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Mystery Fyre Epic Duel

Mystery Fyre Epic Duel

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Published by Daniel Downs

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Published by: Daniel Downs on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mystery Fyre
Epic Staring DuelCharacters:WES
(Lead Guitarist): Duel contestant 1. Engages in epic staring contest with Jake over the last slice of pizza.
(Vocals): Second duel contestant. Rises up to the challenge of his older brother, Wes, for the lastslice of pizza.
(Band’s Drummer): Can only speculate in silence as this duel of epic proportions unfolds before
Opening scene:
The three brothers who make up the famous mind-melting rock band known as Mystery Fyre sit arounda circular table in their smoke-filled apartment. After once again giving a phenomenal performance andstealing 1st place at the local battle-of-the-bands event held at the local town church, we now see themchowing down on the left-
overs of last nights’ pizza.
The two brothers JAKE and WES are once againengaged in an argument over creative control and what stage effects should be used in their next bigshow while JOEY sits in the corner tapping his feet. They are all unaware of the historic event that isabout
to take place that will forever change their lives, or at least the course of the next 20 minutes…
And that is why
get to wear the roller skates.WES
Fine, I won’t argue with you on this one, but I don’t want to see a repeat of 
what happened last
week at the Crossroads. We still need to pay that sound guy back for damages…
 JAKEIt only makes sense.
 JAKE opens the refrigerator and grabs a beer and the pizza box and sits back down at the table.He opens the pizza box and sets it 
in the middle of the table. To everyone’s horror there is only 
one piece left.
There’s only one slice left? Jake how many did you have?!?
Like two… and a half. No more than you though.
Yeah, ok. That’s a lie. Joey
, how many slices did you have?
 JOEY stares at WES and tilts his head a little, then goes back to tapping his feet.
Well there’s one piece left and I haven’t eaten all day.
You’re not getting that last piece of pizza…
 At that moment both brothers
knew what needed to happen…
 Epic Staring Contest 

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