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What have I Done

What have I Done



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Published by mdjustice1
Another short erotic story with a twist of incest
Another short erotic story with a twist of incest

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Published by: mdjustice1 on Feb 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What have I done?Pam and Laura were both mothers in their forties but neither looked over thirtysomething, they were MILF’s. Laura was still married to her abusive ignoranthusband even thought the kids were grown. Her son still lived at home but wasleaving for college soon. Pam was divorced and happy. She had a few friends thatkept her sexually happy though she never really dated. Pam and Laura loved to getdressed in skimpy outfits and go out and drive the men crazy. They would flirtbut never followed through. Laura needed a man badly but would never consider itsince she was married alas she was very depressed. The girls both enjoyed eachothers company in other ways too. They both had a bisexual side and they wouldplay together occasionally, this was the only ting that kept Laura from committingmurder of her spouse.This particular Friday they met at Pam’s apartment and decided to relax abit before going anywhere. They decided to take a bath together and release sometension. They soaked in the hot bath water washing and caressing each other forquite a while. “I found a young boy toy” Pam suddenly says. “Really, do tell”Laura loved to hear about Pam’s sexual experiences. “Well he’s much younger, Imet him a long time ago but the other day we ran into each other and I was in atease mood and well things happened” Pam giggled. “Things? Like what things?”Laura demanded. “It was great, he’s hung like you wouldn’t believe and hisendurance, Oh my God He can go all night” “You are so lucky, I never get any andI really need it. It could be an ugly guy with a small dick right now, I wouldn’tcare” Laura was feeling sorry for herself again. “Don’t worry, I’l make youhappy” Pam said kissing her on the lips. Pam’s phone buzzed, it was a text. Sheread it, smiled and answered back. “Who’s that” Laura asked “No one, let’s getout”They got out of the tub and dried each other off. Pam suddenly blurts out“I have a surprise for you – a new toy” Laura looked half excited “Really, letssee it” she responds. “No, it’s a surprise” Pam goes in the top of her dresserand gets out a long black silk scarf. She folds it length wise and walks over toLaura. “Let’s make this interesting” Pam says as she wraps the scarf aroundLaura’s head covering her eyes. “Can you seee?” she asked “No” Laura respond“Good” and Pam leads her to the bed and its her down so she is sitting with herback against the headboard. Pam rustles in her dresser again and comes back andstats kissing Laura passionately. “Don’t worry baby, you’ll love my surprises” andPam slides slowly down till her head is in Laura’s crotch. Pam starts givingLaura head like she has so many times before. Pam’s very good at cunninlingus andquickly Laura forgets about her troubles and relaxes to enjoy the licking. Laurahears a buzzing sound and feels a large latex object touch her pussy. It’svibrating and rotating. Pam slowly insets the toy into her pussy. She is inheaven. The latex cock moves inside her making her wetter. Laura moans “It’s nota man but it’s good” Pam laughs. Laura feels something, or someone, on the bed.“Who’s there” she yells out “Quiet” Pam says “I told you I had a surprise, don’tpeek, it’ll be better this way” Laura looks a little scared but then she feels avery large cock touch her face. She has not felt a real cock in years and decidesthis is the time to take advantage of the situation, she’s blind folded, it’s kindof like rape but without the force. She opens her mouth ad takes the shaftbetween her lips. It’s thick, she licks the end and runs her tongue up the shaft.“WOW” She says “is this real? I’ve never felt one this big before” She takes itin her mouth and sucks away. She tries to take it all in but gags before she hitsbottom. “You’re a horse” she says and go back to sucking the massive cock. Pamcontinues to fuck her with the toy and suck on her clit. Laura is about toexplode when Pam pulls the toy out and says “ OK, your having all the fun, It’s myturn. You eat me and my friend her will fuck you senseless” Pam slides Laurainto a flat position and squats over her head. Laura loves Pams pussy and goes toeating her. Laura feels the stranger move to the end of the bed and positionhimself between her legs. She feels the thick flesh penetrate her pussy, it’s

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