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5437611 Peoplesoft Application Engine Interview Questions

5437611 Peoplesoft Application Engine Interview Questions

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Published by Raghavender Raghu

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Published by: Raghavender Raghu on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PeopleSoft Interview Questions – Application Engine.
1) There are different types of variables in the Application Engine people code?Local variable – these are available for the duration of the program in which they aredeclared.Global / Component – These variables are available while the Application Engine program is running. They are saved at commits and checkpoints,So they can be used for restarts. Component variables are same as Global incase of theAE.2) What are the
Different ways pass data between the steps
State records – One row can be passed and can have many state records.2)
Component/Global People code variables3)
Temporary records – Multiple rows of data can be passed.3) What is Prerequisite for the State record?1)
Should be either Derived work record Or SQL Table.2)
 Name of the record must end in AET; this is how the system identifies the recordas a state record.3)
PROCESS_INSTANCE must be a key.4)
Any data types except character or numeric must not be required fields.Note: - No People code fires on an Application Engine state record.No Validation of translate values or Prompt tables are done. 
4) How to read the runctrl parameters in AE1) SQL: - %Select (EMPLID) Select EMPLID from PS_AERUNCONTROL wherePROCESS_INSTANCE = %PROCESS_INSTANCE and ORPID = %oprid2) People code: - &SQL = “Select EMPLID from PS_AERUNCONTROL WherePROCESS_INSTACNE =” | PS_TEST_AET.PROCESS_INSTANCE | “and OPRID =” |%oprid.%PROCESS_INSTANCE or %Bind (PROCESS_INSTANCE) can be used.%PROCESS_INSTANCE is more efficient and faster 
How do you execute Application Engine through Push Button?1)
CreateProcessRequest () , Schedule ()2)
CallAppEngine.6) What is the syntax for CallAppEngine?CallAppEngine (applid [, state record]);7) What are the 3 trace parameters you can pass to your psae.exe?-
TRACE <trace value>-
TOOLSTRACESQL <trace value>-
TOOLSTRACEPC <trace value>8) Which Trace option is the best place to start for general performance information?-TRACE <trace value> 384 – mostly used trace value.
9) What is the difference between a Trace value and Trace parameters?A Trace parameter determines which type of trace is turned on.A Trace parameter determines what type of data is recorded in your trace files (s).10) What are the 3 common ways to pass a trace parameter and value to your program psae.exe?Configuration manager, Process Definition, Command prompt.11) What are the Different types of Application Engine?Standard: Standard entry-point program.Upgrade Only: Used by PeopleSoft Upgrade utilities only.Import Only: Used by PeopleSoft Import utilities onlyDaemon Only: Use for daemon type programs.Transform Only: Support for XSLT Transform programs.12) How do you program AE program for the restarts?Program LevelState RecordOne of the state record needs to SQL Table, Since All Derived work record will bere-initializing on commit.Program PropertiesOn the Advanced tab in the program properties dialog box, make sure that disablerestart is not checked.

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