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Published by tepepark
relaxed speech patterns and phonetics
relaxed speech patterns and phonetics

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: tepepark on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Relaxed Pronunciation ReferenceIn everyday speech, language takes on simplifications and the tendency for words to runtogether. This natural process often manifests itself as combination and contraction of words, causing a phrase such as "Would you like to go and get something to eat?" tosound a lot more like "'Don't'cha wanna get somthin' tweet?". This is often a majorfrustration for language learners, as many of these apparent words (for example, wanna,gotta, or squeat) are often not listed in dictionaries and are almost never used in writtenform, but are nonetheless essential for native comprehension. In addition, differences indialects' pronunciation, not to mention vocabulary, often magnify this problemsignificantly. This page is designed to be a reference database of relaxed pronunciationsand contractions, from the mundane and common to the esoteric (or just for fun). Pleaseenjoy!
To indicate alternative meanings or pronunciations, a slash is used, for example:"wanna = want to / want a" means that "wanna" could mean either "want to" or"want a".
[Brackets] surround words in the definitions that do not contribute to the finalword's sound.
Ellipsis (...) are used to indicate that a contraction can work as an interchangeablesuffix or prefix with a variety of other words (some of the more commoncombinations may be listed as well).
The complete list:
A-ZPhoneticSpellingDefinition / Origin /MeaningExampleA
a / uh of / a I'll have uh bag uh chips.acoupla a couple of I have acoupla socks 'round heresomewhere.ain'tam not /
is not /
are not /
have not /
has notI ain't hungry.ain'tcha are you not Ain'tcha done yet?algo I will go Algo next.alotta a lot of I have alotta radishes, and nothin' tomake with 'em.an' and Get me some bread an' milk....'an ... than n/a'ardly hardly I can 'ardly understand what he's sayin'.ayatta I ought to Ayatta show him a thing or two.atom at him /
at them Up and atom!awayzaway a ways awayThe last day of school is quite awayzaway,sadly.
betcha bet youI betcha five bucks that paper airplaneisn't gonna fly.
better'an better than Chocolate is better'an vanilla.bleev believe I bleev he'll be arrivin' soon.'bout about 'Tis 'bout 3 o'clock.brudda brother He's m' brudda.
can't can not I can't let you do that, Dave.can'tcha can you not Can'tcha get me a glass of coffee?canna can notI canna take that class, I'm takin'underwater basket weaving at the sametime!cara care of I take cara yo' car, you take cara my cat.certainly'd certainly had He certainly'd done that yesterday.cha you Cha can't do that!chillun childrenI'ma takin' the chillun to the zootomorrow.'chother each other Y'all should help 'chother out.chu [are] you Wha' chu doin'?c'mere come here C'mere!c'mon come on C'mon over here!coulda could have I coulda done that backflip.couldna /couldn't'vecould not have You couldna possibly done it.couldn'ever could not ever You couldn'ever make it.couldn'it could it not? Couldn'it be done?couldn't could not I couldn't see it with all this fog.could've could haveI could've won that race if I hadn'a hitthat penny on the road.could'ja could you Could'ja 'splain it for me?crect correct I've gotta go crect some papers.'cuz because 'Cuz it'd be cool, duh.
d' the I'm in d' house....'d ... would / ... hadThey'd better pick up the pace if theywant to win the game!...'da ... would have She'da come tonight if she wasn't so busy.da theThey have da best of da best in hot dogshere.dat that Dat is fine.d'eck ...the heck What d'eck?dem them Dem dragonflies are huge!dent did not I dent crash the car.did'ja / didja did you Did'ja catch anythin'?didn't did not It didn't hurt.
 diff'rn't different That's diff'rn't than the other one.dis this Is dis all ya got?d'jeat did you eat D'jeat yet?d'jyava / jyhava did you have a D'jyava burger or a sandwich?'drother I'd rather 'Drother be watchin' a movie.'drothers /druthers[What] I'd ratherIf I had my 'drothers, I wouldn't be doin'chores.dodad do, dad What will you dodad?doin' doing How are ya doin'?don't'cha /don'tchado you not Pretty cool, don't'cha think?dunnit [has] done it / done it That shoulda dunnit.dunno do not know I dunno....'d've ... would have n/ad'yava do you have a D'yava good time?
'er her Let 'er drift.'em them Get 'em!
fi if IFi was gonna choose, I'd go for the applepie.figrout figure out I'll figrout this puzzle soon.fulla full of You're fulla beans!fo' for Is dis fo' me?for'em for them I was just lookin' for'em.f'yno if you know / if I knowF'yno how to do that problem, then justdo it.
g'bye / g'by good bye G'bye!g'day good day G'day!gimme give me Gimme five!getcha / gitchu get you I'm gunna gitchu fo' dat!g'night good night G'night everybody!gotcha / gotchu /gotchergot you / got your I gotcha now!gotta [have] got to Gotta go!gunna / gonna going toI'm gonna head over to the store, ya wantanything?
had'n'edn'edn'yet had not even eaten yet You had'n'edn'edn'yet?hafta have to I hafta go soon.has'n'edn'edn'yet has not even eaten yet He has'n'edn'edn'yet?hava have a We hava few snacks inna trunk.havit have it D'ya havit here yet?

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