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The Light, Deember 2012

The Light, Deember 2012

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English organ of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore
English organ of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore

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Published by: Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deember 2012
Shahid AzizMustaq Ali
Call of the Messiah 1
, ‘Id
Shahid Aziz 3Honour Killings,
Zahid Aziz 7
: Please note that the Friday
 and prayers, the
, as well as all meetingsare broadcast over the Virtual Mosque(
Call of the Messiah
Continued from the last issue
Precautionary measure
It should also be remembered here that we had,in
our first notification, proposed a plan, by wayof 
precaution, for keeping off plague. But it had never beenour intention to suggest that it was
an absolute and sure rem-edy, so trustworthy and
infalli-ble that after it there re-mained no need
nor yearningfor prayer. We meant only tosay that 
there was strongprobability that it might yield
some good effect. We know it for certain that 
with regard toa disease there is, in the handsof 
doctors and physicians, nosuch medicine in respect 
of which they can put forth andproffer the claim
that it will,fighting with full successagainst 
the dictates of destiny,work a cure and deliver unfailingly with thecertainty of a law, all kinds of temperament from the clutches of disease. Our belief on theother hand, is that up to this time physicianshave not been able to find out any such medi-cine, nor can they, which may, at all events, pro-duce a good effect upon all men of different natures, ages and countries, and never fallshort and fail. It is, therefore, that in spite of plan and device, the room for prayer and sup-plication, at any rate, remains open and empty.And plague, in the list of all deadly diseases,obviously stands at the top; how, then, can aman adduce his claim in respect of such adeadly disease that a certain drug or device cansave all lives without any exception, from itsfatal blow?
Purpose of prayer
 Again, when it is evident from the Law of Na-ture that the science of medicine in itself ismerely speculative, and so are all its plans andprescriptions, how unfortunate it is, then, that one should repose all his confidence in theseuncertainties and seek not through prayer the grace of theMost High God, Who is the Su-preme Source of all good andguidance. What do we ask for andcrave through prayer? We imploreand entreat the Great Knower of the unseen, who knows the realnature of the disease as well as itstreatment, to extend to us Hishelping hand, and provide us withsuch medicines as may be excel-lently efficacious and effective; orthat He may not 
out of His kind-liness and grace
cause to dawnupon us the day when we stand inneed of physicians and theirmedicines. Is there any doubt oruncertainty about the fact that 
Webcasting on the world’s first real
-time Islamic service at 
Hazrat Amir’s arrival was
 front-page news.
December 2012
there is a Supreme Being, possessing all kinds of power, with whose will and commandment welive and die, and that in whatever direction Hiswill is inclined and bent, in that direction gravi-tates the whole system of this earth and heaven?If He should wish that a country's state of healthshould, at any time, be sound and firm, He cre-ates such causes by means of which the water of that country remains safe from every kind of pollution and impurity, and the air suffers nounnatural or uncommon change, and whole-some food tending to produce bodily health isvouchsafed unto them, and all the other secret causes, earthly as well as heavenly, which maybe harmful to human health, are not allowed tocome into play; for all the sovereignty and ruleof the heavens and the earth lies in His hand,and every particle of food and medicine, bodyand substance, listens to and obeys His word.And it is not that after creating this universe, Hehas been sitting aside like a powerless and idleperson. He is even now the same Creator of theuniverse as He was before. In the course of a fewyears, the first cells of our body become dis-solved and die away, yielding place to new ones,so that the process of bringing into existenceand creating continues unceasingly in this way;one world dies away and disappears, and an-other comes after to take its place. In the sameway, our God is also the Sustainer, the Supporter,of this world, on Whom everything depends forits existence; and it is not that He has not cre-ated any soul and substance, or that, having cre-ated them, He has retired into the position of idleness and inactivity; but He is, as a matter of fact, the life of every life, and everything that exists can remain in existence only through Hisgrace and attain to life eternal simply throughHis kindness and favour; and just as we cannot live without Him, in the same way, we came not into being without Him.
No existence without God’s grace
 If He is, therefore, such a God that our life andexistence is in the palm of His hand, and the par-ticles of our existence unite and disintegrate byHis will, what a big error it is to suppose that wecan live by merely relying upon our own planand device, without His help and grace. No; evenour plans come from Him; light, when He grantsit, is created in our brains; even air and waterare not within our control. There are manycauses which exert a great effect upon ourhealth; but these are out of the sphere of ourauthority, and exclusively within the power of the Most High God, as stated by Him in the Holy
Quran: “And [in] the changing of the winds and
the clouds made subservient between heavenand earth, there are surely signs for a people
who understand” (2:164).
 And this changing is of two kinds: one, ex-ternal, which means the changing of the windsand the clouds from one direction or place toanother; and the other, internal, which is thecreating of such an effect, prophylactic or poi-sonous, in the winds and the clouds, as may be-come the cause of peace and prosperity for thepeople, or give rise to and produce epidemics.
Headquarters of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha‘at Islam
Hazrat Amir arrives at the Centre.
Deember 2012
art commanded; if Allah please, thou wilt find mepatient. (37:102)
The Quran is unique among the world’s religious
scriptures in that the whole of it consists of guid-ance. It is true that in some places in other scrip-tures there is guidance such as the Ten Command-ments in the Old Testament, but most of it is full of stories of different kind. It starts with the story of creation, which does not help us in any way live
our lives as God’s obedient servants. The New Tes-
tament starts with the genealogy of Jesus, but again it does not help us in any way to learn howwe should conduct ourselves in this world.One way to look at the Holy Quran is to divideits verses into two parts. One set is guidance andhow we can act upon that guidance, and seeking
God’s help in being able to follow His instructions
is a part of what we should be doing. The other set consists of verses that tell us what happens to peo-ple who act upon this guidance and what happens
to those who do not. Jesus said “Turn the othercheek”, but neither the New Testament nor Chris-
tians can give us an example of anyone havingdone so. Not only did the followers not act uponthis instruction, but the proponent of the hypothe-sis itself was unable to do so. He complained whenpeople mistreated him, and when asked for theultimate sacrifice, shouted that God had forsakenhim. Take the example of his followers: whenChristians captured Jerusalem from the Muslimsthey killed so many Muslims that the horses of theChristian army were ankle-deep in blood. WhenMuslims, who are accused of being a warlike andmurderous people, took over Jerusalem not a sin-gle drop of blood was shed. So how are we to knowwhether it is even possible for human beings to act on the guidance being given? But the Book of Islamtells us that not only is it possible to follow that guidance, but gives examples of people who did so.It gives their names and describes the incidentsand what happened to such people.
There is in man’s heart a desire that others
should respect him and consider him to be a great person, and we have set up standards by which wejudge people and their achievements. Mostly, our
human standards measure a person’s greatness or
even the respect they should command by posses-sions of this world this person has acquired. A manwho has two cars is regarded as being twice andsuccessful as the man who has one. Someonewhose house is furnished with expensive hand-Man, it is but obviously clear, has no hand in eitherof these changes: they are wholly beyond hispower and control. And there is yet another diffi-culty that the sound state of our body or healthdepends not on these two factors only, but that there are thousands of other causes also, subtleand more subtle, which are hidden from the eyeand mind of man; and who can say that all thesecauses can be created by his effort and skill? Thereis no doubt, therefore, that man stands in need of that God in Whose hands are all these causes andsub-causes.
, ‘Id
Shahid Aziz
“O you who believe, surely of your wives and
your children there are enemies to you, so bewareof them. And if you pardon and forbear and forgive,
surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (64:14)“Your wealth and your children are only a trial,
and Allah
with Him is a great reward.” (64:15)
“Say: If your fathers and your sons and yourbrethren and your wives and your kinsfolk and thewealth you have acquired, and trade whosedullness you fear
, and dwellings you love, aredearer to you than Allah and His Messenger andstriving in His way, then wait till Allah brings Hiscommand to pass. And Allah guides not the trans-
gressing people.” (9:24)
“But when he (Ishmael) became of age to work 
with him (Abraham), he said: O my son, I have seenin a dream that I should sacrifice thee: so considerwhat thou seest. He said: O my father, do as thou
Built by Roshan Ghani: the first mosque todisplay proudly that it is associated with the AAII

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