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Freedom's Sons

Freedom's Sons

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Published by: anon_731845971 on Dec 08, 2012
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Freedom’s Sons
 by H. A. Covington
©Copyright 2012by Harold A. Covington
It has been said that any novel which does not require at least two years of 
the author’s life to produce is not worth re
ading. This one required justthat. Ibegan it on Thanksgiving Day of 2010,and putthe last finishing touches on themanuscript exactlytwo years later, on Thanksgiving Day of 2012, a little morethan two weeks after the date of what will probably be the last American nationalelection in the traditional sense of the term. It is my belief that November 6
, 2012,marked the transition of the United States to a one-party state, and that historywillrecord thatdate as the end of the U.S.A.as we today understand the concept.LikeSeptember 4
, 476
the day when the last Roman emperor abdicated his throneand which scholars officially assign as the day Rome finally fell
no one noticedat the time. But a once-great empire has fallen nonetheless.It would be impossible, as well as dangerous,for me toacknowledge byname everyone who has helped me in the writing and production of this book.Welive in a time when we arewitnessing the birth of a nascent dictatorship in theUnited States, and any list of names Ientered here would be an invitation tovicious and paranoid victimization of those without whom this book could nothave come into being. I will not repay in such a manner the men and women whohave given without stint of their time, their money, their proofreading andtechnical expertise, and their critical assistance in order to make this book a reality.You all know who you are. There is nothing I can say, except thank you.
-H. A. CovingtonSeattle
This book is dedicated to the everlasting memory of the land of hopeandglory that was Rhodesia.

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