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Tarot Atu Essays

Tarot Atu Essays

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Published by D G Mattichak, Jr

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Published by: D G Mattichak, Jr on Dec 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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0 The FoolThe first of the Tarot Trumps is the Fool. It is an image of a harlequin or jack in the greendancing on the edge of a precipice whilst a dog nips at his heels. The Fool carries a staff, usuallyconcealed as a pole with a knapsack tied to it, indicating that the nature of the card is uncaring of material matters whilst the path along the edge of the cliff indicates that his focus is at the fringeof the physical universe where it meets the abyss of the spiritual. The dog indicates the dangersof the material world that threaten The Fool yet his indifference belies their true irrelevance tohim.The Fool is attributed to the path of Aleph on the Tree of Life which joins Kether (1) withChokmah (2) thus it represents the initial movement from perfect unity towards materialimperfection and so it correlates to the beginning of the creative process connecting the Fool tothe green man of spring, the redeemer who brings life and light back to the world after the coldand dark of winter. This initial movement from Kether is as yet inarticulate and without designand so The Fool has an innocence that is often mistaken for folly. It is that purity that protects theFool from any harm as his actions are all without the lust of a result and therefore expressions ohis True Will.Well dignified The Fool indicates inspiration, enlightenment, renewal and innocence. Whenconnected to material affairs it signifies folly, stupidity, waste, indulgence or, at best, mereplayfulness. When poorly dignified by the surrounding cards The Fool presages madness,carelessness, self obsession, or even self destruction. In purely spiritual questions The Fool isnearly always a sign of inspiration.
I The MagicianThe second of the Tarot Trumps is the Magician. This card is an image of a Magus standing athis altar upon which are his four magick weapons that correspond to the four lesser suits of theTarot; the Wand, the Cup, the Sword and the Pantacle. These weapons are the emblems of thepowers of the magician, the Powers of the Sphinx; to know, to will, to dare and to keep silence,by which he controls the forces of the universe.The Magician corresponds to the path of Beth on the Tree of Life which connects Kether (1)with Binah (3) making this card the counterpoint to the Fool and the Magician thus representsintelligently articulated creation yet without material context. The Magician makes his changeson an essential, non-material level. This card corresponds to Mercury and so it is at base animage of Thoth creating the initial forms out of the primeval void and directing the order of thecreated universe.The Mercurial correspondence of this card gives the Magician the general interpretation of learning, science, language, commerce, academia, diplomacy, communication and of coursemagick. If it is well dignified it indicates intelligence intelligence and logic applied effectivelyand perhaps quickly. If it is poorly placed in a spread the Magician can indicate illusion, trickeryand deceit. Commonly this card is a prediction of important messages or correspondence or,alternatively, it may indicate travel.
II The High PriestessThe third card in the Trump suit of Tarot is II The High Priestess. The image of this card shows aveiled priestess enthroned on a dais between the two pillars of the temple, one white and oneblack after the fashion of Jacin and Boaz, the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. TheHigh Priestess is veiled from our sight so that only the reflected solar light of Tiphareth allows usto perceive her at all as her path emanates across the abyss, beyond the twin pillars that are thegateway to the light of Kether into the temple of the Adept, her priest/priestess.The High Priestess corresponds to the path of Gimel on the Tree of Life that connects Ketherwith Tiphareth and which is attributed to Luna, making the High Priestess the representative of Moon goddesses such as Isis, Artemis and Diana. As an emanation from the Ideal Supernals onthe Tree of Life she is the essence of virginal purity, all potential but without any materialsubstance and even her light is a reflection of our awareness of her. The High Priestess is theindefinable yet appreciable awareness of the divine, the imperceptible touch of the gentlegoddess that governs natural change in contrast to the sudden alterations of the Magician.The interpretation of the High Priestess is almost entirely dependant upon the cards around it asit indicates change itself and that change, natural and regular, is usually into its opposite, such asdarkness into light. This card also often indicates intuition and inspiration by a higher force aswell as an elusive yet undeniable sense of the truth.

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