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Pugna the Oblivion

Pugna the Oblivion



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Pugna The Oblivion
by Death And Taxes (as of v6.60)
Strategy Guide for Pugna The Oblivion
by Death And Taxes (as of v6.60)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strategy Guide for
Pugna The Oblivion
Death And Taxes
(as of v6.60)
Visit http://planetdota.blogspot.com/ for your Dota needs.Pugna, The OblivionWritten by
 Death And Taxes
You can find this guide here in the HGC here: http://forums.dota-allstars.com/index.php?showtopic=179785Quick Rundown1. Blast
2. Ward/Decrep3. Ward4. Blast/Ward5. Ward6. Drain7. Ward8. Blast9. BlastTangoes/branchesBootsMekansmSobi OR Void Stone (optional)2-3 BracersWardsDagon/Necrobook BoTFor justifications, explanations, and alternative builds and items, read the guide.About PugnaI developed a big liking for Pugna after I started playing DotA more and more with teams that Iknew well. Pugna is an absolutely awesome hero when backed up by a strong team of heroes,and benefits a lot from team cohesion. I decided to write a guide on him, because the forumneeds one, and because I enjoy playing him a lot. Pugna has the highets int gain of any hero, sohe rawks.Str - 17 + 1.45 (473 start 1119 final health)| Agi - 16 + 1 | Int - 26 + 4 (338 start 1586 final mana)Attack - 45-53 (1.47 second cooldown) | Armor - 2.2 (12% damage reduction) |HP regen - 0.76hp per secondMana regen - 1.14 mana per second | Attack range - 600 | Movement speed - 315 Nether 
lastCreates a blast of exploding pulses from the Nether Plane, dealing damage to units and buildings.Level 1 - Deals 100 (75 with base hero resistance, 108 with Decrepify) damage to units in anarea. 85 mana, 400 cast range, 400 AoE, 33% damage to buildings.Level 2 - Deals 175 (131 with base hero resistance, 189 with Decrepify) damage to units in anarea. 105 mana, 400 cast range, 400 AoE, 33% damage to buildings.
Level 3 - Deals 250 (187 with base hero resistance, 269 with Decrepify) damage to units in anarea. 125 mana, 400 cast range, 400 AoE, 33% damage to buildings.Level 4 - Deals 325 (244 with base hero resistance, 351 with Decrepify) damage to units in anarea. 145 mana, 400 cast range, 400 AoE, 33% damage to buildings.Cooldown: 5.5 seconds.De
repifyPugna casts a powerful banishing magic on a unit. The unit is sent to the ethereal plane for asmall period of time, reducing its movement speed by 50% and rendering it unable to attack. Ittakes 44% extra damage from spells.This is a very strong spell. Slowing the enemy, increasing all magic damage taken, and beingable to be used every 7 seconds at level 4 is immensely powerful. They also can't attack, but theycan't be attacked either. This spell has synergy with almost every other hero in the game, and thusis very, very powerful. Using decrep makes the damage and the heal of Life Drain go up 44%. If a spell deals exact damage, it will not work on decrepified units. As such, Laser will not work ondecrepted units. This applies to Brain Sap as well. With the exception of Fan of Knives basedspells, Ethereal units are only hit by damage of Attack Type Spells ( i.e. anything reduced byspell resistance). Tinker's missile won't work on decrepted units. Two other spells that are basedof Fan of Knives (and will thus not deal damage to decrepified units) are Echo Slam and Screamof Pain. Death Pulse was based on Fan of Knives, but got changed recently and should now work with decrepify.Fun fact: You can't be netted while you are Decrepified.Level 1 - 2 seconds. 100 mana, 13 cooldown, 550 cast range, lasts 2 seconds.Level 2 - 2.5 seconds. 100 mana, 11 cooldown, 550 cast range, lasts 2.5 seconds.Level 3 - 3 seconds. 100 mana, 9 cooldown, 550 cast range, lasts 3 seconds.Level 4 - 3.5 seconds. 100 mana, 7 cooldown, 550 cast range, lasts 3.5 seconds. Nether 
ardSummons a Nether Ward that prevents enemy heroes from regenerating mana and can cast ManaFlare, which deals damage to enemy heroes as they cast spells.Lasts 25 seconds. Each level increases the area of effect of the Ward's Mana Flare, the ManaFlare damage, the negative mana regen and the hp of the ward.Mana Flare deals 0.75/1.00/1.25/1.50 * mana cost. This is Attack Type Spells Damage TypeMagic (reduced by spell resistance and blocked by spell immunity). It has a range of 

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