup’s Facbook pa, ant con to a tn. Th HPA w contnu ts wok wth th sntnts of  J.K. rown n n: “W onot n ac to chan th wo, w ca a th pow w n ns ouss a-a: w ha th pow toan btt.” At ChstnutH Co ths a, “ianbtt” wth ou nw chapt of th Ha Pott Aanc.

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