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83393407 the Silva Method How to Meditate

83393407 the Silva Method How to Meditate

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Published by Hasibuan Santosa

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Published by: Hasibuan Santosa on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER THREEHOW TO MEDITATE(Note: This chapter and others through Chapter 16,by Jose Silva, may very well be among the most im-portant you have ever read. Jose will be teaching youthe basic elements of his Silva Mind Control course.To benefit fully from Jose's chapters, be sure you have•well in mind the -way to read them. You •will find thisin the introduction.)I am going to help you learn to meditate. When youlearn to do this, you will be at a level of mind whereyou will be able to free your imagination for solvingproblems. But for now we will be concerned only withmeditation; problem solving will come later on.Because you will be learning without an experiencedguide, I will use a method slightly different and quite abit slower than the one we use in Mind Control classes.You will have no trouble with it.If you only learn to meditate and stop there, youwill be solving problems anyway. Something beautifulhappens in meditation, and the beauty you find is calm-ing. The more you meditate, the deeper you go withinyourself, the firmer the grasp you will have of a kind ofinner peace so strong that nothing in life will be ableto shatter it.Your body will benefit, too. At first you will find that2930 / THE SILVA MIND CONTROL METHODworries and guilt feeling are absent -while you aremeditating. One of the beauties of meditation at theAlpha level is that you cannot bring your feelings ofguilt and anger with you. If these feelings intrude youwill simply pop out of the meditative level. As time goeson, they will stay away longer, until one day they aregone for good. This means that those activities of themind -that make our bodies sick will be neutralized. Thebody is designed to be healthy. It has its own healingmechanisms built in. These mechanisms are blockedby minds not trained to control themselves. Meditationis the first step in Mind Control; by itself it will go a•long way toward setting free the body's healing powersand giving it back the energy once squandered on ten-sion.*Here is all you have to do to reach the Alpha, ormeditative, level of mind:When you awaken in the morning, go to the bath-room if necessary, then return to bed. Set your alarmfor -fifteen minutes later in case yon drift off to sleepduring the exercise. Close your eyes and look upward,behind your eyelids, at a 20-degree angle. For reasonsnot fully understood, this position of the eyes alone willtrigger the brain to produce Alpha.Now, slowly, at about two~second intervals, countbackward from one hundred to one. As you do this,keep your mind on it, and you will be in Alpha the
very first time.In Mind Control classes students show a variety ofreactions to their first experience, from "That was beau-tiful!" to "I didn't feel a thing." The difference is lessin what happened to them than in how familiar theywere with this level of mind in the first place. It will bemore or less familiar to everyone. The reason for this•You'll be reading about cases of this to later chapters.How to Meditate f 31is that when we awaken in the morning we are often inAlpha for a while. To go from Theta, the sleep level,to Beta, the awake level, we must passs through Alpha,and often we linger there through our early-morningroutine.If you feel that nothing happened during this firstexercise, it simply means you have been in Alpha manytimes before without being particalarly aware of it.Simply relax, don't question it, and stay with the exer-cises.Even though you will be in Alpha on the very firsttry if you concentrate, you still need seven weeks ofpractice to go to lower levels of Alpha, then to Theta.Use the hundred-to-oae method for ten mornings. Thencount only from fifty to one, twenty-five to one, thenten to one, aad finally five to one, ten mornings each.Beginoing with the very first time you go to yourAlpha level, use only one method to come out of it.This will give you s greater degree of control againstcoming out spontaneously.The method we use in Mind Control is to say men-tally, "I will slowly come out as I count from one tofive, feeling wide awake and better than before. One-two-prepare to open your eyes-three-open eyes-four-five-eyes open, wide awake, feeling betterthan before."You will establish two routines, then, one for goingto year level, the other for coming out of it. If youchange the routine you will have to learn to use yournew version just as you learned to use the first one.This is useless work.Once you have learned to reach your level with thefive-to-one method in the morning you are ready toenter your level any time of day that you choose. Allyou need is ten or fifteen minutes to spare. Because youwill be entering your level from Beta rather than the32 / THE SILVA MIND CONTROL METHODlight level of Alpha, a little extra training will beneeded.Sit in a comfortable chair or on a bed with yourfeet flat on the floor. Let your hands lie loosely in yourlap. If you prefer, sit cross-legged, in the lotus position.Hold your head well balanced, not slumped. Now con-centrate on first one part of the body, then another, toconsciously relax it. Start with your left foot, then theleft leg, then the right foot, and so on, until you reach
the throat, the face, the eyes, and finally the scalp. Youwill be amazed the first time you do this at how tenseyour body was.Now pick a spot about 45 degrees above eye level onthe ceiling or -the wall opposite you. Gaze at this spotuntil your eyelids begin to feel a little heavy and letthem close. Start your countdown from fifty to one. Dothis for ten days, then ten to one for 'another ten days,then five to one from then on. Since yon will no longerbe limited to the mornings for this practice, establish aroutine of meditating two or three times a day, aboutfifteen minutes a session.Once you reach your level, what then? What do youthink about?Right from the beginning, 'from the very first mo-ment you reach your meditative level, practice visu-alization. This is central to Mind Control. The betteryou learn to visualize, the more powerful will be yourexperience with Mind Control.The first step is to create a tool for visualization, amental screen. It should be like a large movie screenbut should not quite fill your mental vision. Imagine itnot behind your eyelids but about six feet in front ofyou. You will project onto this screen whatever youchoose to concentrate on. Later there will be otheruses for it.Once you have built this screen in your mind, pro-How to Meditate 1 53ject onto it something familiar and simple, like anorange or an apple. Each time you go to your level, staywith just one image; yon may change it the next time.Concentrate on making it more and more real-in threedimensions, in full color, in all its details. Think ofnothing else.It has been said that the brain is like a drunkenmonkey; it larches willy-nilly from one thing to an-other. It is surprising how little command we haveover this brain of ours, despite the fine work it some-times does for us. At other times, though, it operatesbehind our backs, treacherously creating a headache,then a rash, then an ulcer to top things off. This brainis too powerful, far too powerful, to leave out of con-trol. Once we learn to use our minds to train it, it willdo some astounding things for us, as you will soon see.In the meantime, be patient with this simple exercise.Using your mind, train your brain to go quietly intoAlpha and to attend exclusively to the job of creating asimple image more and more vividly. In the beginning,as thoughts intrude, be gently forgiving. Slowly pushthem away and return to the single object at hand. Be-coming irritated or tense will bring you right out ofAlpha.This, then, is meditation as it is widely practicedthroughout the world. If you do this and nothing else,you will experience what William Wordsworth called"A happy stillness of mind," and more, a deep and

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