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Bowie Blade Volume 2 Number 12

Bowie Blade Volume 2 Number 12

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Published by Alex Martinez
Bowie Blade Volume 2 Number 12
Bowie Blade Volume 2 Number 12

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Published by: Alex Martinez on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOL 2. NO. 12 A publication of the Bowie County Republican PartDecember 4, 2012
William Carl--Editor 
The Bowie County Blade
Cutting through to the truth.
There is an old conundrum about Republicans in political circles: When Republicans win, theyquit and when they lose they quit. It goes without saying that we must send that old joke to theashcan. After the stinging defeat in the presidential election, now is the time to renew our effortsto win over more of the electorate.When Rush Limbaugh sent the liberal pundits screaming with his observation that its hard to runagainst Santa Claus, he put his finger on the critical issue facing us today. Our task now is to promote the principles of conservatism as often and as forcefully as we have the opportunity. Our educational system has been teaching socialism since the 1920s and we didn’t pay any attention toit. Now, we are witnessing the results: a society composed of generations that don’t know whatcapitalism is; nor do they know the insidious corruption in socialism.We either get busy to change the thinking of the voters or we will see a society of serfdom ruled bydictatorial despots. We either fight for it now in the open, or we will be fighting from hiddenenclaves in fear of discovery by the government.********************
Our celebration of Christmas is hollow, unless we determine to share the birth, life, death and resurrection of God’s only begotten Son,whenever we have opportunity. Only then can we truly say,“Merry Christmas!” This Christmas Season, rejoice in the knowledge that God has enabled and empowered YOU to be one of God’s messengers. Take every opportunity to share a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with family, friends and acquaintances!
It is sad that we must remember Christians and Jews are under attack by the secular world that wants a society where the only rules are theones they want to enforce. We must speak out every time we see a violation of anyone’s first amendment rights. Remember, they may not be coming for you this time, but it may be the next.*********************
VOL 2. NO. 12 A publication of the Bowie County Republican PartDecember 4, 2012
William Carl--Editor 
 No, we keep coming after our goals at every level of government, local, county, state and national. Call, write, FAX and contact everygovernment official possible. Not once, but often. Our nation and our American land of opportunity are in permanent danger at thehands of Obama and his radical socialist government.Tell every legislator:
and find free market health care solutions;++
all new federal spending;++
federal raids on the Social Security Trust Fund;++
earmarks and
federal bailouts of corporations ++
ALL of the Bush tax cuts permanent;++ abolish the "Death Tax";
our own natural resources for our energy needs; ++
secure our borders; and++
the original meaning and intent of the Founders.
 Does that sound like too big a task to save our nation? Beat the drums, sound the alarms, it isn’t only a fiscal cliff that is imminent. It isour America.*********************
The elaborate Ponzi scheme officially known as the U.S. financial system is set to completelytransform into a Monopoly-style fantasy economy where money and debt are both meaninglessand limitless. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has actually come out with a proposal thatthe American debt ceiling be completely eliminated, allowing the crooks that run the federalgovernment to print as much phony debt currency as their hearts desire, and spend away intooblivion.During a recent interview on
 Bloomberg TV 
, Geithner told
 Political Capital 
’s Al Hunt that theCongressionally-established debt ceiling, which was specifically designed to establish reasonablelimits on the amount of money the federal government can borrow, should be completelyabolished. Even though Congress is the only entity that can make such a decision, Geithner expressed his belief that the limit be scrapped to avoid its being used as “a tool for politicaladvantage.”
VOL 2. NO. 12 A publication of the Bowie County Republican PartDecember 4, 2012
William Carl--Editor 
Geithner’s suggestion also seems to follow the playbook of the infamousCloward-Piven strategy to the tee, which is built on the idea of intentionallycrashing the existing U.S. economy for the purpose of rebuilding it in theimage of socialist ideals. Part of this strategy includes deliberately destroyingthe nation’s currency by accumulating large amounts of unsustainabledebt,none of which can ever truly be paid off and settled.
Texas Schools Now Teaching Boston Tea Party Was Act Of Terrorism….And More
Does anyone remember the video that began to circulate where a FEMA representative told local
police in Oklahoma that the founding fathers and Christians were terrorists?If you thought that
 was the end of such statements, let me awaken you to the reality that public schools are teachingsomething very similar to that in the U.S. occupied State of Texas. They are teaching students,contrary to their parents wishes, that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism and that those who did it were terrorists.Before we go further, let me state clearly that I fully understand the sentiments of those whoengaged the Boston Tea Party. I understand their desire to make a statement. It wasn’t right forthem to take what belonged to someone else and destroy it, but I did get the sentiment and wouldnever call it terrorism. No one was killed. No one was threatened. It was a statement that they  were not going to be taxed by England without being represented.This December 16 will mark the 239th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The protest has beenhistorically recognized as the event that sparked the Revolutionary War. However, this is how it is being taught via the Texas public school system’s World History/ Social Studies lesson plan (Unit12: Lesson: 07:
In fact, much of the curriculum seems to suggest that anyone who opposes or does not agree with what government is doing is somehow labeled a “terrorist.”There can be no doubt that these lessons are geared to tying the historical Boston Tea Party withterrorism and that concept then tied to the current Tea Party movement and thus to terrorism.

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