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NXPay Email Blast

NXPay Email Blast

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Published by Troy Dooly
NXSystem answers eWallets issues with Zeek Rewards
NXSystem answers eWallets issues with Zeek Rewards

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Published by: Troy Dooly on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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12400 S.E. Freeman Way, Suite 100, Portland, OR, 97222Office: (503) 513-9900 Fax: (503) 659-5022
December 6, 2012
Dear ZeekRewards Accountholder:In the last few months, NxPay® has been working diligently to complete the reconciliation of allNxPay® accounts associated with Rex Venture Group (d/b/a Zeek Rewards). This has been astrenuous process and we appreciate the patience customers have shown during this time and weunderstand that this has been a hardship for many.As we are nearing the end of the reconciliation and anticipate having funds available within thenext two weeks, we would like to take this time to provide clarification pertaining to manyquestions we have received and also to provide instructions on how to retrieve funds once theyhave been made available.As we have indicated in previous emails, during the reconciliation process, your reflectedavailable balance may have changed and reflected an amount of $0.00. The reconciliation hasbeen performed manually outside our system. We are now in the process of updating the userinterface to reflect the correct account balances that will be made available for transfer back toyour bank. To do this, all account balances will reflect $0.00 until the correct amount of fundsthat will be made available for transfer has been corrected on the user interface (www.NxPay.com).Only the funds that you placed onto the NxPay® account that were not subsequently used topurchase bids through ZeekRewards will be placed back onto the NxPay® account and be madeavailable for transfer. These are
Load from Bank Account
transactions that settled and werecredited to your NxPay® account provided the funds were not used to make purchases throughZeek Rewards. These funds will be placed back onto the NxPay® accounts on or aroundMonday, December 10
, 2012 and made available for transfer.If you had a
Load from Bank Account
that was
at the time that NxSystems, Inc wasissued a directive from the United States District Court ordering a freeze of Rex Ventures (d/b/a
Zeek Rewards) assets: Any NxPay® accounts associated with it and your Pending transactionwere subsequently failed in NxPay®. We are diligently working to load those funds back ontoyour NxPay® account so that we can make them available for you to transfer the funds back toyour bank account. To determine whether you had a pending
Load from Bank Account
thatwas failed, you can check the View Failed Transactions link in your transaction history inNxPay®.If your funds were commission payouts made to your NxPay® account by Zeek Rewards
thefunds in your NxPay® account were used to make purchases with Zeek Rewards (i.e. bidspurchases, mo
nthly subscriptions…)
, these funds were removed from your NxPay® account andturned over to the Temporary Receiver. You will be able to file a claim for these funds throughwww.zeekrewardsreceivership.com once they had made a formal claims process available.As of Monday, December 10
, 2012, the ability to transfer funds from your NxPay® account toyour bank account will be made available. Please note that as this service will be turned back on,fees pertaining to the NxPay® account will no longer be suspended. If you have a positivebalance on your NxPay® account, you will be charged a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $2.00 forthe month of December. There will also be a fee assessed to transfer funds from your NxPaaccount to your bank account. A fee table is included at the end of this email listing allapplicable fees pertaining to your NxPay® account.
We have implemented a Customer Support Chat Line (referred to as “Live Chat”) where you can
access a Live Agent of NxPay® for any support questions or concerns. You can access Live Chatby visiting www.NxPay.com and clicking on the Support button. There will be a link on the top right-hand corner of the following page to enter Live Chat. Please be advised that if you wish tocall NxPay® Support and speak with a Customer Service Representative, a charge of $2.00 willbe applied to your NxPay® account. All calls placed to NxPay® support will be recorded.Once services have been turned on, as indicated above, you will have the ability to transfer yourfunds back to your bank account. As we are no longer offering services to Rex Venture Group(aka Zeek Rewards) the Account To Account Transfer feature will not be made available andyou will not have the ability to transfer funds into your NxPay® account or make any purchasesusing your NxPay® account. We will also automatically be closing all NxPay® accounts oncefunds have been retrieved therefore there will be no further action required by you.The Sweep-To functionality, which is a service that allows for automatic transfers from yourNxPay® account to your bank account, will not be made available. You will need to manuallyinitiate a transfer from your NxPay® account to your bank account. Instructions on how to addyour bank account and transfer funds from your NxPay® account to your bank account areincluded with this email. Please note that you are NOT required to verify your bank account totransfer funds to your bank account.
Please also be aware that if you incorrectly enter yourbanking details you will be subject to (at minimum) a $25 rejection fee
. If you are unsure of your banking details, please contact your bank for additional information.We have received several requests for a copy of the court order from the US District Courtordering a freeze of Rex Ventures (d/b/a Zeek Rewards) assets and any NxPay® ® accounts

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