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Modern Times

Modern Times

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Published by Charlie Gregory

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Published by: Charlie Gregory on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern Times
We don’t go into town much these days, maybe once a month.
On one of our trips the other day, it took just a couple of hours to see how thecountry has changed in the last few years.OK. So the BBC is forever filling our heads with the heart-tugging newsthat many parents on benefits have to do without food in order to feedtheir children. On our trip through the city, the bus passed through anarea where a high percentage of residents are on benefit. Then it wentthrough a more affluent area, where I would class the people as quite wellto do.The mothers, waiting for their kids outside the school in the posh areawere all as thin as rakes. The crowd outside the school in the poor areawere all big fat women, smoking cigarettes. Not a BBC camera in sight.
More heartbreak in town. There’s this Romanian
Gypsy woman selling TheBig Issue
a job reserved for the penniless homeless. When she openedher mouth, the inside of her head was a solid mass of gold teeth. Call me
naive, but I don’t
get it. Where does she get the gold to buy the gold?And why does she come so far from home to be homeless?
s not over yet. A woman on an invalid trike comes hurtling through
Hamlyn’s toy store and runs aground on a carpet. Before anyone can
help, she leaps off the contraption, skips round the back, yanks themachine clear, bends down, snatches up the carpet and flings it aside,
with a cry of, “That has no right to be lying there!” 
Then she leaps on thetrike and zooms away, leaving the heap carpet for the teeming masses totrip over... Outside the store, one of these No Win No Fee creatures has
set up a stall, yelling, “Have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault?” Can’t help wondering if the carpet
-trap woman is an accomplice.
And Yesteryear
Ever since the Jimmy Savile fiasco, every bloke over the age of 60, with afew bob in the bank, is awaiting that knock on the door before they marchhim off to the local nick and accuse him of being a sexual predator. I
don’t know if these blok
es are innocent or guilty. T
o be honest, I don’t
care. But I do know that values were different in the 1960s and 70s. I amalso convinced that, given their heads, the PC witch-
hunters won’t
restuntil they have disinterred Lewis Carol for being a paedo; then reburiedhim in unconsecrated ground, before burning all known copies of Alice inWonderland.When I say that values were different way back then, I meanattitudes to sex. I remember the 1960s when they granted independenceto one of the smaller African countries. The Brits sent out a team of civil

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