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A Successful Entreprenur

A Successful Entreprenur

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Published by Uttam Golder

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Published by: Uttam Golder on Dec 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    P   a   g   e
Submitted To:-
Submitted By
Nafisa Rounok Uttam Golder
Assistant Professor Jagannath UniversityDepartment of Finance Department of FinanceJagannath University, Dhaka 4
BatchID No: 105211
Submission Date: September 10, 2012
    P   a   g   e
Letter of Transmission
September 10, 2012
Nafisa RounokCourse Instructor: FIN 3208 (Entrepreneurship Development)
Department of FinanceJagannath University, Dhaka.Dear Madam,It is an honor and great pleasure for us to present our Project Report on
“A successful Entrepreneur”
This report was assigned to us as a partial requirement of the ‘
Entrepreneurship Development
(FIN-3208) course in the sixth semester.
The Project program was an experience of rediscovering our potentials and full of excitements. Thisreport has given us an opportunity to apply our theoretical expertise, sharpen our views, ideas, andcommunication skills, and bridge them with the real world of practical experience, which will be a goodhead start for our future professional career.During the preparation of the report we faced some problems that have been erased out with yourpropound lecture and assistance. Without your cooperation and guideline this report would have beenan incomplete one.Finally thank you for your supportive thought and kind consideration for formulating an idea.Lastly we would be thankful once again if you please give your judicious advice on our effort.Sincerely yoursUttam Golder
Roll: 105-211
    P   a   g   e
I would like to pay our gratitude to all of the people who helped me a lot for the completion of thisreport before, during, and after the working period. At first I would like to acknowledge the Almighty,who helped me every time and was with me and gave us moral support and strength every moment.I am especially grateful to our honorable course teacher Assistant Professor
Nafisa Rounok 
for giving mevaluable suggestions and support to prepare this report. Without her advice and support, it would notbe possible for me to prepare this report.I am also grateful to all the officials of 
Gain Agro Fisheries and Gain Agro Poultries
for their support andcooperation.I am giving thanks from my hearts to whom, that are helping me in my report by answering ourquestions about their Projects. They are chosen by me randomly from various professionals.Last but not least I express my gratitude to the all the individuals who have helped me directly orindirectly. 

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