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gaudiya math chennai / 'The Gaudiya ' November 2012

gaudiya math chennai / 'The Gaudiya ' November 2012

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Published by divineriver

contact swami lalit krishna brahmachari, gaudiya math, chennai, india. mobile +91 94440 38271 for further communication

contact swami lalit krishna brahmachari, gaudiya math, chennai, india. mobile +91 94440 38271 for further communication

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Published by: divineriver on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spiritual Monthly
EåÁÃMoÀÆ uƒÆÁåΩ ÆsÁ“| ™Ï úÆÏ  `\o: @  uå§| ãá: Nw˛…mé§ãázÆÏMoʃ{∫ÁSÆ™ÏXÆoz@@ú¿Áúu`YN˛oÆÁ §ÏÜÆÁ “u∫é§uãá ƒÀoÏ å: @™Ï™Ï qÏ  uß úu∫nÆÁTÁzƒ{∫ÁSÆÊ¢˛¡TÏ  N˛·Æoz@@˛
Vol. LVINOVEMBER 2012No. 3
»y»y TϪ TÁ{∫ÁWïÁ{ \Æo:
 Nw˛úÁuÃãáÏ: ÃãÜÆÁªmªuYuƒuYfiÁ©§∫á∫Áz- ¶ƒ¬: úÓm|: üz™Á™wo™Æ™“Á[ÆÁzuo∫™¬: @ΔYyTß|qy∫Á©§Ïuá߃ GtÁ∫ÁÙÏoN˛p: N˛pÁåÁs: »y™ÁåÏtÆoÏ oƒ ÀƒÁãoåßuà @@
May that most Glorious Moon Sri Chaitanya Who came out from theNectarine Blissful Ocean of the womb of Sri Sachidevi shine on the transparentsky-like hearts of you all. What a paramount Glory, He is the very Ocean of theTranscendental Nectarine Bliss, ah, He puts on with pleasantly shining garment of ultraviolet colour, the Hue of the Body is naturally brilliantly effulging having thesymptoms of all the
spiritual perturbations as it were, the veryEmbodiment of super-excellent Transcendental Love with all its sixty-fourcharacteristic.
 –– Srila Prabodh
nanda Saraswati
Has any oneever heard of sucha climax of theattainment ofabnegation? Hedoes not wanteven Sri Krishnawithout theservice of Sri Râdhâ. Such a maximumheight of abnegation is not possible for aman of this world, unless he has been,like Raghunâtha, drenched with themoisture of the Grace of Sri SwarupaGoswâmi; none else can even explain thisstandard of abnegation. Is it possible forhim to crave for the six terrestrialexcellences as above, who does not wantKrishna even without service to Râdhâ?What an amount of service done to thehighest Darling of Krishna and what adegree of the highest love felt for Her canendow one with such a spirit!God has said (Bh.XI.26.26): ‘‘A trulyintelligent person should shun evilcompany but seek association with holysaints who, with their instructions, gnawthe knot of the worldly attachments of ourmind.’’ The meaning is that for our truewell-being we should always accept theguidance of the true Guru (spiritual guide)and should not be misled by pseudo-gurus. The Guru never accepts the
(way to pleasure), but heis a
(i.e., he follows theway to the true well-being). He givesothers (i.e., his disciples) the sameinstruction to walk along the real path ashe has received from his own Guru, ofcourse a true one. If a disciple askspermission of the Guru for drinking, he issure to disapporve of it and never to grantit. When the Guru does not indulge thedisciple in his prayer for things after hismind, he may dismiss the Guru. Suchdisciples accept only the gurus that areready to supply fuel for their sensualism.Acceptance of a guru has become afashion now-a-days, not for the disciple’strue wellbeing, but for getting one’ssensual pleasures approved of. Suchappointments satisfy only the social orfamily customs, like those of barbers andwashers.
As soon as a truth is ascertained,it should be ardently given effect to then and there. The span of our life being very short, we should not mis- spend even a moment, of what still remains, in attending in our worldly affairs but utilise it in the performance of our service to Hari.
King Khattwângaand Ajâmila attained their highest good byspending only one
(forty eightminutes) and only the time of deathrespectively in Lord Hari’s Service. Hereis an anecdote to the point. OneSivânanda Bhattâchârya, a Shâkta by faithi.e., worshipper of Goddess Kâli or Durgâ,sent his son Râmakrishna to purchasesome sacrificial beasts, goats andbuffaloes, and other necessary articlesagainst the coming Durgâ Pujâ. WhenRamakrishna was returning home withthe purchases, he met Srila NarottamaThâkur, a holy saint of the highest order,who after some instructive talk changedthe youth’s mind altogether, and the latterlet off the beasts to obtain initiation fromthe Thâkur and came back home empty-handed. Sivânanda, expectantly lookingfor his son’s return with the goats andbuffaloes and other articles for the Devi’sPujâ, asked him eagerly about them,seeing him return without them.
Pithy Precepts of Srila Prabhupâd
Thus Spake Srila Âchâryadeva
The Ascetic was Sri KrishnaChaitanya identical with Krishna with HisConsort Varshabhanavi. The highestopinion was given of Sri Ramananda byVasudeva Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya,who was now an ardent devotee of SriChaitanya. The Supreme Lord SriKrishna Chaitanya was eager to meetRai Ramananda who also at the sametime cherished an unknown hope ofcoming in touch with the All-lovingTranscendental Entity of Sri Krishna.Sri Chaitanya recognised RaiRamananda who also, catching sight ofa young and handsome Sanyasi, madehis obeisance as a religious Hindu princeis expected to do. Sri Chaitanyaembraced him reciting Name Krishnaand was overcome with emotion. TheVedic Brahmins, who were ritualists,were amazed to find the Sanyasi cominginto cotact with a person of lower caste,though of high position. In response toSri Chaitanya’s enquiries, Sri RaiRamananda shouted, ‘‘I am thatunworthy servitor, a sudra and mostunfortunate. But it is the unboundedmercy of Pandit Sarvabhauma that hasinduced You to extend Your love to anunworthy object like me. You aredebarred by the injunctions of Vedas tosee me and touch me which You haveignored owing to Your boundless mercyto me. But I see You do not care for this.’’The Vedic Brahmins are now observedshowing their changed mentality and arefound to chant the Name of Krishna.Sri Chaitanya was invited by aBrahmin to his house on the Godavari.In the evening Rai Ramanandaaccompanied by a single attendant,incognito met Sri Chaitanya at the houseof His hostand after theexchange ofmutualcourtesies,they started adiscoursewhich lastedthroughout thenight. Sri Chaitanya enquired into thephilosophy, doctrine and mysteries oflove of Sri Radha-Krishna, its object andhow this could be attained. To thesequestions Sri Ramananda answeredreadily.Sri Chaitanya enquired and askedhim to cite the verses dealing with thegoal of our activities, Ramanandaanswered:–1. Service to Vishnu is rendered byperforming the respective duties of anindividual. Vishnu is pleased by theperformance of ritualistic duties by aperson according to his particular statusand his particular condition in the four-fold classification of society.
Varnasrama dharma 
(Vishnu Purana).2. Surrender to Me everything as towhatever you want to do, whatever youwant to eat, whatever you want to offerMe in your ritualistic performances,whatever you are to bestow to othersand whatever austerities you want topractice (Gita IX.27).3. I call upon you to rely on Meleaving aside all sorts of virutousactivities, even so you will be relievedfrom the effects of sin and will not haveto repent for doing so (Gita XVIII.67).4. When a person, set free fromlimited entities, is found to be in an

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