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Grading Rubric - Threaded Discussions

Grading Rubric - Threaded Discussions

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Published by Jayne Spence

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Published by: Jayne Spence on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grading Rubric for Threaded Discussions
Weekly threaded discussions are how we interact with one another and explore what we are learning ingreater detail each week. The discussions are
linked to our Terminal Course Objectives (TCO’
s) and arean essential element for mastering these objectives.
How are the threaded discussions graded?
Each week you can earn
a maximum of 40 points
forthreaded discussion participation. Your participation will be graded on the
of your posts andthe
of the posts.
Content of your contributions. Examples of quality posts include:
providing additional information to the discussion;
elaborating on previous comments from others;
presenting explanations of concepts or methods to help fellow students,
presenting reasons for or against a topic in a persuasive fashion,
sharing your own personal experiences that relate to the topic, and
providing a URL and explanation for an area you researched on the Internet.
Number and regularity of your contributions. You are asked to post (contributeremarks) in EACH of the two weekly graded threads a minimum of three days per week
beginningno later than Wednesday
. Discussions will open each week on Monday and close on
Sunday, 11:59pm Mountain Time (MT)
. This is the grading rubric that will be used:
Total possible points:
(24 points) +
(16 points) =
40 points
Please review the chart below for an explanation of the quality of posts.
Thread #1 Thread #2
# of posts
# of posts
earned earned
High quality - (4 points each)Medium quality - (3 points each)Low quality - (1 point each)Unsatisfactory - (0 points)FREQUENCY # of days # of daysPosts (2 points each)Post by Wednesday (2 points)

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