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Lolita Draft 2

Lolita Draft 2

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Published by mason_courter

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Published by: mason_courter on Dec 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mason Courter11/12/12English 1101
In the book Lolita, there are many topics one could write about. The most obvious would beabout pedophilia and how the main character lives with the love for little girls. But the topic I would liketo focus mainly on for this paper is how seemingly small decisions can turn out to be life-altering.Sometimes consequences reach much farther than expected; many times affect more people than justus. As Humbert Humbert learns, nothing ever goes as planned, and what looked like a good idea initiallycan fall apart rapidly.Take a bank robbery for example. In the movie
Gun Crazy 
, the main characters Bart and Laurieembark on several missions to rob banks in the United States. The pair plans the robberies with greatcare and rehearses each one like a play. What they fail to account for is what happens after the
robberies. Even though they get away, some “getaways” are not clean and people are killed, their
identities are discovered, etc. So now every authority in the America is after them and they can turn tonobody. They never planned for that, and soon their adventure comes to an abrupt halt when they arefinally cornered and killed. In the book Lolita, Humbert describes his thought processes for everythingimportant that goes on during his life. One place where he messes up big-time is when he starts hissexual relationship with Lolita. They have sex at a hotel called the Enchanted Hunter and practicallybecome husband and wife after, compared to daughter and step-dad like they were before. Now, fromwhat he describes as her coming on to him, everything happens relatively quickly and all of a sudden it isover and they assume their usual roles. As a reader/jury, we do not know how much this was changedfrom what actually happened by Humbert, but are left to rely on his account. So there is the possibilitythat he came on to her but that is irrelevant. The point is that Humbert had the authority as the male
and father figure to prevent the situation in the first place
but doesn’t. The man was a pedophile andwas in the wrong from the start. Initially he has to stay with Lolita’s family just for a change in
atmosphere. But when he arrives and meets Lolita everything changes and he becomes once again, apredator. So it is really no surprise that they end up having sexual affair. In the novel, the author doesmake an obvious lean towards the fact that he only has feelings for nymphets and does not think aboutever having sex with them, but this too may be a lie and hidden from the reader. If he continued thispath and only stayed a creep he might have succeeded getting through life with no harm done toanyone, especially himself. But he fails and completely destroys the chance to stay normal. He might aswell have killed the
president and wrote his own name on the president’s forehead after. There would
be no place in the United States that he could show his face because he would be arrested on the spot.After Humbert rapes Lolita, he does not tell anyone, but having a child a witness of a serious crime isbad news for Humbert. The bottom line is, kids run their mouths and he has a one-in-ten billion chance
that she won’t say anything to anyone about it before she dies, which at any point he will consequently
be hunted down li
ke a dog and put in jail to await his sentence. This is why you don’
t tell kids stuff that
you won’t want others to hear about. They are bad at keeping secrets. Humbert has nowhere to hide
and as of this point, is wanted by the law for rape. After the consummation of their relationship,
Humbert must now watch his back at every turn. He is now essentially Lolita’s bitch. I’m sure he
fanaticized about being her lover before, but not to the extent that it turns out being. As thingsprogress, Lolita becomes the normal teenage girl that is manipulating, demanding, and selfish. She is
going to want to test her “father
figure” as if he were her real dad without the sick relationship that
they have going on at this point. It is almost as if they are really married like he would have liked, if itwere to be socially acceptable like in ancient times and in other parts of the world. With that being said,
one can look at this part in the story two different ways. Either Humbert is either Lolita’s bitch as a
father who has no guts, or he is the husband of Lolita who has no guts. What Lolita says, goes. If she
wants new clothes, he buys them for her. If she wants to travel, he takes her wherever. If he wants tohave sex with her, she begins charging him money to be compliant. I bet my bottom dollar Mr. Humbertnever bet he would have to bribe her with money for sexual favors. He is now her toy, not in a sexualconnotation either, but in a controlling way.Another wonderful thought of Humbert was to murder his wife Charlotte Haze. This would have
been a great idea, if it weren’t for all the effects that occurred after her accidental death.
Because sheaccidentally dies right after he thinks about killing her, the aftermath is right on-time and gives everyonea good look at what would happen next if he would have murdered her. Bottom line is, she is now out of the picture regardless of how she is removed. Consequently, life is going to change for Lolita. Humbert
imagined all that BS of him being so happy with Lolita’s mother gone. But what he didn’t think about
was how that will affect Lolita as far as a maturity standpoint. It is not all about Humbert and Lolita livinghappily ever after without mom there to protect her from evil daddy. Lolita does need a mother aroundto help raise her. There are things a child learns from their father and there are things that a child learnsfrom their mother. One cannot learn everything without one or the other, nor can a single parent do abetter job that a couple raising a child. It is a proven fact. Humbert is funny. He aspires to be such ascholarly man and even looks down on others who seem to think they are as well. But when it comesdown to it, he misses details. So when Humbert complains about Mrs. Haze and all her nosiness andhow sh
e mothers Lolita and he wants her all to himself, he should’ve been happy that his little nymphet
was getting all the motherly upbringing and love that she needed.
Oh, and Humbert didn’t have to lift a
finger to get rid of her. Astonishingly, she is hit by a car before he can go through with anything. Theman is heartless; there is no doubt about it. He contemplates killing her a few different ways but decidesagainst it because he cannot bring himself to do it. This does not give him any credit on my part becausewhen she is killed, he gets over it relatively easy and concentrates more on the girl he now has tohimself. Humbert does not kill Charlotte, but would have. He learns after her death the bad side effects

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