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Evil Overlords

Evil Overlords

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Published by Kadaeux

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Published by: Kadaeux on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Weapon Mastery
: You‟re skill with weapons is considerable, you can pick up a blade, an axe, a
club, a crossbow, you know how to use them all without too many difficulties. This trait can stack toa total of 3, each point improves their skill by 50% above a normal being. (Total 150% better than anaverage being.)
Thunderous Strength
: Your strength is prodigious, when you stomp or otherwise strike the groundthe effect is like a localised quake, everything up to 2x the size of a human is knocked over.
: Flesh like iron, the durability of the Evil Overlord is boundless, at least so far as Iron isconcerned.
Hatred Fury
: With a bellow from the depths of your Evil Soul you strike down your enemies withterror as you wade into combat.
Bezerker Rage
: (Stacks to a total of 3, optional) you‟re prone to sudden rages, minor slaughters (50
people or less) and a great deal of bloodthirstiness. Your ability to deal damage goes through the
roof, but your „defence‟ ceases to exi
Great Wings
: The Evil Overlord has a pair of great draconian/ demonic/ batlike etc wings.Unfeathered and typically black these allow the Evil Overlord the powers of flight.
: The Overlord has an extensive exoskeleton in addition to his endoskeleton. Thisleaves him/her with sharp bonelike protrusions and a generally more menacing appearance.
Bilious Breath
: Your breath itself is a weapon, in this case a plague breath, your vomit forth thevery essence of disease and plague and few can survive its onslaught.
: You breathe fire like the dragons of lore. Few things can withstand a sustained blast.Even a castle wall soon runs like liquid if you sustain such.
Dirty Trickster
: You don‟t believe in Queensbury Rules, you believe in sneaki
ng up behindsomeone and planting a boot laden with razor sharp spikes just where their overly good janglies aredangling!
: You can gain sustenance from eating just about anything. Including your own kind.Moreover it is believed that you may in fact grow stronger with such consumption.
: Your blood is like pure acid. No, literally. Only your own skin has shown muchresistance to it. This applies only to your blood, you did discover that your saliva was not acidic.
: Your body is unstable, but controllably so. You can change your shape to something of similar size and mass without too many difficulties, but the more frequently you do it the lesscontrol you have, excessive use of this skill could lead to many unwanted mutations.
Compelling Scent
: Your body exudes and odour where you are and where you‟ve been.
Subconsciously others of similar mental attitude and alignment find themselves drawn to youmaking recruiting far easier. The downside? 1: You stink, 2: Anything that tracks by scent wouldhave no difficulty finding you.
: Your eyes are far and above what others may see. They glow from within withunnatural light and with this sight you can perceive the very heat and cool of things. None can hidefrom your sight if 
they‟re close enough.
: Your eyes are like that of a cat or a wolf and you can see as well, or better, at nightthan you do during the day. (A popular choice.)
Compelling Voice
: Your words hold extra weight with those who hear them as they are drawn toyour cause. Though this is not a control method, if they are already opposed to you or what you dothen you can be as compelling as you like they will not change their minds.
: You have the lower body of a Lion and are the evil counterpart to a Centaur. Your lowerform is powerful and possessed of sharp claws.
Thermal Manifestation
: You are either the epitome of cold or heat. In one case you‟re constantlyaflame and can incinerate much, on the other you‟re ice cold, your skin like crystal
and your touchfreezes. Either one makes you weak to the opposite.
Hulking Physique
: (REQUIRES: Physical 10) You are large, whether you‟re part monster or something else you‟re big, powerful, reasonably speedy and you damned well know it!
The downside. Yo
u‟ve got the magical ability of a retarded gnome... on a good day.
(Maximum Magic: 1)
: You‟re of daemonic blood. Born of mortal and immortal.
Your find it much easierto summon and control the daemonic. And indeed those abilities that seem daemonic to others seemto be slightly easier for you. You also have manifest horns and other bony protrusions, but not asprominently as the Horny trait.
: (REQUIRES: Physical 5) You are able to change your own shape to a limiteddegree. A therianthrope can change into a creature of similar mass to themselves, you may takeTherianthropy up to three times, each time gives you one extra form. Your transformations aresubject to approval (and outlined in the description), eg: If you do not have the
“Wings” trait, none
of your shape-shifting forms can have wings either.
Burrowing Lord
You‟re nature is that of a burrower, a tunneler, some even believe that it is a signof an ancient connection with the „dungeon builders‟ of lore. You have an instinct
for underground,and indeed your limbs are slightly stronger and more built for tunnelling, such as a rat or otherburrowing mammal. Imprisoning you can be exceptionally difficult.
: (Cannot take with Lionataur) You have the lower body of a large spider. And all that it
entails, you can move along almost any surface, even trap things in large elaborate webs and you‟re
even poisonous to a degree as well as quite strong. But all this comes at a cost of 2 points.
: Your Overlord (or Overmistress) has developed prominent, and functional, horns on theirhead ranging from tusks to large horns on the head useful to headbutt with. Despite the deliberatelyironic name this trait has nothing to do with your Overlords sexual urges.

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