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Published by Eugene Argent
A project that fizzled out. All characters are copyrighted by their respective creators.
A project that fizzled out. All characters are copyrighted by their respective creators.

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Published by: Eugene Argent on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This entire story is a metaphor for our own struggle against the major comic book  publishers.
AG: Chibuzo
God lead the way" in Igbo)
, the celestial guardian between the “Haves” andthe “Have-Nots,” wants to find a black hero and destroy his brothers.
Chibuzo is a gigantic celestial guardian, standing between two spatial quadrants:East and West. Each quadrant is occupied by several divergent realities, several differentversions of the planet Earth.The Earths of the Western Quadrant are ruled by a privileged, elite class. Eachworld is a shimmering paradise; a world where justice always prevails and the power structure is never threatened.The Earths of the Eastern Quadrant are largely inhabited by an oppressedunderclass, yearning to escape. These realities are neglected ghettos; worlds full of forgotten heroes and untapped potential.Chibuzo is the guardian of the Eastern Quadrant. On a daily basis, he sees thediscrepancies in opportunity and economic justice. He sees crime and corruption governhis worlds. He watches as brave heroes fight and die and end up forgotten. But, worst of all, Chibuzo has discovered the Great Syphon; a terrible device of Western design. The
Great Syphon is a massive tube, that
draws energy, resources, and creativethought from the East—feeding it to the West.Chibuzo did not witness the Syphon’s construction. He only came upon it bychance. But he has a good idea who initiated its design. Maelstrom and Dominion: hisolder twin brothers.Chibuzo comes to a fateful decision. He will bridge the gap between the twoquadrants, allowing Easterners free passage to the Western opportunities. He will evenout the playing field, so that merit—not inheritance, will determine a person’s success.And, he will destroy the Great Syphon. It seems like a noble cause.But, Chibuzo has another reason to bridge the gap. He has grown hateful of his brothers’ cruel taunting and jealous of their prestigious station. He wonders why he has been relegated to guard a second class people, while his brothers bask in the glory of their  prosperous worlds. Chibuzo’s ambition is clear. He will bridge the gap, then claim theWest as his own.There will be challenges, however. Both Maelstrom and Dominion have powersequal to his own. To defeat them alone, seems virtually impossible. Chibuzo will needhelp.
Chibuzo decides to call upon the numerous heroes of the Eastern realities. Amongthem, there must be a champion worthy enough to fight at his side. He quietly mergesseveral, nearly identical realities in to one unified Eastern Earth. He then devises a test,one that will weed out the lesser heroes.Using his celestial powers, Chibuzo sends out a telepathic message, falselyclaiming that Maelstrom and Dominion are preparing to invade the East. He speaks of the
arrival of preliminary scouts, here in the East (in Jamestown, Virginia) to find the city’sweakest spots. To make sure that the heroes come to Jamestown, Chibuzo encodes a spellof aggression and paranoia in to the telepathic message. He figures that the heroes willarrive, assume that the other heroes are Western scouts, and begin to fight.He sends the message throughout the world, but these heroes are the first torespond:
: When he receives the telepathic message, Omari is in the middle of a battle witha U.S. tank. It seems an insane veteran has stolen the tank from a local Army base, andtaken the tank in to the city streets. The tank is firing rounds, blowing up buildings, etc.Omari rips the tank apart, and heads for Jamestown.
: When Oya receives the message, she is in the Ile Ife or “Godspace,” a spiritualdimension above our own. She is in the middle of short sword practice; her husband(Shango) is her opponent. It’s a rough practice. The two combatants are using earth-shattering powers against each other, when Oya abruptly stops. She has an uneasy sensethat something is afoot back in the mortal realm. So, with a kiss to her betrothed, she’s off to investigate; promising to contact Shango if she needs any help.
: A group of criminals has just robbed a bank. They have murdered dozens of  people. They are dressed in full body armor, firing machine guns at the police. Amazulaarrives on the scene. She is dressed in a long overcoat that covers her costume. Shecalmly walks in to the line of fire and orders the crooks to drop their weapons. The policehold their fire for a moment. But the crooks fire their guns, riddling her body with bullets.Amazula falls to the ground in a smoking heap. The criminals laugh—until she gets up.Amazula tears off the now-shredded overcoat, and pulls out a large sword. She makes

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