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Stellar Reaches #9

Stellar Reaches #9



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Published by Alvin Plummer
This is a free Traveller fanzine, focusing on the setting and adventures of the Empty Quarter. The time period is during the Solomani Rim War of 993.
This is a free Traveller fanzine, focusing on the setting and adventures of the Empty Quarter. The time period is during the Solomani Rim War of 993.

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Published by: Alvin Plummer on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stellar Reaches Issue #8 Winter 2008 Page 2
 Stellar Reaches
A Fanzine for Traveller T20 and Classic Traveller
Table of Contents
Credits:Cover Art
: Public Domain imagery courtesy of NASA. The use of this imagery should not imply that NASAendorses this fanzine in any form or fashion.
Cover Layout
: Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Contributing Artists
: None at this time.
Contributing Authors
: Alvin Plummer
Editor/Layout Design
: Jason “Flynn” KempThe Stellar Reaches fanzine’s website can currently be found at
. Please feelfree to browse the site for more information, as well as back issues and other downloads as they become available.The
BITS Task System
, although modified to include Traveller T20 difficulty classes, has been provided withpermission by
British Isles Traveller Support (BITS)
. Its presence here does not constitute any challenge to therights for this system, and we gratefully acknowledge Dominic Mooney and Andy Lilly for their generosity inallowing our use of this system to allow future adventures to be written in such a manner as to be more useful to allpublished Traveller rules sets.For more information on BITS, check out their website at http://www.bits.org.uk/ The
Stellar Reaches
fanzine is published without charge or cost under the appropriate Fair Use and Online policiespublished by the various holders of the Traveller license. For ease of reference and as required by these Fair Usepolicies, the appropriate text of these policies is included in the legal section at the end of this publication.
Copyright of Original Material:
All original material in the Stellar Reaches fanzine not designated as Open Game Content, or not otherwiseprotected under the copyrights of other entities, is copyright © 2009 by the original authors and artists, as identifiedin the byline with each article or contribution.No portion of this fanzine may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from theauthor or artist holding that specific content’s copyright.
Stellar Reaches Issue #8 Winter 2008 Page 3
Letter From The Editor
Greetings, Fellow Sophonts:If you thought that
Stellar Reaches
was dead, I cannot blame you for thinking that. It’s been well over a year since Ireleased Issue #8, and there are many that probably felt that this issue would never see the light of day. To our fans,I apologize, and I hope that you find this issue to be worth the wait.Within this issue are four fantastic adventures by the prolific and talented Alvin Plummer, which should providemany sessions of fun and excitement at your gaming table, as well as provide more support for the Empty Quartersector. You’ll also find an article on converting the traditional Traveller careers into Starting Occupations aspresented in the Modern System Reference Document, for those interested in using that system to adventure in theThird Imperium.This issue also clears out the last of the slush pile of articles I’ve gathered from our various contributors, aside fromone article that came to me via snail mail from David Hahn and which I have not had the time or energy to type intoan electronic format. (My most sincere apologies for the delay, David, but it will have to wait for yet another issue.)As I’ve said before,
Stellar Reaches
cannot survive without the aid of its fans and contributors. If you have anarticle or two you’d like to contribute,
Stellar Reaches
is a Fair Use fanzine of Traveller interested in providing freesupport for the gaming systems and universe we enjoy playing in, and we would certainly appreciate your support.With that in mind, let’s wrap this up and get on to the good stuff.Prepare To Jump,Jason “Flynn” KempEditor,
Stellar Reaches

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