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Prompt for English Paper DRAFT 2

Prompt for English Paper DRAFT 2

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Published by mason_courter

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Published by: mason_courter on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lead By Example
My mother has chiseled the concept of “lead by example” into my brain since I was a boy. I grew up
with three little sisters and I always had to get on their case about one thing or another. Whether itwas at a grocery store or church Sunday morning, I was to keep my mouth shut and set a goodexample. Actions are supposed to speak louder than words. She was the mother and it was her jobto correct the girls, not mine.Fathers need to treat love their wives and in return they need respe
ct. That’s the exchange I
have heard is necessary for a healthy marriage many times in church. This is of utmost importance ina family with children so the kids are brought up with the right example being set for them. A boywatching his father or mother treat the other badly as he grows up may end up treating his motherdisrespectfully and eventually, his own wife the same.
In the movie Raising Arizona, HI had a severe problem with recidivism. This man could not stay outof trouble if his life depended on it. At one point in the movie, after he was supposed to have
straightened out, he caught himself driving by convenience stores that weren’t on the way home.
After he and Ed stole Nathan Jr., things got worse. He took Ed and Nathan JR. to a quick stop to findsome Huggies. He ends up robbing the place, causing a huge fight with Ed and a deadly chase withtthe local police force. This is not the kind of behavior little Nathan Jr. needs to be witnessing fromhis father figure during his childhood.
 TeachWhat is a good citizen?In the movie Raising Arizona, HI does not do the best job teaching Nathan Jr what it means to be a goodcitizen. Even though Nathan Jr
is a baby, it wouldn’t hurt for HI to straighten up and obey the laws for
the sake of the child. When a child grows up watching his father disrespect the law, he will most likely
do the same. It does not matter if it’s speeding by 2 mph or stealing a T.V.
from a store, wrong is wrong.What does it mean to be a man?
When I was a kid…
I learned the hard way…
Discuss “daddy’s girl” or “momma’s boy”
 Oedipus complexMoralsWorkFirst job, first car, etc.

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