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informatica qu

informatica qu

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Published by Priti Jain

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Published by: Priti Jain on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INFORMATICA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - Extracted fromGeekInterview.com by Deepak Babu1.Informatica - Why we use lookup transformations?
QUESTION #1 Lookup Transformations can access data from relational tablesthat are not sources in mapping. With Lookup transformation, we canaccomplish the following tasks:
Get a related value-Get the Employee Name from Employee table based on the Employee IDPerform Calculation.Update slowly changing dimension tables - We can use unconnected lookup transformation to determine whether the records already exist in the target or not.
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January 19, 2006 01:12:33
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RE: Why we use lookup transformations?
Nice Question If we don't have a look our datawarehouse will be have more unwanted duplicates
 Use a Lookup transformation in your mapping to look up data in a relational table view or synonym.Import a lookup definition from any relational database to which both the Informatica Client and Servercan connect. You can use multiple Lookup transformations in a mappingCheers
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DISCALIMER: The questions / data available here are from geekinterview.com. It has been compiled to single document for the easeof browsing through the informatica relevant questions. For any details, please refer www.geekinterview.com. We are notresponsible for any data inaccuracy.
=======================================Lookup Transformations used to search data from
relational tables/FLAT Files
that are not used inmapping.Types of Lookup:1. Connected Lookup2. UnConnected Lookup=======================================The main use of lookup is to get a related value either from a relational sources or flat files=======================================The following reasons for using lookups.....1)We use Lookup transformations that query the largest amounts of data toimprove overall performance. By doing that we can reduce the number of lookupson the same table.2)If a mapping contains Lookup transformations we will enable lookup cachingif this option is not enabled .We will use a persistent cache to improve performance of the lookup wheneverpossible.We will explore the possibility of using concurrent caches to improve sessionperformance.We will use the Lookup SQL Override option to add a WHERE clause to the defaultSQL statement if it is not definedWe will add ORDER BY clause in lookup SQL statement if there is no order bydefined.We will use SQL override to suppress the default ORDER BY statement and enter anoverride ORDER BY with fewer columns. Indexing the Lookup TableWe can improve performance for the following types of lookups:For cached lookups we will index the lookup table using the columns in thelookup ORDER BY statement.For Un-cached lookups we will Index the lookup table using the columns in thelookup where condition.
file:///C|/Perl/bin/result.html (2 of 363)4/1/2009 7:50:58 PM
 3)In some cases we use lookup instead of Joiner as lookup is faster than joiner in some cases when lookup contains the master data only.4)This lookup helps in terms of performance tuning of the mappings also. =======================================Look up Transformation is like a set of Reference for the traget table.For example suppose you aretravelling by an auto ricksha..In the morning you notice that the auto driver showing you some card andsaying that today onwards there is a hike in petrol.so you have to pay more. So the card which he isshowing is a set of reference for there costumer..In the same way the lookup transformation works.These are of 2 types :a) Connected Lookupb) Un-connected lookupConnected lookup is connected in a single pipeline from a source to a target where as Un ConnectedLookup is isolated with in the mapping and is called with the help of a Expression Transformation. =======================================Look up tranformations are used toGet a related valueUpdating slowly changing dimensionCaluculating expressions=======================================
2.Informatica - While importing the relational source definitionfrom database, what are the meta data of source U i
QUESTION #2 Source name Database locationColumn names DatatypesKey constraints
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