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Wake up! your in a frightening nightmare

Wake up! your in a frightening nightmare

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wake up! Your in a frightening Nightmare
(And it is all very real)Written by A Truth Soldier http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com
This is not a Hollywood, Television or Corporate media fiction.This is not fiction at all.Have you looked at the sky lately?They have created an artificial layer into our atmosphere known as
.This is amilitary operation that created a star wars shield or reflector shield that operates with the H.A.A.R.P. program..Are you aware of the huge Japanese nuclear waste dump and nuclear reactors unleashing a huge
deadlyplutonium cloud
that will surround the whole northernhemisphere which will keep killing all breathing life forever?Probably not if you are sheeple that feed on the corporate media diet that causes your brain to starve.Are you aware that all foods from the
Pacific and Atlantic ocean
 is now contaminated with lethal contaminants and poisons?Do not splash that poison water on your face to wake up..It contains deadly rat poison you call
.Time for breakfast after your nightmare?So your going to eat some unknown to nature food now!
and your not allowed to be told on the food labels of this.You are no longer going to be permitted to eat any natural foods or vitamins.Only
artificial foods
will be permitted.They already erected humanities tombstone they call "The Georgia Guidestones"I was not kidding when I told you to wake up out of your real life nightmare.You have been sleep walking your whole life while living in the dream worldthat has also been socially engineered and created for you. They have been programming you and all of society into a dream state.Medical doctors no longer save lives.Instead they just make dying profitable by medically prescribed pain management while they put youthrough any and all sorts of tortures.The trick is to keep you alive as long as possible to maximize profits,and when the profits die, so will you.So are you thinking that I am the one dreaming?Hummm....
You are still dreaming if you think that none of what I have said is real.Okay, I have tried to wake you before.I have been waking people up on the Internet since year 2000.Do you not realize that your mind will never actually wake up until you start using it?I am not a fiction writer.I am just a simple farmer...I have been planting seeds of truth to feed the minds of the simple masses.I just wish you would know how to do it for your selves.Do you not know how to plant a seed?It is really easy.All you have to do is go look for the seeds and then just sow them onto this planet.The only thing that will wake you up now and save you is to plant the seeds of truth.You will never be awake until you start eatingthe natural and energizing products of the seeds of truth.I have been planting the seeds to save your lives.My soil is created by God.But now they have contaminated that soil with unimaginable chemicals, poisons, hazardous wastes, genetic pollution, and on..WAKE UP..you are sleep walking into and entering a new dark ages.This Dark ages will be eternal if you do not start thinking, but first you need to know how to think.Pure Truth is your only salvation.Truth is an action.Truth can and only exists if you live it.Truth is an absolute and the further from truth you gothe closer you get the the opposite absolute.That being total insanity.The NWO are completely insane.They have even written it in stone that they intend to bring about your death.
They have written it on humanities tombstones they erected in 1984way up on a hill in Georgia.They are called The Georgia Guidestones.They have begun the new eternal dark ages.They have done it while you sleep walked and refused to do some mental exercise with truth.For truth is complete mental health as the opposite is insanity.You need to act for pure truth now or you will be dead not only on the inside, but also on the out side.You are now already entering the NDA (New Dark Ages) also known as the NWO(New World Order which is based on old world lies)..They are both the same thing.WAKE UP....This is your last chance for salvation.You can not save yourself without seeking and then speaking pure truth."When the seeds of truth are sown.The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment"You need to get yourself some light.You need to open up your life to the sun of God. Now...Only truth will save us.WAKE UP..God is the truth!Or you will stay in your sleep and nightmare for eternity.In the new dark ages being six feet under or further on to hell.I told you.You are asleep and in a nightmare.Ask now for the help you need.Only those that know how to think, will know to seek truth.Seek and you will find it.God awaits. God is the spirit of pure truth.God loves you for Love can not exist without it being based on pure truth.If you seek truth.You will see the light of truth.Here is a miracle message from God.

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