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Causative Clauses

Causative Clauses

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Published by Mehmet Zaman

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Published by: Mehmet Zaman on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is getting
his girlfriend to pick up the dry cleaning.
The president
the reporters wait outside the conference room.Martha
is having
her friend help with her assignment.
The doctor
his patient to take the bitter medicine.
Examples of passive causative clauses:Robert
his stories published each month.My sister
her dress altered for the wedding by my aunt.
 They had John arrive early.She had her children cook dinner for her.
I can’t believe she
is getting
her hair colored like mine!
My son
is having
his eyes tested this week.
We all
our heads shaved before the big game.The judge
me give
him my driver’s license.
They kept her washing the clothes for 2 hours. (They compelled her to wash the clothes for 2hours)2. Did you kept him waiting for one hour?
“Police and council leaders agreed to
a court decide the fate of the trees”
Mark’s dad
him play in the baseball game.My boss
me leave early from work.They
are going to let 
me enter the ancient text archives to do research.
Jamie always
her kids have slumber parties on the weekends.Ralph
is letting
his son go to the concert. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb
in parentheses in the following sentences.
1. Johnny’s mom made him _
 ___________________ (clean) his room.2. I am having the seamstress ____________________ (alter) my dress.3. My parents got me _____________________ (visit) my aunt before leaving town.4. Our boss let us _____________________ (leave) the meeting early.5. We should help Jennifer _____________________ (study) for her final exam.6. They will have to get the judge ____________________ (sign) the form before they canproceed.
7. The Johnson’s always have us ____________________ (feed) their dog for them
duringtheir summer vacation.8. Ralph is getting Julia ____________________ (write) his essay for him.9. The dog made the cat ____________________ (climb) the tree quickly.10. I got the mechanic ____________________ (fix) my car before he went to lunch.

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