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Published by: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mrtg Rsrc
aRoRa & Mahankale
Intended primarily as a text for undergraduate andpostgraduate students of Management and Postgraduatestudents of Commerce, this compact yet comprehensivebook discusses the multidimensional aspects of MarketingResearch in an accessible manner. The book provides
and many examples to illustrate the concepts.Besides students, professional engaged in marketing
research should nd the book quite handy.
Dtbs Mgmt Sstm
This compact text provides complete coverage of allimportant aspects of Database Management Systemsbeginning from theoretical foundations to its practicalapplications. The text provides a thorough and up-to-date treatment of all important topics of DBMS
through the presentation of well-dened algorithms,
examples, and real-life cases. The text is intended forboth undergraduate and diploma students of computerscience and engineering.
itrdct t Pt C, Tss d org Ctr
Designed primarily as a text for undergraduate andpostgraduate students of botany and plant biotechnology,the book deals with the fundamental aspects of theoryand practice of
 in vitro
culture of plants. The textgives an exhaustive account of plant cell culture andsystematically discusses all important topics such asmethods of sterilization, culture of reproductive structures,culture in germplasm conservation, and tissue culturein plant pathology. Besides students, teachers and
researchers will also nd this book useful.
Wtrsd Mgmt
DaS & Saikia
Primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduatestudents of civil and agricultural engineering, andenvironmental science and forestry, the book discussesthe concepts and principles of watershed management. Itcovers various aspects of watershed, such as watershedcharacteristics, causes of watershed deterioration, soilerosion and soil–water relationship, management ofnatural drainages in watershed, wasteland, landslideand land drainage management, arable and non-arable
land, design ow and design storm and effects of
watershed on the community. Besides, methods for
ood management and ood routing through channels
and reservoirs in watershed are also explained in detail.
advcs  Jt agrm, Prcssg d Mrtg
This handbook on jute crop production provides in-depthcoverage of jute cultivation including the history and originof the jute crop as well as all the recent developmentsin this area. It discusses all the processes involved in the
cultivation of jute plant, the extraction of the bre andthe transformation of the bre into useful commodities.
The book will be useful to BSc (Agri.) and MSc (Agri.)students pursuing courses in Agronomy, Soil Science,Plant Pathology and Plant Physiology. It will also beuseful as a valuable reference book to the researchscholars and farming community who are interested tostudy the jute plant in detail.
lg aspcts f Bsss
This comprehensive and student-friendly text discussesthe various laws and Acts relating to business laws suchas The Indian Contract Act, The Sale of Goods Act andThe Companies Act. It presents the topics in a systematicand illustrative manner, providing many case laws witha view to making them more intelligible and authentic.The book is primarily meant for the undergraduate andpostgraduate students of law, management and theundergraduate students of commerce.
250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4674-1
250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4669-7
395.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4670-3 (Hard Cover)
450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4675-8
295.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4677-2
295.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4676-5
PHI Learning
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la'kks/ku vf/kfu;e tks 15-2-2012 dksiz o` Ùk gqvkA 2- lw  puk dsvf/kdkj dk ew  y vf/kdkj ls la ca/kA 3- jkT; }kjk laifÙk dk vf/kxz g.kA4- v/khuLFk U;k;ikfydk ds ekeys esa vuq'kklfu dkjZ okbZdkS u dj ldrk gS
optmzt fr egrg Dsg:
Algorithms andExamples,
2d d.
The well-received book, now in its
scd dt
,continues to provide a number of optimization algorithmswhich are commonly used in computer-aided engineeringdesign. This edition adds several new topics ofoptimization such as design and manufacturing, data
tting and regression, scheduling and routing, data mining,intelligent system design, and quadratic programmingand its extension to sequential quadratic programming.
It also extensively revises the linear programmingalgorithms section in the Appendix. This edition also addsmore number of exercise problems. The book is suitable for senior undergraduate/postgraduate students of mechanical, production and chemical engineering. Studentsin other branches of engineering offering optimization courses as well as designers
and decision-makers will also nd the book useful.
Fdmts f Mc Drwg, 2d d.
SinGh & Sah
Primarily intended for one-semester engineering coursesboth at degree and diploma levels, it introduces thestudent to the standards and conventions of basicengineering drawings. It discusses various machineelements such as fasteners, bearings, coupling, shaftsand pulley and then covers advanced topics like drawingof steam and IC engine parts, gears and machine toolparts with suitable illustrations. In this
Scd edt
,all the chapters have been revised and enlarged withnumerous new topics. It also includes four new chapters,namely Fits and Tolerances, Assembly Drawings, FreeHand Sketching, and Gears.
Fdmts f itr Cmbst egs, 2d d.
The well-received book, now in its
scd dt
,discusses the basics of Internal Combustion Engines.This edition adds several new topics such as geometryof reciprocating engine, engine performance parameters,alternative fuels for IC engines, Carnot cycle, Stirlingcycle, Ericsson cycle, Lenoir cycle, Miller cycle, crankcaseventilation, supercharger controls and homogeneouscharge compression ignition engines. Air-standardcycles, latest advances in fuel-injection system in SIengine and gasoline direct injection are also discussed indetail. This edition also adds more number of problemsand examples. The book is suitable for undergraduate/postgraduate students of mechanical engineering as wellas undergraduate students of aeronautical and automobile engineering.
Dscrt Mtmtcs d Grp Tr, 3rd d.
This textbook continues to provide an accessibleintroduction to discrete mathematics and graph theory.This edition includes a new chapter on methods of proofand some sections on enumeration of graphs, branchingprocess in enumerating trees, pseudo Boolean lattice, andsubgroup with a number of solved and unsolved problemsto reinforce the students’ skill. The text is intendedfor the undergraduate students of computer scienceand engineering as well as students of mathematicsand those pursuing courses in the areas of computerapplications and information technology.
itrdct t Msrmts d istrmtt,4t d.
The fourth edition of this book presents the concepts
and principles of measurement of physical quantities
and the related transducers and instruments. It issuitable for one-semester term for undergraduatestudents of instrumentation engineering, as well as forinstrumentation course/paper for electrical/electronicsdisciplines. This edition retains all the features of itsprevious edition viz. plenty of worked-out examples,
review questions culled from examinations papers of
various universities for practice and the solutions to numerical problems and otheradditional information in appendices. Besides the inclusion of a new chapter onHazardous Areas and Instrumentation (Chapter 15) various new sections have beenadded in various chapters.
325.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4678-9
295.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4646-8T.B.A. ISBN 978-81-203-4680-2
350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4679-6
450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4691-8
495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4625-3
T Cmpt Phi lrg Gd t MaTheMaTiCS fr Jee (M)
PReM kuMaR
Numerous Solved Problems
Exercise Sets with Hints and Solutions
Challenging Questions for Practice (with answers)
Previous years’ AIEEE, IIT-JEE Questions with Solutions
Mock Test Papers (with answers) and Solved Sample Papers
PHI Learning
Mgr ecmcs, 3rd d.
The third edition, of this concise and compact text,covers all the important aspects of managerialeconomics. In this edition, evolution of economic thought,
basic economic terms, demand forecasting techniques,
production function, pricing method and market powerare incorporated to widen the coverage and enhancethe usefulness of this text. This text is mainly intendedas a textbook for students of management, commerceand economics.
Fc acctg, 4t d.
Goyal & Goyal
This thoroughly updated and revised fourth edition
discusses the techniques of preparing trial balance,nal accounts, accounts of non-trading organizations,
consignments accounts and joint venture accounts. Theother important topics of accounting, such as the hirepurchase system and branch accounts and dissolution
of a partnership rm, methods of preparing realization
accounts, partner’s capital accounts and other relatedaccounts are also covered in the text. This book isbased on the B.Com. (Pass) course curriculum of DelhiUniversity. However, as most of the topics are commonto the courses followed in other universities in India,the book can be used across India. In addition, it would be useful for professionalcourses such as CA, ICWA and CS.
Txt lw d Prctc, Vm i
BalaChanDRan & ThoThaDRi
Designed as a textbook for the undergraduate students ofmanagement, commerce and law, this book deals with allmajor direct and indirect taxes and the associated acts,rules, sections and laws. It explains principles relatingto computation of taxable income under each head ofincome, different types of excise duties, variants of VATand different methods of computation of VAT. The bookcontains numerous solved illustrations and exercises toreinforce the understanding of the subject.
Fc acctg fr BBa
Goyal & Goyal
This comprehensive book combines two areas ofaccounting—financial accounting and corporateaccounting. Designed for the undergraduate studentsof management, the book explains different aspects of
nancial accounting such as accounting standards, rules
of debit and credit, journal entry and preparation of trialbalance. Besides, it also discusses the essential conceptsand principles of corporate accounting including issue ofshares, forfeiture and reissue of forfeited shares, andissue and redemption of debentures.
essts f Ctr atrpg, 2d d.
The well-organized text, now in its second edition,continues to provide an insight on the socio-culturalanthropological concepts and theories, which have
inuenced the mankind in the past, particularly in the
twentieth century. The new edition has been revised andupdated with major Sociological concepts which form anintegral part of Anthropology. The new edition is alsoincorporated with an Appendix on Tribal Movement inIndia. The book is intended as a text for the undergraduatestudents of anthropology and sociology. The book will
also be benecial for the students preparing for the
civil services examinations.
itrdct t Tr f ordr Dffrt eqts
This well-organized text on differential equations
deals with the basic concepts and methods of solving
differential equations, supported by a number of worked-
out examples and exercises that will help students test
their knowledge and improve their condence in tacklingdifferential equations. The book is intended to serve
as a text for postgraduate students of mathematicsand applied mathematics. Besides, it will be useful tocandidates preparing for various competitive examinationssuch as NET and GATE.
Ftr Wrtg, 2d d.
This substantially revised book, now in its secondedition, offers an overview of Feature Writing and
discusses different feature writing techniques. It covers
different types of features found in newspapers—Humourand Satire, Brights, Human Interest Features, TravelFeatures and News Features—and gives illustration foreach of these. The inclusion of topics such as Blogs,Professionalism in journalism, and explanatory notes onsome key words makes this edition more interesting.Intended as a text for the students of journalism.
lbrtr M—hdrcs d hdrc Mcs
Primarily intended for undergraduate degree studentsand diploma students of civil engineering, mechanicalengineering, and chemical engineering, this manualpresents 31 laboratory-tested experiments in hydraulics
and hydraulic machines. The rst part provides thebackground coverage of elementary uid mechanics and
basics of hydraulic machines. The second part presents31 class-tested experiments covering the demonstration
of basic concepts, the phenomenon of ow throughpipes and ow through open channels, and the working
principles of hydraulic machines.
275.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4667-3
250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4661-1
425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4626-0
375.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4662-8
250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4653-6
195.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4579-9
225.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4664-2
350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4666-6
PHI Learning

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