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PBBL Handbook MBBL ExtraTeams

PBBL Handbook MBBL ExtraTeams

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Published by Wobbles909

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Published by: Wobbles909 on Dec 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MBBL Optional Rule Settings
Awarding the Most Valuable Player during the Post-Game:MBBL will use the default LRB 5.0 rules for MVPassignment on page 26. The PBeM program uses this setting already.2)Spiralling Expense Modifications:PBBL 1.12 default for Spiralling Expenses. The PBeM program automaticallyhandles this step.3)Excluding Inducements in League Play:No inducements are excluded for the MBBL4)Special Play Cards:a)EACH team received 100,000 gold to be used at the beginning of each match to purchase any Special PlayCard they want. They may combine treasury or inducement gold to purchase a better card if desired (example …you can use 100,000 of inducement gold + the free 100,000 gold for cards to draw one 200,000 gold card.However, the 100,000 gold that each team receives free cannot be used for any other inducement type other thanSpecial Play Cards.b)Special Play Cards can also be purchased with inducement or treasury cash. Remember the total number ofSpecial Play Cards any team can have no matter how they get them is a total of 5.5)Free Fan FactorandAdditional Cash for Short Term Leagues:The MBBL will NOT be using either of these optional rules.6) Journeymen may be taken from any player on the roster with a 0-12 or 0-16 allowance. BrettonianJourneymen do NOT lose LONER if they are purchased.====
After discussing with Jervis Johnson the following rules are added to be tested as experimental:1) Halfling Master Chefs are available to the Halfling team for 50,000 as an inducement (300,000 to other teams).2) Bribes are available to the Goblin team and Underworld team for 50,000 as an inducement (100,000 to otherteams).3) Biased Referee is added as a possible inducement. 0-1 Biased Referee (50,000) - You have bribed the refereeto see the game more in your favour. If your opponent rolls a 7 before modification for an injury roll related to afoul he will be ejected for the foul (this is in addition to being ejected for rolling doubles on the injury roll).===
NEW SKILL - Animosity (Extraordinary):
A player with this skill does not like players from his team thatare a different race than he is and will often refuse to play with them despite the coach's orders. If this playerattempts to hand-off or pass the ball to a team-mate that is not the same race as the Animosity player, roll aD6. On a 2, the pass/hand-off is carried out as normal. On a 1, the player refuses to try to give the ball toany team-mate except one of his own race. The coach may choose to change the target of the Pass orHand-off Action to another team-mate of the same race as the Animosity player. If that is not possible, theAction is lost to the team for the turn.
Long ago, driven by a desire for adventure the Valkyries of the Norse settlement in Lustria sailedaway from their men-folk and founded a colony deep within the estuary of the river Amaxon. Nowthese ferocious warriors have taken to the Blood Bowl pitch – and Nuffle save those who dare playagainst them!
Qty Title Cost MA ST AGAVSkills NormalDouble
0-16Linewomen 50,000 6 3 3 7
GA SP0-2Runners 90,000 73 3 7
Dodge,Sure Hands 
GAP S0-2 Catchers90,000 73 3 7
Dodge, Catch
GA SP0-4 Blitzers 90,000 6 3 3 7
Dodge, Block
GAS P0-8 Re-roll counters:50,000gold pieces eachStar Players available for Inducement:Bertha Bigfist, Helmut Wulf,Lady Elanie, Morg ‘n’ Thorg,Willow Rosebark, Zara the Slayer
Blood Bowl is a very well respected sport in Brettonia. It is considered a great test of martial skills, and isconsidered equal to jousting, in preparing knights for the rigours of war. Competing in the royal court leagues is aconsidered a great honour. The Blitzers and Runners are the knights who have suited up for the game with theirsquires to assist them to best demonstrate their skills. Peasants are used to tie up the opposition but because oftheir status are rarely included in any team planning or practice.
Qty Title Cost MA ST AGAVSkills NormalDouble
0-16 Linemen 40,000 6 3 3 7
GA SP0-2 Runner'sSquires60,000 6 3 3 7
Sure Hands
GP AS0-2 Blitzer'sSquires70,000 6 3 3 8
GS AP0-2 Runners 100,000 7 3 3 8
Block, Catch
GS AP0-2 Blitzers 120,000 6 3 3 9
Block, Dauntless, Juggernaut
GS AP0-8 Re-roll counters: 50,000 gold pieces eachStar Players available for Inducement: Jules De Bergerac, Lady Elanie, Mighty Zug,Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Willow Rosebark, Zara the Slayer
Over 8,000 years ago, the Khemri played the first games of Blood Bowl against the Slann. But, as theKingdom died off, so did the game until its rediscovery. And as the game returned, it was inevitablethat the ancient players and stars of the Khemri would return to the pitch they once played on.
Qty Title Cost MA ST AGAVSkills NormalDouble
Tomb Skeletons
 40,0005 3 2 7
Regeneration,Thick Skull 
G ASP0-2
 70,000 6 3 2 7
Pass, Regeneration, SureHands
GP AS0-2
 90,000 6 3 2 8
Block, Regeneration
GS AP0-4
Tomb Guardians
 100,0003 5 18
Break Tackle, Regeneration
0-8 Re-roll counters: 70,000 gold pieces eachStar Players available for Inducement: Hack Enslash,
Humerus Carpal
Ithaca Benoin
, Ramtut III,Setekh
Chaos Pact teams are a mix of evil and chaotic races. The Marauders while enthusiastic have to becoached to fill the different needs of the team while other races provide the muscle and fineness tosupport the Marauders. However due to the arrogance, stupidity, or animalistic nature of the teammembers, it is rare to see a well organized and effective Chaos Pact team. The Chaos All-Stars are thebest example of how great this team can be with the right coach.
Qty Title Cost MA ST AG AVSkills NormalDouble
0-12 Marauders50,0006 3 3 8
GSPMA0-1 GoblinRenegade40,000 6 2 3 7
Animosity, Dodge, Right Stuff,Stunty
AM GSP0-1 SkavenRenegade50,000 7 3 3 7
GM ASP0-1 Dark ElfRenegade70,000 6 3 4 8
GAM SP0-1 Chaos Troll 110,000 4 5 1 9
Loner, Always Hungry,Mighty Blow, Really Stupid,Regeneration, ThrowTeam-mate
 S GAPM0-1 Chaos Ogre 140,000 5 5 2 9
Loner, Bone-head, MightyBlow, Thick Skull, ThrowTeam-mate
S GAPM0-1 Minotaur 150,000 5 5 2 8
Loner, Frenzy, Horns, MightyBlow, Thick Skull, WildAnimal
S GAPM0-8 Re-roll counters: 70,000 gold pieces eachStar Players available for Inducement: Bomber Dribblesnot, Mad Max, Morg ‘n’ Thorg,Pump Wagon, Ugroth Bolgrot, Zzharg Madeye
The Slann team is an ancient race of space travellers stranded on our planets many ages ago. Afterrealizing that rescue was never coming they settled down and began ordering the Lizardmen aroundas their leaders. While most Slann prefer to become fat and lazy lording over the Lizardmen, a few ofyounger and more energetic members enjoy travelling the realm and playing Blood Bowl. While theSlann have no passing game to speak of, their ability to leap, dive, and intercept are second to none.
Qty Title Cost MA ST AGAVSkills NormalDouble
0-16 Lineman60,0006 3 3 8
Leap, Very Long Legs
G ASP0-4 Catchers 80,000 7 2 4 7
Diving Catch, Leap, VeryLong Legs
GA SP0-4 Blitzers 110,000 7 3 3 8
Diving Tackle, Jump Up,Leap, Very Long Legs
GAS P0-1 Kroxigor 140,000 6 5 1 9
Loner, Bone-head, MightyBlow, Prehensile Tail,Thick Skull
S GAP0-8 Re-roll counters: 50,000 gold pieces eachStar Players available for Inducement: Helmut Wulf, Hemlock, Lottabottol, Morg ‘n’ Thorg,Quetzal Leap, Slibli

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