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Published by John C. Young
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Published by: John C. Young on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alcatel-Lucent Optism™ Mobile Advertising Solution
The Alcatel-Lucent Optism MobileAdvertising Solution enables you toplay a significant rolewithin the mobile advertising ecosystem. It enables you to offer brands theability to deliveradvertisingto your subscribers throughrelevant interactions that fit their lifestyles. Becauseadvertising is based on subscribers’ statedpermissions and preferences, it is relevant andfits their lifestyles.Advertising inventory is aggregated across multiple mobile operatorsto provide the kind of scale valued by advertisers and marketers. Through its mediaarm,Alcatel-Lucent manages the relationship with media agencies on your behalf so relationshipgaps are resolved,clearing the way for you to become a full participant in the mobileadvertising value chain.
Leverage network assets to offer a unique mobile advertising service for subscribersTurn subscribers into audiences by enabling them to opt into meaningful conversations withtheir favorite brandsMaximize the value and reach of your advertising inventory through aggregation withother mobile operatorsDemonstrate leadership by being an early adopter of a dynamic new market opportunity
2Alcatel-Lucent Optism
Mobile Advertising Solution | SOLUTION | RELEASE 1.0| Solution Sheet
As a new business model, the Alcatel-Lucent OptismMobile Advertising Solution goes beyond simplyproviding technical capabilities to offer you go-to-market support, and media sales and campaignsupport to advertisers. Brand communications aredelivered via interactive SMS and MMS messaging.The solution offers you an innovative way to growrevenues by improving subscriber experiences.The Optism Mobile Advertising Solution serves theneeds of three distinct groups:
Mobile Operators
— by enhancing the value ofyour media inventory, so you can become a fullparticipant in the mobile advertising value chain.The Solution creates responsive and targeted,high-reaching media that is particularly valuedby advertisers. The media is then made readilyavailable to advertisers.
Brands, marketers, media buyers and sellers
by providing access to a highly responsive, scalableand effective dialogue media that is permission-and preference-based and can be targeted tospecific user profiles. Media buyers and sellersaccess a simple interface for booking campaignsand receiving consistent reporting. A single entrypoint provides access to the inventory of multiplemobile operators.
— by providing them with valuableinformation and offerings from the brands they aremost interested in, while enabling them to retaincontrol of their personal information and prefer-ences. Subscribers' privacy is always safeguarded.
Figure 1. The Alcatel-Lucent Optism Mobile Advertising Solution
The Optism Mobile Advertising Solution encompasses everything you need to participate in the growingmobile advertising opportunity. It establishes a global ecosystem that connects you with media agencies,advertisers and marketers. This in turn enables advertisers and marketers to connect with your subscribersand engage them in relevant conversations with the brands that interest them. Each member of the ecosystemshares in the revenue generated from the mobile advertising opportunity.
3Alcatel-Lucent Optism
Mobile Advertising Solution | SOLUTION | RELEASE 1.0| Solution Sheet
Solution feature
Partnership with media agenciesRevenue-sharing business modelDynamic subscriber permissionand preferences managementHighly responsive, scalable,effective dialogue media basedon SMS/MMS messaging
Value to Mobile Operator
The Alcatel-Lucent media arm undertakes the media selling function andmanages media agency relationships, which solves the gaps between youand the media industry that are currently inhibiting your opportunities inthis business.The Alcatel-Lucent approach makes it easier for you to participate byremoving complexity and greatly limiting the financial risk you wouldtraditionally face when implementing a new service (no CAPEX isrequired and only minimal OPEX). Also, aggregating your advertisinginventory (or ad space) with other mobile operators at the country ormarket level creates the kind of reach advertisers need for effectivecampaigns.Because the subscriber preferences are regularly updated, the advertisingthat is sent to them is more relevant. This relevance directly impacts therevenue potential from the business.When combined with permission and preferences, this approach providesa better response rate, which further increases the value of the media toadvertisers and marketers and thus the media’s revenue potential.
Solution featuresFunctional architecture
At the heart of the Alcatel-Lucent Optism MobileAdvertising Solution, is a hosted advertising platformthat connects directly into your network, enablingadvertisers to easily book campaigns across multipleoperators. The platform relies on a scalable, openarchitecture with a plug-and-play approach for mobileoperators. It consists of several functional blocks.
IT & Security
— The VPN tunnel connecting yournetwork to the platform via the Internet is pro-tected against unauthorized use of your informationand network resources.
Ad Delivery Server
— Pre-integrated Alcatel-LucentSMS and MMS gateways and ad delivery adaptorssimplify the integration of your infrastructure withthe Solution platform and reduce the traffic loadgenerated by dialogue messages.
Media Inventory Booking Tool
—Media agents use thistool to book campaigns according to the geographicregion and specific audience segment they want.
Campaign and Inventory Manager
— Media sellersuse this tool to build different types of campaigntemplates. This tool also tracks what is beingpurchased and when, so Alcatel-Lucent can ensurethe traffic load imposed on your network stayswithin bounds.
Reporting and Invoicing
— For media sellers,the Solution generates a report detailing theperformance of a completed campaign, whichis sent along with an invoice for the campaign.You also receive a report of any activities reachingyour subscribers.
Dialogue Manager and Ad Selection Server
A scripting tool that enables advertisers to buildmessaging dialogues with the subscriber. The AdSelection Server can also be integrated with yourapplications to create a targeted ad for a givenpurpose.

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