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Me, My Alter Ego & Her By Ashraf Kanyadakam

Me, My Alter Ego & Her By Ashraf Kanyadakam



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Published by Ashraf Kanyadakam
Dedicated to the Golden Girl of my Life
Dedicated to the Golden Girl of my Life

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Published by: Ashraf Kanyadakam on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Where Did I Go Wrong?Staying at home all aloneNot a person to talkI told my self“Let’s go for a walk”.Strolling downThe familiar streetI saw a Bhelpuri vendorAnd thought of giving myself a treat.The taste of it so similarTo the one we used to haveThe way your lips would moveThe way to kiss them I crave.Never had I seenSomeone so beautiful and sweetWhen I look into your eyesYou knock me off my feet.People thinkAngels are a mythHowever, I knew an angelWhom I was falling in love with.I had my BhelpuriAnd started strolling againReplaying the scene in my mindOf the moments, that brings in me so much pain.Why did you do such a thing to me?When I loved you and wanted you to stayYou went out with someone elseThat to on the Valentine’s Day!Life sure isn’t what it was onceNow I am here strolling all aloneI wonder who is he whom you love.Does he call you his very own?You were my first loveAnd perhaps the lastI don’t feel like trusting anyoneCoz the trust I lost in you in the past.Things seemed to be so perfectBut now they seem so wrongI don’t feel as though I know youWhere has my love gone?I still don’t know what has happenedOur friendship has lasted so longHowever, I can’t help from wonderingWhere did I go wrong?~ASH
*********************************************************************************************************************Lost In Thoughts….Sitting at the window seatOf the Bus so full;The silent gaze of the skyAnd the breeze so cool.The rush of air hitting my faceReminds me of my high school days;Sitting all alone thinking of youWishing you knew of what I’m going through.You’re like a dreamToo good to be true;As beautiful as a starShining out in the dark blue.I miss our times togetherHow we used to sit and talk awhile;The friendship we had sharedThe way your eyes would smile.I sometimes wonderIf you ever miss me too?Or has my memory simply fadedLike most of the memories do.I was thinking about youYou always seem to care;But it was conductor who interruptedAsking for the bus fare.And then I suddenly realizedI’m close to my destination;I gave a quick look at othersAnd pulled me out of my imagination.~Ash************************************************************************************************************With Love…..From AshrafI thought of writingA poem on you,My only sister (Vinda)And a friend so true.Looking for the words
Holding a pen in my hand,There’s so much to write about youThinking what to start and where to end.Let’s start the poemWith much needed appreciation,So that at leastYou’ll get some satisfaction.You don’t know how lucky I amTo have you as my sister;As though I have found a diamondIn a whole lot of stone cluster.You are the one so caringWith whom I can freely share my secrets;You always find solution to my problemsWith your ideas so considerate.You are the oneEven though my jokes are old;You always laugh at themNo matter how many times the same I’ve told.You are the one always readyTo accept my friends as your;Even though they are so differentTo adjust with them you always endeavor.You are the oneWho always did appreciate;All of my poemsEven though they were not so great.You are the one who sends messagesFull of questions which I have to answer;Sometimes they are simpleBut mostly they are really bouncer.When I look at this diaryAnd it’s torn front coverI don’t feel like fixing itJust coz the memories of you it uncover.No matter what and where we areAnd where we will be;I promise that we will always remainAs we are, friends, you and me.~ASH**************************************************************************************************************Am I in Love?

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