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QuizBowl Questions

QuizBowl Questions



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Published by edmark icalina

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Published by: edmark icalina on Feb 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1gate valvebutterfly valve20.050.033smooth pipes456evaporationstripping7variable refluxmaximum reflux89large effectlittle effect1011separation platetheoretical plate12Crystallization occurs in a solution that isconcentratedunsaturated13Mass transfer in a flowing fluid may be correlated by14settling ratiodischarge ratioA valve that controls flow by means of a disk or wedge-shapeddam sliding at right angles to the direction of flow and seatingtightly in the valve body is aThe friction factor for flow through a pipe with relative roughnessof 0.004 at a Reynold's No. of 80,000 is approximately equal toThe equation that relates friction factor and Reynold's No.,f=64/Reynold's No. holds for laminar andturbulent flowOil flows under laminar conditions inside a steam heated copper pipe. The overall heat transfer coefficient is approximatelyequal to theheat transfer coefficient of the oilthe averagebetween theheat transfer coefficient of thesteam and thatof oilIn multi-stage liquid-liquid extraction with partially misciblesolventsthe extractionmust be doneto form co-currently inorder tominimize theextraction.the minimumnumber of stages occur when theoperating linesare parallel.The enrichment of the vapor steam as it passes through thecolumn in contact with the reflux during distillation is calledThe maximum number of plates for a given distillation system isobtained atThe correct unit for the specific rate constant for the reactionA--->B determined to be first order issquareliter/squaremol/minsquareliter/squaremol/square minOn one side of a heat exchanger where either a condensingvapor or a boiling liquid is present, the temperature may beassumed to be constant. In determining the logarithmic meantemperature difference the direction of flow will haveFor a cylinder where steady-state radial heat transfer takesplacethe heat flux isconstantmaximum heattransfer rateoccurs at thesurfaceA plate holding a pool of liquid from which rises a vapor whoseaverage composition is in equilibrium with a liquid whosecomposition is the average of that of the liquid leaving the plateis calledSherwood,Nusselt andReynold's NoPeclet,Reynold's andSchimdt NoThe ratio of the average diameter of the feed to the averagediameter of the product is the
1516A device for increasing the velocity of a fluid in steady flow is anozzlevent17In steady-state backmix flow reactor, composition is18net valuesalvage value19In fractionation, an increase in reflux ratio20212223switching bankvent24252627window glasswood28evaporationdehumidification29gauge pressurevelocity pressure30For mass transfer to take place, there must be aphase changeThe rate of formation of C for the reaction 2A + B ---> C is foundto be rate=k(A)(B)the rate of formation of Cis equal to therate of disappearanceof Bthe order of reactio is zeronot constantthroughout thereactor constantthroughout thereactor The amount of money obtainable from the sale of used propertyover and above any changers involved in removal and sale iscalledincreases thenumber of theoreticalplatesdecreases thereboiler dutyIn mass transfer where the solute in the gas phase is verysoluble in the liquid phasethe ratio of liquid phaseresistance tothe overallresistance isclose to unitythe gas phaseresistance isapproximatelyequal to the totalresistanceHeat transfer in turbulent flow may be described through anempirical equation correlatingNusselt,Stanton andReynold's NosNusselt, Prandtland Reynold'sNosWhich of the following fittings exhibits the highest pressure dropfor the same flow conditions?90-degree longradius elbow90-degreestandard elbowA chamber into which steam from a high pressure line can bebled during periods of low steam demand from the power plantis calledWhich one of the following pipes has the highest relativeroughness?2" diameter Wrought ironpipe4" dia Wroughtiron pipeIn steady-state heat transfer through a series of materials withvarying resistances, the heat transfer ratedecreasestowards thedirection of heat transfer varies with thethermalconductivity of each materialReactions whereby reactants proceed along several paths andgive different products arepolymericreactionsreversiblereactionsWhich one among the following materials has the best insulatingproperty?An operation where warm vapor mixture is cooled such as bycontact with a liquid resulting in condensation and decreasedhumidity isThe pressure exerted on a plane parallel to the direction of flowof a moving fluid is calledreactioncomponent
31212 deg F80 deg F32The diffusity of water in air at 100 deg F in sq.cm./sec is0.260.28335.92.53466.658.13516 kg64 kg3632.231.43742.1838390.040.05404440000513000041dew point4274.37543440.10.0545free moistureWater vapor condenses at 1 atm on a tube whose surfacetmeperature is at 80 deg F. in analyzing the heat transfer through the condensate film, it is best to evaluate the liquidproperties atA fluid flowing at a rate of 25 cubic meters per hour inside a 60mm I.D. pipe has an average velocity in meter per sec equal toAn equimolar mixture of benzene and toluene is subjected to asingle batch distillation. Distillation is discontinued when 60% of the benzene in the feed is distilled. At this instance the bottomproduct when analyzed shows benzene to be 36.4 mole%. In thedistillate, the mole% of benzene isWhen 32 kg of methane is burned completely the theoreticaloxygen required isThe standard heat of reaction for the production of water gas, inkcal/gmole, as given by the equation: C(s) + H2O(g) = CO(g) +H2(g) isA rectangular duct 4 ft x 1.5 ft in cross section carriesconditioned air. In determining the pressure drop through theduct the equivalent diameter in ft may be used which in this caseisA gas decomposition reaction has an activation energy of 245kJ/mol. The rate of reaction can be accelerated by using aplatinum catalyst where the activation energy for the resultingcatalyzed reactions is lower at 136 kJ/mol. Using Arrhenius' lawand assuming the frequency factor remains the same thecatalyzed reaction is faster than the original reaction by a factor of over 100,000but less than amillionover 100 butless than 200Water at 100 deg F is flowing through a straight 4-in Sch 40 pipeat a rate of 1.0 gal/min. The length of the pipe is 10 ft. Thevelocity at the center of the pipe in ft per sec isA metallic rod 2 cm in diameter is used as a heating element.The thermal conductivity is 370 J/sec.sq.m.degC. The surfacetemperature is maintained at 200 deg C. For the center of therod not to exceed 500 deg C, the maximum volumetric heatgeneration rate within the metallic rod in J/sec cu.m. must beThis is a steady state temperature reached by a small amount of liquid evaporating into a large amount of unsaturated vapor-gasmixture.wet-bulbtemperatureAir, supplied at the rate of 1200 cfm to a refrigerated coil, has arelative humidity of 20% and dry bulb temperature of 150 deg F.The mass flow of dry air entering per minute isIn adiabatic humidification, it is possible to maintain thetemperature of water constant sinceaccording to thephase rule, thedegrees of freedom is 3the system canbe well insulatedfrom thesurroundingsAn air-carbon tetrachloride vapor mixture at 100 deg F dry bulband 60 deg F wet bulb is heated until the temperature reaches180 deg F. the final percent relative humidity is aboutThe portion of water in the wet solid that cannot be removed bythe air in its contact is calledfinal moisturecontent

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