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Triptico - Cuidado Del Medio Ambiente

Triptico - Cuidado Del Medio Ambiente

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Published by El_Burro_Ilustrado

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: El_Burro_Ilustrado on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 @~nyt|ay fålotay håy iatodoe`ay ton`n`h~ifa u~n }n| ia` ce dnj|edeioù` jcalec dnc rce`nte. Eitay te` |~to`e|oay iaha to|e| ce ley~|e yo` ynre|e|ce# iahr|e| ~tn`yocoay dn~ye|  to|e| a edu~o|o| cay ecohn`tay n`}eyedayn` hetn|oecny e`toniacùjoiay a `a |nioicelcnyia`t|ol~n` n` j|e` hndode e ceia`teho`eioù` hndoaehlon`tec.
Edu~on|e r|ad~itay dn tada tora n` n`}eyny dnj|e` iereioded # r|nmn|olcnhn`tn# |n~tocowelcny.
N}otn cay n`}eyny dn ~` yaca ~ya.
Ccn}n y~y r|aroey lacyey e ce iahr|e.
Artn# r|nmn|n`tnhn`tn# ra| edu~o|o| ecohn`taye j|e`nc.
N}otn ~tocowe|# n` ce hndode dn ca rayolcn#e|tèi~cay dnynifelcny.
Ia`yn|}n cay ecohn`tay n` |nioron`tnyd~|edn|ay.
N}otn ~tn`yocoay  g~j~ntny u~n m~`ioa`e` e rocey. Yo `a ny rayolcn# ~tocoin rocey |nie|jelcny a rocey }n|dny `a ia`teho`e`tny.
Ec ~tocowe| rernc re|e nyi|olo|# `a nyi|oleyùca n` ~`e ie|e  c~nja to|n ce fage.
R|ai~|n fein| mataiaroey ra| cey day ie|ey.
Yo ton`n ge|dè`# |nioicn ce hetn|oe a|jå`oie.
\n~tocoin cey lacyey dn rcåytoia u~n cn dn` n`nc y~rn|hn|ieda re|e j~e|de| ce ley~|e.
 @a to|n cay te||ay dn i|oytec. \ny~cte` h~÷tocny re|e j~e|de| reyte# fe|o`e a cnj~hl|ny…Tehloï` yn r~ndn` ~tocowe| iaha f~ife# ra|tecåroiny a ynhoccn|a.
Ynre|n cay hetn|oecny u~n iahra`n` ce ley~|e re|e |nioice| |eioa`echn`tn.
Feje ~` ~ya ia||nita dn cay ia`tn`nda|nydn |niajode yncnito}e. ^` yaca terù` dnec~ho`oa r~ndn de| ec t|eytn ia` ce ie|je dn}od|oa dn tada ~` ia`tn`nda|.
Re|e fein| ~`e ta`ncede dn rernc ny`ninye|oa tece| >‼9 fnitå|ney dn layu~n.
 @a to|n ec ia`tn`nda| dn rernc at|ay|nyod~ay iaha rcåytoia# ie|ta`ny dn cnifn&ia`ton`n` rcåytoia  ec~ho`oa/# cetey# nti.
Nc rernc dn cay rn|oùdoiay ny nc håy måiocdn |nioice| e u~n nytå fnifa dn mol|e dnhedn|e.
Nc i|oytec dn cay }eyay  nc dn cey lahloccey`a yn r~ndn |nioice| ia`g~`tehn`tn ia` nc}od|oa dn cay n`}eyny.

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