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Storm Rage

Storm Rage

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Published by plato28

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Published by: plato28 on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PANTHALAS STORMRAGEI was born in the elven village, but I am not an elf , notwholly at least. I lived the first ten years of my life in my uncle'shouse. Cuarvan, my mother's brother was the only relative Ihad, except from Aldania, a very distant relative in law of myuncle and a fighter of no small renown. However, she was awayfrom the village adventuring and honing her fighting skills inorder to accomplish her dream of becoming a champion of Corellon Larethian.A dream I shared too. I always admired Aldania and therespect that uncle's tone implied whenever he spoke of her,only made me admire her more. That thing I sought most of all: To be accepted for what I am. Is there any better way toachieve that, to make others look beyond my half breedheritage but for respect. If I was respected for what I haveachieved, I would be accepted. My worth wouldn't bequestioned even by the meanest of judges. And I thought thatthe best way to achieve that, was to become a champion of Corellon Larethian: the pinnacle of the elven swordmaship,championing the cause of the grandest god of the elvenpantheon. My great strength and heavy build, combined withmy elven inherited agility would be put in great use in closecombat. Those were the dreams of a ten year old child, who knewnothing of his parents, except his mother's name and that hisfather was human. Human. That word haunted him. Alwayswhispered behind his back by the other children. Always thatlook of a not-well-hidden disgusted expression on his uncle'sface when referring to his father.I didn't have any friends in those first years of my life.Being half a human implied that I grew much faster than a fullblooded elven child and thus I couldn't make a friend simplybecause I grew ''older'' than every child that was in my ''ever-shifting'' age. I started to understand that I am different thaneveryone else. The fact that I didn't have a mother and afather, but only an uncle made me ask my uncle questionswhich were never truly answered, except from cryptic phrases.However, living in a chaotic elven society, made that lessburdening than it would have been, had I been raised in ahuman village instead.
 The burdens however were many: I didn't have any talentat all in all the elven crafts that were taught to me. I learned towrite from an early age, but I had no aptitude for calligraphy,neither for poetry or painting. However, I always liked to hearstories and I devised some of my own, but they were not goodenough it seemed, because I was never congratulated. Theywere only ''good enough'' and nothing more.Also when it came to eating habits, I was an exceptiontoo: I neither truly enjoyed, nor was my hunger sated only withpies, cheese, fruit and juices that is the customary elven diet.I loved roast meat of every kind and I always asked my uncle tofind some. Some times he did, others he did not and thecombination of ample amounts of meat and of my ''humanblood'' , as my uncle used to say, lead me to have a strongerand heavier build than any of the elven children and even fromsome adults when I was only twelve years old.It was in the twelfth year of my life that Aldania returned! The first picture that I can recall of her, seen from the eyes of aten year old boy, is that of an awe inspiring figure clad in agreen suit of mithral full plate armour, ornamented with goldintricate vine patterns. A matching open faced helm coveredher nose, but let a pair of almond shaped, almost-shinning,deep blue eyes for all to see. She was framed by a heavy greycloak, which was flowing behind her, blown by the autumn windtogether with brown-golden leaves. An enchanted mithralshield, emblazoned with the silver and emerald half moon of Corellon, flowed around her of its own! On her strong, yetdelicate, shoulders was strapped a two-handed elvencourtblade, whose pommel stood above her vine ornate helmetand its other end protruded behind her left hip. When shepulled her helmet off, a great mane of curly golden-brown hairand a unique face which possessed a wild and exotic beautywere revealed.She was one hundred and twelve then, barely an adult byelven standards and already was an accomplished fighter and amember of the elite order of champions of Correllon Larethian,which was no small feat. Having no home of her own shestarted making one, and she slept in ours until she finished herown. She had a really nice character: she was quick to laughand with good humour, an easy going attitude and had''acquired some of the good human traits in her journeys'' as

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