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Ecological Impact of Mining and Solutions

Ecological Impact of Mining and Solutions

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Published by: Dimas Jack Soria Monsin on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ecological impact of mining and solutions
Ecological impact of mining and proposalsolutions APMEME Association
Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Miners Ecologists.
The ecological impact of mining can be summarized as follows:
Salification, drying and water shortages by the huge amounts of fresh water thatrequires the extraction process
Release and migration of heavy metals in the ecosystem
Displacement of thousands of tons of mines causes sedimentation in rivers, vulnerability to wind and water erosion
environmental liabilities after exploitation and destruction of the site of theoriginal ecosystem
Migration of highly toxic cyanide in groundwater and surface water andecosystem
Drain acid, which is a particularly serious threat removal of sulfides.
Harmful effects of cyanide
Current technology gold mining using cyanide to separate the gold from the valuable minerals. Cyanide is an extremely toxic substance, the lethal dose forhumans is 50-200 mg. However, to reach the environment cyanide, heavy metals are linked to cyanide in the long run are the biggest problem. Therelatively fast disintegrating cyanide instead eternally heavy metals remain inthe environment.
 Acid drainage
 Acid drainage is a serious problem in many metal mines, since metals such asgold, copper, silver and molybdenum are often associated with sulfides. By notcontrolling acid drainage, filter streams, rivers and groundwater. The acidic water and heavy metals are lethal to fish, animals and plants and can still causedamage to the environment indefinitely after mine closure.
Surface Mining and the original ecosystem
The traditional image of mining, the miner who digs with piocha minerals deepunderground, is already outdated. In modern opencast mining, large machinesexcavate the rock in a huge open quarry. By extracting the ore dust is released which contains heavy metals and which is easily carried by the wind. Thus, theinstallation of a mine can destroy existing ecosystems.
Environmental degradation and poverty 
The impact of mining on the environment is not only problematic from anecological standpoint. Contamination of land and lack of clean water agricultureimpossible. People with health problems is not able to work hard for too long without stopping, leading to loss of revenue. Hence, mining, instead of fightingpoverty, can aggravate, so the Association of Small and Medium EntrepreneursMiners Ecologists, has been encouraging to have a better use for mineralresources, and spreading to large mining companies, pollute less and to provideeconomic benefits to communities, that abuts, mining projects, most of whichare hurt, and Hence arises the social conflict unnecessary deaths, for lack of a will of business leaders, most of whom are surprised by foreign and localconsultants who know little of coexistence with communities and their theoriesled him to the practice misapplied and it all ends in tragedy as irremediableConga project.
Proposal of the Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs MinersEcologists.
 APMEME Association, has facilitated multiple projects at national and it isintended to implement projects in 2013 to all small and medium miningcompanies ecologists, productive workshops HIDDEN TREASURE project my name, where is to enable all people the mining sector, that includes parents andchildren, with production workshops as the transformation of gold and silver, jewels of high value, the project lasts 5 months and once trained and help you with the installation of your web and international business course and onlinesales, followed by the massive export market we already have ready abroad.
This will promote more gain to such mining and farming families from thatpoint if we can speak of a sustained and profitable growth show where everyonehappy, even if mining would stop working, and farmers would have a basis tosustain and their own efforts.
 APMEME Association, has a strong group of professionals in each region of Peru, leading people, bilingual, jungle, as our brothers Ashaninkas, Shipibo,Quechua, Aymara, and professionals who are fluent in English and Spanish, who will help realize a peaceful within mining operations, our experiencegained, and perpetual friendship with the Apus of mining areas of influence,give us a strong responsibility to ensure investments, foreign life andcommunity development and respect for the environmental requirements that we transmit always foreign and domestic companies, for there to be the realmining boom without blood or bad policies of companies that outsource mostcommitments to capital companies do not have the confidence or respect for thecommunities.
The Association, signed many agreements with leading institutions seriousenvironmental care and help promote responsible and successful investment within these alter native, are planned arrival of investors from Europe, tofinalize talks with small and environmental medium mining companies, andform strategic alliances to benefit from copper mining concessions, Gold,Silver.Anthracite, zinc, iron and other minerals, and to consider this group asone of the biggest revelations to be possessors of large mineral deposits withhigh reserves, which are unable to develop for lack of a serious policy of thegovernment and that private banks do not give loans or venture to help thosegroups miners.
Opportunity for the World Bank 
The global banks should look favorably at small and medium mining companies because they own 60% of mining concessions throughout Peru, and now seek 

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