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Engl Literacy Paper

Engl Literacy Paper

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Published by dgonza17

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Published by: dgonza17 on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel GonzalezMr. PadgettEnglish 110111 September 2012The beginning of my LiteracyWhat exactly is literacy? To me it has been the capability to read and write,communicate with others, and has always been a part of education. We humans have alwayscommunicated with each other in several ways. We use signs, symbols or noises. We haveimproved throughout the century, which is what evolution is; Humans get better and improvethroughout the years. I always loved to write with a pencil and paper. But when I write on paperI do not edit my work as much as I usually would. I usually only free write when I am coming upwith ideas or trying to get started with a new paper. But now in college, I cannot go anywherewithout my laptop because I use Microsoft to type everything. It is so much more convenientbecause I am constantly making corrections and I can type so much faster than I can write. I canalso organize everything so much better on my laptop. When I think about my literacy history I
also think about other people’s literacy
around the world. There are countries that do not have aninternet connection or magazines available to them. For example none of my family members inMexico have computers in their homes. So they do not really know what is going on around theworld sometimes. Where in America, a majority of families have more than one computer athome, lots of books, newspapers, and if you do not have any of this in your home you can justvisit a local library and have all of these things available to you at no charge.
My parents always encouraged me to read and write. Even during the summer I had toread books and write reports on them sometimes. So it felt as if I never got a break from schoolwhen I got home. I guess the reason that they pushed me so hard when I was young was becausetheir parents never did it to them. So they did it to me so I could do better in school as I grew up.My parents always enforced that literacy is important to education, no matter what subject youare in. The further you go in your education the more successful you can be in life.Growing up, my mom would always read the bible to me. It was our family traditionbecause we would do it every night right before we would go to sleep. Especially after her andmy dad separated, it seemed like she read a whole lot more to me than usual. There was not anight that we would skip no matter what. My brothers and sisters always knew to be in her roomby eight or else. Ever since I still read the bible at night even on my own, now that I am away incollege. There are so many temptations here at school that I never even knew of. When I read thebible I get away from the world and its disgust. I am in my own little place. My mom wouldalways tell me that reading will help you out in any subject in school no matter what it is. I alsoenjoyed reading on my own. Reading as a kid with a big imagination was so awesome because ata young age your mind is so full of many thoughts and you are constantly coming up with allthese ideas. I know when I was young I had the biggest imagination and it was mainly because Iread a lot of different chapter books. Chapter books normally did not have any pictures to giveyou an idea of what the characters or setting looked like. So as I was reading, many thoughtsalways came to mind on what everything looked like.I have read many different books. What I mostly like to read is something that has actionand I also enjoy reading about true war stories.
I recently bought, “
 A Home on the Field 
” by Paul
Cuadros. This book is about a soccer team from Siler city, North Carolina, where the Hispanic
population has quadrupled over the past decade, which inspires the small town and the Hispanicpopulation across the United States. This book was easy for me to read because I love the sport,soccer. And I knew about some of the schools that were talked about in this book. It is one of myfavorite books so far; it was a really interesting read. I was able to get a moral lesson out of thisbook and I hope that it helps me out later in life.One of the worst reading experiences that I have ever had was last year in my seniorEnglish class. My class had to rea
d “
” written
by Shakespeare. It was almost like a wholenew language that I had to learn because it was early modern English; it was too complicated tocomprehend. I sometimes have trouble understanding what authors are trying to get across. Sofor this piece I was challenged to really pay attention so I could understand what the play wasabout. Shakespeare English is not something that I
like to read, but by reading “
ithelped me understand it more and helped me in the long run. I enjoyed it because it wassomething that I had never read something like that before, but it was just too tough tocomprehend and it is not something that I would read on my free time.In addition to home and school another place that you will find a different form of literacy is on any athletic field. Whether it is basketball, football, soccer, or gymnastics, allathletes have their own dialogue that they use when playing. For example, I have been playingsoccer since I was in second grade. I used to always call it futbol, and apparently that meansfootball here in the United States. But around the world futbol is what everybody calls it whenthey refer to soccer. Everybody would always say that I was saying it wrong, but I would alwaysargue back that I am right. I have also been a soccer referee since I was in middle school. When Ifirst started I had no idea what I was doing. I have played the wonderful game ever since I was

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