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Nubian Civilization History

Nubian Civilization History

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Published by RhamiElbakheit

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Published by: RhamiElbakheit on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nubian CivilizationBy:RhamiElbakheit
is the name of a specific ethnic and culture area in Africa. It is a part of the Nile Valley, and it lies partly in Egypt and Sudan. Whenhistorians speak of Nubia, they usually mean only the land occupied bythe people of who speak dialects of Nubian language. Nubian speakerslive between Aswan in Egypt and Debba in Sudan. Before the fifteenthcentury, when the spread of Islam became very widespread in Sudan, Nubian speaking people occupied a much larger area, even including theland southwards up the Blue Nile. Their descendents live there still, buttoday they speak Nubian and Arabic together.
is located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. This land has oneof the healthiest resorts in the world. The temperatures are wormthroughout most of the year. The banks of the Nile are attractive in muchof Nubia, making farming easy. Nubia was the land of great naturalwealth, of gold mines, ebony, ivory, and incense.
Nubia is
the homeland of Africa's first civilization with a history whichcan be traced from 3100 B.C onward through Nubian monuments and artcrafts, as well as written records from Greece and Rome
kingdoms were prospering along the Nile valley in harmonyfor centuries. Their remains are found today in the areas in the northern of the Sudan and the southern of Egypt. During their existence theyrepresented great and strong kingdoms along the stretch of the Nile River.The
civilization was flourished for centuries. Nubian thinkersfound the fertile ground in the Nubian cities. It was in Nubia that thegreat Tahraqa and the supreme Shabaka insisted on the essential native Nubian Traditions in the whole Nubia Land.Through history, the Nubian Civilization extended along the Nile valley primarily from modern Southern Egypt to Northern of the Sudan. Theydeveloped in close parallel with Egypt for much of its history throughoutthe ages of history. During their long-term association with theEgyptians, the Nubian traded luxury items like ivory, gold, and slaveswhich the Kushite kings possessed in abundance, for Egyptian grain.However, the interaction was not always peaceful.

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