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Reguler Verb Dan Iregular Verb

Reguler Verb Dan Iregular Verb



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Published by adib daelima

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: adib daelima on Feb 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REGULER VERB DAN IREGULAR VERBInfinitivePreteritePastParticiplePresentParticipleMeaning A
Abase abased abased abasing menghinakanabash abashed abashed abashing memalsukanabare abared abared abaring berkurangabate abated abated abating berkurangabbreviate abbreviated abbreviated abbreviating menyingkatabdicate abdicated abdicated abdicating turun tahtaabduct abducted abducted abducting menculikabhor abhorred abhorred abhoring membenciabolish abolished abolished abilishing menghapusabridge abridged abridged abridging menyingkat
babble babbled babbled babbling mengocehbalance balanced balanced balancing mengimbangibalk balked balked balking mogokbamboozle bamboozled baboozled baboozling memperdayakanban banned banned banning melarangband banded banded banding menyambutbandage bandaged bandaged bandaging membalutbanish banished banished banishing membuangbarbarize barbarized barbarized barbarizing menjadi biadab
cackle cackled cackled cackling berkokokcadge cadged cadged cadging mengendarkancalculate calculated caclculated calculating menghitungcall called called calling memanggilcalumniate calumniated calumniated calumniatin memfitnah
gcanvass canvassed camvassed camvassing meneliticapitulate capitulated capitulated capitulating menyerahcapture captured captured capturing menangkapcarry carried carried carrying membawacastigate castigated castigated castigating menghukum
dam damed damed damming membendungdamage damaged damaged damaging merusakandance danced danced dancing berdansadash dashed dashed dashing menghancurkandaze dazed dazed dazing membingungkandazzle dazzled dazzled dazzing mempesonakandebar debared debared debarring menghalangidebase debased debased debasing menurunkan nilai
earn earned earned earning memperolehedify edified edified edifying memajukanedit edited edited editing menerbitkanejaculate ejaculated ejaculated ejaculating menyemburkaneliminate eliminated eliminated eliminating melenyapkanembezzle embezzed emblezzedemblezzing menggelapkanempty empited empited emptyng mengosongkanengross engrossed engrossed engrossing memikatenjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoying menikmatiequip equiped equiped equiping memperlengkapi
fib fibed fibed fibing berbohongfilter filtered filtered filtering menyaringflatter flattered flaterred flattering merayuflavour flavoured fickered flavouring membumbuiflicker flickered flickered flickering berkelip-kelipflimflam flimflamed flimflamed flimflamming menipu
gagg gagged gagged gagging menyumbatgamish gamished gamished gamishing menghiasgaze gazed gazed gazing memandanggesticulate gesticulated gsticulated gesticulating mengisyaratkanglitter glitter glitter glittering bergemerlapanglow glowed glowed glowing bercahayagrab grabed grabed grabbing merebutgrib gribed gribed gribbing memegang eratgroan groaned groaned groaning merintihgrumble grumbled grumbled grumbling mengeluh
hallow hallowed hallowed hallowing mempersucikanhandcuff hancuffed hancuffed handcuffing membelengguhandicap handicaped handicaped handicapping menghalangihandle handled handled handling menanganiharry harried harried harrying menggangguhatch hatched hatched hacting meneteskanhaunt haunted haunted haunting terbayanghaze hazed hazed hazing memperloncohelp helped helped helping membantuhesitate hesitated hesitated hestitating ragu-raguIidentify identified identified identifying mengenalignore ignored ignored ignoring mengabaikanimagene imagined imagined imagining mengkhayalkanimitate imitated imitated imitating meniruimpel impeled impeled impelling memaksaimport imported imported importing mengimporimprove improved improved improving memperbaikiincur incured incurred incurring mendatangkan

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