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Icy Planet - part 12 - Eden

Icy Planet - part 12 - Eden



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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Icy Planet
Jonathan Francois Douglas O’Haly
“We must continue on unhindered, unfettered, this is unfucking unpossible!” “But sir!”, he stammered, then suddenly interrupted again, as he often was. “Pain is the name of the game I guess.” screamed the captain above the almostdeafening noise of the explosions that continued to rattle their vessel’s exterior.The armour would hold for now but not if they continued. The self repairing robots thatmade up the ship’s machinery would have everything under control shortly. What theyhad not counted on was this, a trap, in the middle of nowhere, in outer space, on amission that absolutely no one knew about.Maybe it was coincidence. What were the odds of that, she thought, as the two menwho were the only two other humans aboard their ship continued to bicker on about thereality of what they now faced. Maybe one of them was a traitor. Obviously that’s thedestination that the infallible train of logic would veer it’s ugly head into eventually, shequickly realized, wishing she wasn’t here, wishing she was anywhere, wishing she wasback home in bed with her girlfriend Kateryna, hiding under the covers, trying to keepwarm while the eternal snow ravaged the icy plains of their lifeless planet.Elsewhere other minds pondered the same situation. There are much bigger and moreintelligent things than the human ego, believe it or not. We see what we’re ready to,and we only see what we are capable of, things outside of our limited ability to sense,to communicate, and to feel can not and will not exist. How much human energy for instance is spent trying to communicate and reason with chickens or any other barnyardanimal? Why would any higher power or evolved life form care about what humansthink? Whether they can see the big picture or not? Human beings are just pawns on
the great chessboard sent out to die and be slaughtered by their own inconsistencies.Human beings are non entities. Except when they inadvertently pry into something theyshouldn’t have. Then they need to be reprimanded. Gently turned around.-------- 
Part One: 
She emerged from the shower, her body dripping wet, her hands running along her beautiful body exploring every curve and crevice, cupping her breasts with her handsfeeling the electricity awaken her senses and then she stopped. There were good thingsabout being stuck out in space. She had a lot of time to work out and exercise. She just wished she could share it all with the woman she left behind leaving her only witha short note that would undoubtedly break her heart forever. Thoughts of her lover thatburned in her brain eternally making it almost impossible to concentrate on the bigger things in life.It had been exactly one week since the attack, if you could call it that..The tension onboard had been driving her absolutely mental. She had a copy of Kateryna programmedin her personal computer and she dove into it now for the first time. She needed this sheknew and she orgasmed over and over and over again. The captain looked over at Ralph the crazy genius that he was and asked again for theeighth or ninth time something like, “OK what?”Ralph replied calmly, as he always did, realizing that he would have to explain thereality of it all in a more mundane manner, “Well we’re being followed by aliens. For some reason we were entering or getting close to something, too close, that they didn’twant us to see.” The captain looked intently at Ralph wondering why Ralph thought of him as somesort of simpleton. Did he not almost single handedly build the known universe’s mostawesome mid size space explorer? Did he not raise the trillions of dollars that wasneeded to fund this mission by successfully exploiting the wants and desires of thecommon man and woman? God, did he not find Ralph as a young struggling studentand give him the encouragement that would lead Ralph to unprecedented statureamongst their planet’s intellectual community? He felt a little demoralized. He screamedas loudly as he could, his voice hoarse from screaming so much during the past week,“Yes I know you’re talking about aliens but come on man we stopped believing in aliensafter we first migrated out of our solar system some 3000 god damned years ago, next
you’re going to tell me that god himself is caught up in this all as well!!!!” Sometimes it’s not the evidence that leads us to our most logical conclusions but thelack of it. Maybe the insight that Ralph brought forth that day was meant to be, in thegrand scheme of things, or maybe it wasn’t and was just pure coincidence. Either way anything worked out, this was the moment that changed everything, forever.The watchers in charge of limiting humanity’s progress were not listening in to theconversation between Ralph and the captain in the same way you’re not monitoringyour farm animals wondering if they are finally planning a revolt.------- 
Part Two: The So Called Anomaly 
Ralph paced around his cabin lost in thought. He knew that they were being followedby a seemingly undetectable flying object. ‘Unidentified flying object’, he remindedhimself, ‘UFOs’, as they were once called. Something from Earth’s ancient history.Ralph wondered why most people just assumed that aliens did not exist, there wereway too many things that could only be explained by their existence. People like Ralphand Ralph didn’t go around talking about it all because, yes, people like Ralph, were inthis advanced age where humans now inhabited dozens of known worlds, consideredcompletely crazy. And Ralph with his relatively high stature within the academicuniverse would not see his star continue it’s meteoric rise into the upper stratosphereof scientific fame and fortune if people knew that he had lost his marbles somehow andstarted to believe in the existence of little green men who maybe make toys for santaclaus in their spare time as well.Ralph was quickly running out of ideas as to how to actually detect these beings whowere obviously intent on preventing the success of their so called mission. He wasfairly excited at first after hitting on the idea but after a couple of days all of that hadcompletely subsided and now he was starting to dwell more on regretting sayinganything to the captain who had been known to turn on colleagues and friends in thepast.What they obviously needed was some sort of a trap. The ship that was followingthem had the means to make itself invisible to all of the tests that he could deviseto be somehow relevant. The captain was being less than useful and had spent aconsiderable amount of time trying to dissuade Ralph from working on detecting thealien vessel. Luckily Ralph had agreed to join this seemingly ill fated mission under the assumption that everyone on board were equal partners. However with the captain

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