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Out of the Mouths of Liars

Out of the Mouths of Liars



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Published by Sin Jones

Lie to Me!

Lie to Me!

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Published by: Sin Jones on Dec 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Out of the Mouths of
Would you believe another man’s tale, or rely on your own Gnosis
and Experiential Knowledge?
Go ahead 
…Lie to me! 
Knowledge has been big business since the dawn of man
’s industrious
invention! From the etchings in stone, to the scribbling of Ancient Manuscripts, this technology has been a carrier of corruption through the ages!Every letter in every language is a symbol! The class-system ensures that only those in the
will truly decipher its meaning. Why do you think it isso important for allegory to be used to spread the word among the uneducated throughout history? Pictography shaped entire cultures into the Dominion of Kings! Oh thy precious art! If you think much has changed in our modernera, you may be under its power!Peddling the Industrial Revolution on a silver platter was an easy sell, as if man hadn
’t a cache of innovation under his belt!
‘artifacts’ of 
agespast are far better than any modern emanation we can dream up! TheAqueducts of Rome! The Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Water and food are
basic essentials we all need to survive, and yet there is no plot of land or bodyof water that is Free in the grand USA! You see, you see how easy it is to serve? Some fancy plans on paper, with amarketing campaign to back it (and don
’t forget to trademark it 
!) and theideal it represents is equally a symbol! Do you see the signs laid out beforeyou? Do you really think it 
’s a gr
eat idea?Freedom! Democracy! Capitalism! They are
symbols and this fine Nation was built upon them!And you, you illiterate slaves, serve them so willingly! It makes me sickened to the depths of my being to see you shaped like effigies to be laid on thealtar of Sacrifice! You really think you are free! That 
biggest of all lies in the
 Do this, don
’t do that, buy this, and don’t 
buy that 
But most of all
! Work! Work! Work! 
Slave away all the days of your lifebecause if you don
, you won
have a roof over your head, water to drink or food in your lying little mouths! Oh you beautiful liar! Tell me a story. Tellme how free you are, how all your dreams are coming true! By the time youget to relax and live, you
ll be a decrepit rotting meat bag!
We The People
have died a thousand deaths! We rise up from the ashesonly to repeat the same vicious cycles we were destined to repeat! We belong to a system of control! The cage that Billions of slaves fight by tooth and byclaw to maintain! The keys to liberation are not near their locks!What 
Truth in the realm of Subjective Experience? Can you trust yourself?What do you know? How skeptical are you
Really? What checks and balances do you have to safe-guard your spirit? 
What if…
  Instead of believing the tales of other men, you consider them, just for amoment to determine if your own understanding has merit? Every man has astory
… Should we then live as our stories?
And if we do, where do we exist outside of the story?

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