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How to Fix Google Chrome

How to Fix Google Chrome

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Published by Carlos N. Porras

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Carlos N. Porras on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Fix GoogleChrome
Chrome is so good, it shouldn’t be annoying!
© 2012 by KV5R. Rev. July 24, 2012.
Chrome is great and I love it. But there’ s a fewthings that I, and lots of other people,
 like. I’llcover some of them here. Is it legal? Yes, Chrome isbuilt from the open source Chromium, andyou canmod it if you want to. You can even get the sourcesand compile it from scratch if you want to,and youcan distribute your modded version. But we won’t becompiling a custom Chrome replacement here, justtweaking things a bit.
Problem 1: New Tab Doesn’tDisplay Your Homepage
have a local custom homepage where I put linksto all the stuff I use. I set Chrome to use it as myhomepage upon start-up. But alas, when opening aNew Tab, Chrome displays its built-in New Tab page,with all those stupid “most visited” thumbnails andother stuff I never use. I want it to open myhomepage every time I open a new tab, not justupon start-up. People have been complaining aboutthis since 2008 and apparently the Chrome crewsimply refuses to make it an option.This is really pretty easy to fix. Chrome’s new pagecode is loaded from a resource in chrome.dll. To hackit, do this:
wood-floor Style
04/12/12How to Fix Google Chrome2/8kv5r.com/articles/win/fix-google-chrome.asp
1. Download and installResource Hacker(free!).2. Locate
in the program files folderwhere Chrome is installed, usually
.3. Copy it to
as a backup.4. Run Resource Hacker and open
.5. Find (Ctrl-F) the text
It's important that this be the first scriptloaded
(or very similar; they might change it in later versions).6. Put this line right below the “It's important that…” line (make sure it’sabove the first <script> tag):
<script>window.location = 'http://localhost/';</script>
(replacelocalhost with your desired homepage URL). It forces an immediate redirectand ignores the remainder of the new tab resource.7. Click Compile then menu File, Save
. Start Chrome and test it byopening a new tab.Notes:
04/12/12How to Fix Google Chrome3/8kv5r.com/articles/win/fix-google-chrome.asp
You will have to do this again each time Google updates chrome andreplaces chrome.dll, so save these instructions in a handy text file.Also in Chrome, set your homepage to New Tab (Wrench, Settings, OnStartup, Open the New Tab page). Otherwise, after your mod, it will simplyload it twice upon start-up.The only useful thing (IMO) on the New Tab page is Recently Closed Tabs.To restore that handy functionality, install an extension calledRecentlyClosed Tabs.
Problem 2: You Can’t Make Chrome Put ItsCache Elsewhere (Oh yes you can!)
ou just installed a brand-spanking-new solid-state drive, and you’ve readthat you should try to move temp and cache files off to a hard drive (seealso: mySSD Migrationpage). All browsers except Chrome allow you to do thisfrom within the browser. But I found a way—in fact, I found
1. Put DiskCacheDir or UserDataDir in the Registry
This easy method will move the cache location to a folder of your choice. Therest of the user profile stuff will stay where it is by default.Run regedit and open up the tree to
. If not there, createit:Right-click Policies and click New and Key. Name it Google.Right-click Google and click New and Key. Name it Chrome.Click Chrome. Right-click in the right side of the screen and click New,String Value, and name it DiskCacheDir.Double-click DiskCacheDir and put in location desired. I used
. You may be tempted to use an Expandable StringValue and put like H:\temp\Chrome\%HOMEPATH% in there—I tried it(many ways) and it just won’t work. Apparently, Chrome expects aREG_SZ data type, not a REG_EXPAND_SZ.But fascist Google Update will delete it at the next update! To stop thisNazi Google behavior:Right-click that Google key you made under Policy and choosePermissions. Notice that SYSTEM and Administrators have Full Control,and they are all grayed out, because they are Inherited.Click Advanced. Uncheck “Include Inheritable Permissions…” and clickRemove on the warning box that pops up. Now all permissions are

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