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uplb perspective 0809 - 1st ish

uplb perspective 0809 - 1st ish



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Published by Mark

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Published by: Mark on Feb 04, 2009
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SR vows systemwide support
pae 2
How (not) to get lost in UPLB
pae 8
Tracing the roots of dissent
pae 7
August 1, 2008
   L   A   Y   O   U   T   A   N   D   P   H   O   T   O 
   P   A   U   L   A   N   D   R   E   W    M   A   N   U   A   L   E   S
Relieving a dying nation withband-aid solutions
Along mercury drug stores, people can be noticed lining up with the hope that Go Bingo Cards will alter their fates. Theselines seem to be the mirror image of the only hope left in thehands of most Filipinos nowadays. The prices of commodities especially rice and oil create theirline in the graphs of the economy and industries— a line thathas recently been sloping steeply upward.
Under a sea of umbrellas, young and old mostly from urbancommunities line up sweating in expectation of the NFA rice thatis cheaper than commercial rice.“There is rice shortage”—this has been claimed by theadministration as reason for the hike in rice prices.According to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI),rice prices are likely to keep rising for some time as productionof the popular cereal fails to keep up with soaring demand.Dr. Robert Zeigler, director general of IRRI, said thePhilippines has secured import supplies from Vietnam and othercountries last April. The Kyodo News agency also reported that Japan plans to send 200,000 metric tons of rice from its stockas emergency exports to the Philippines. Zeigler added thatif ever our country experienced problems in importing rice, itcould consider crops such as kamote and gabi as alternatives.IRRI trustees stressed that the issue is mainly on “rice-pricecrisis” not “rice shortage.” Problems on the food budget amonghouseholds nowadays, IRRI believes, are caused by the soaringprices of rice. The rice industry also stumbled upon hoarding among riceproducers. According to an article published in the PhilippineDaily Inquirer (PDI), Central Mindanao, which is one of theregions that used to be a leading source of rice, faced theproblem of such hoarding. Main rice producers argued that theyare just securing their business.
 The administration tries to fulll rice sufciency plans for
the next years in order to realize their responsibility amid riceprice problems today.President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced a P43.7-billion Fertilizer, Irrigation and Infrastructure, Extension, Loans,Dryers and other post-harvest and post-production facilities,and Seeds (FEEDS) program, which they claim to be a supportpackage for the agriculture sector aimed at food security. Later,
the government showed this complementary Rice Self-sufciency
Plan with the intention of boosting local rice yield that wouldmatch the country’s consumption by 2010.United Opposition spokesperson Adel Tamano, however,expected the government to do what is needed rather thancontinue resorting rice imports from abroad and long-term foodsecurity plan.Another article from PDI states that the Philippines is oneof the world’s top rice importers and it has been struggling to
secure sufcient rice supply in the face of rising commodity
prices. However, this particular problem is not only prevalent inour country but all over the world, sparking violent protests inother countries such as Haiti and Egypt.Meanwhile, the National Food Authority (NFA) is providingadditional stocks to accommodate the long line of people who
cannot afford to buy commercial rice because of ination.
According to Anna Paje, BS Development Communication’08, the increase in the price of rice truly affected her family.“Problema talaga siya. Kahit kasi sa bahay, nakikita ko ‘yungparents ko na nag-aargue pa sila kung sa’n bibili; pipila pa bapara sa NFA rice o dun na lang sa mahal? Kasi tinitingnan dinnamin kung worth it ba kung pipila pa para sa mura,” she said.
Paano tumawid sa isang ilog
pae 14
Oil prices connue to escalate togetherwith other commodies such asrice and electricity --forcing the masses tofurther ghten their belts.
August 1, 2008
UPLB Perspective
UPLB Perspective
August 1, 2008
USC, orgs decry campus repression
ampus repression may not be apleasant greeting, but the StudentRegent (SR) has to deal with it.
During her first consultation with UPLB students, SR ShahanaAbdulwahid was greeted with campusrepression issues which include thedelayed University Student Council(USC)-College Student Council (CSC)elections, late appointment of the
UPLB Perspective 
Editor in Chief (EIC), newmode of payment in some universitydormitories, alleged policy disallowingstudents from using universityfacilities beyond 7 p.m., and tambayanphaseout. The SR consultation was part of the Council of Student Leaders meetingheld on July 1 at the Makiling BallroomHall, Student Union Building.
Regarding the delayed USC-CSCelections, Abdulwahid commented thatthe USC-CSC elections “should be doneas soon as possible.” The UPLB administration, throughthe Office of Student Affairs (OSA), hasalready decided that the 1978 versionmust be upheld despite contentionsfrom the USC, CSCs, and a numberof student organizations
(See related article on page 12) 
.USC Chairperson Leo ‘XL’ Fuentessaid student representation suffers withthe delay of the USC-CSC elections. Headded that Cuevas has already giventhe incumbent USC and CSCs until theend of July to stay in office. Cuevas,however, denied giving any ultimatum.
EIC Christian RayBuendia received his appointment fromthe Office of the Chancellor only last July 2, instead of last summer. Hisappointment was delayed due to hislate response to Chancellor Luis ReyVelasco’s inquiry if the
hasbeen publishing financial statements of the USC.Buendia claimed, however, that thePerspective Charter does not state thatthe publication of the USC financialstatement has any bearing on theappointment of the EIC.He said that the USC’s financialstatement “must not be used as aleverage” to delay his appointment.During the consultation, Buendiasought the support of studentorganizations in defending their right toinformation.Abdulwahid, meanwhile, expressedalarm on this issue. “Sa palagay ko,isa talaga siyang (late appointment)malaking uri ng represyon sa studentmovement dito sa UPLB,” saidAbdulwahid.
Another issue raised was thepolicy allegedly disallowing studentorganizations to use facilities foractivities beyond 7 p.m.
(see related article on page 4).
Abdulwahid stressed that aconsultation with students must beheld first before imposing such a policy.“Dapat kasi may properconsultation. Hindi pwedeng magbabaang admin ng mga ganitong directivesnang hindi napapakinggan ‘yungconcerns ng mga students,” she said.She also stated that imposing sucha policy deprives organizations of avenue to develop since their chancesof conducting more activities will belimited.
Residents of Makiling ResidenceHall (MAREHA) and Forestry ResidenceHall (FOREHA) face a new mode of payment by paying fees per semesterinstead of paying on a monthly basissince the semester started.MAREHA and FOREHA dormershave until the end of July to settletheir fees for the whole semester;otherwise, the dorm management willask them to leave their respectivedormitories, Fuentes related. MAREHAdormers will have to pay Php 1,406 while FOREHA dormers will payPhp 1,408.40 to be safe from being“displaced,” according to NikkoMacalintal, a MAREHA dormer.Abdulwahid said the UPLBadministration has the power todecide on the changes on the mode of payment. If additional fees are to becollected, the approval of the BOR mustbe secured.Fuentes, meanwhile, said theimposition of the new system of payment “might be a problem for somedormers since not all are capable of paying the fees in full.”
After student organizations basedin the Institute of Biological Sciencesexperienced relocation of tambayan lastsemester, other student organizationshave also registered complaints on theadministration’s rule regarding theirtambayan.
(See related article on page 3) 
.Abdulwahid said the tambayanphaseout is not an isolated case as italso happens in other UP units. “Maymga natatanggap din tayong reportsfrom other UP units na pinapatanggalang mga tambayan ng mga orgs fromtheir designated places dahil eye soredaw sila,” she said.She related that the UPadministration has a proposal requiringstudent organizations to raise fundsif they want to acquire their owntambayan.
Abdulwahid said she is saddenedthat UPLB students are faced withthese issues despite the university’scelebration of its centenary. Shestood firm, however, in claiming thatthe OSR will continue to support thestudents and will tap the Katipunanng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UPor KASAMA sa UP, the sole alliance of student councils in the UP system, tolaunch intensified campaign againstcampus repression in UPLB.
Karen Lapitan
SR vows systemwide support
This marker replaces the tambayan of the Beta Kappa Fraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sorority, whichpreviously was the benefactor of the shade given by the tree referred to by the inscripon.
Various student issues welcome Student RegentShahana Abdulwahid in her rst consultaonwith students of UPLB last July 1 at the MakilingBallroom Hall.
UPLB ginunita...
Harriet Melanie A. Zabala
UPLB welcomes centennial freshies
PLB greeted the UP Centennial batch of New Freshmen (NF) last June18 with a string of activities thatshowcased the university’s homegrowntalents, introduced the administrative
ofcials and student leaders, andshowed the freshmen the benets and
duties of being an Iskolar ng Bayan.
 To start the day with a healthybreakfast, student organizations,fraternities, and sororities prepared mealsintended for NF during the “AlmOSAlan”organized by the Students Organizationand Activities Division (SOAD).An Opening Convocation was then heldat the Baker Hall where the NF were oriented with the things they have to know in theuniversity. Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco andUP system Vice President Amelia Guevarragave their messages to the NF.At 4 p.m., an intracampus paradeUP being the leading university in thecountry and the university’s nationalisticorientation.Before the end of the parade,University Student Council (USC)Vice Chairperson Charisse BernadineBañez also gave a message in behalf of Student Regent Shahana Abdulwahid.She encouraged the NF to be faithful tothe Filipino people to whom they “oughtto serve”.“Mataas na ang presyo ng bigas, langisat iba pang mga bilihin, [kaya] bilang mgabagong Iskolar ng Bayan, kilalanin natinkung sino talaga ang nagpapaaral sa atin,”she said.
 The NF expressed their gratitude to thepeople behind this activity.Meryl Regine Algodon, BS AppliedPhysics ’08, said, “Nakakaoverwhelmkasi noong una, kinakabahan pa akopero okay naman pala, masaya, [and I’m]proud to be here.”Another freshman, Aga VincentDominador, BS DevelopmentCommunication, said the event made himfeel what college life actually is.On the other hand, the upperclassmenalso expressed positive commentsregarding the event.Fara Faye Regis, a member of theVeterinary Students Achievers Society said“I’m quite surprised with what happenedbecause unang beses lang ‘yung parade.If I would be one of the freshmen, I’ll beoverwhelmed.”“Very successful kasi maramingnagparticipate lalo na doon sa parade,” Jaet Dolor, SOAD Head, added.SOAD organized the said event, incooperation with SOAD volunteers, GABAYvolunteers, the USC, College Studentcouncils and student organizations.
[P]After the tambayan of studentorganizations based in the Instituteof Biological Sciences (IBS) were‘evicted’ last February, another case of tambayan removal welcomed a studentorganization with the opening of thesemester this academic year.
 The tambayan of the Beta KappaFraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sororityin front of CAS Annex 1 building (formerlyNew CAS building) was removed last Juneto give way to the “12 UPLB Heritage Trees,” one of UPLB administration’s UPCentennial activity. Today, a marker withan inscription stating ‘bonsai-like beauty’ is seen in place of the tambayan. The UPLB Heritage Tree Committee of the UPLB administration spearheaded thesaid project. The Beta Kappa Fraternity and BetaKappa Sigma Sorority, however, protestson the administration’s action.“Hindi na kinonsult ang mgaestudyante. ‘Yung mga ginagawa nilang(administrasyon) represyon sa estudyanteay ‘di tama,” said Mic Ivan Sumilang, aBeta Kappa fraternity member.Sumilang said they were not warned thattheir tambayan will be removed. As of presstime, the fraternity is using the CAS Annex Ibuilding steps as their temporary tambayan.“Karapatan naman namin talagasa pagkakatanggal noon (tambayan) namalaman before, magkaroon man langsana kami ng notice,” Sumilang added.On the other hand, Dr. ArleneSaniano, building administrator of CAS Annex I building, claimed that theuniversity administration, not the CASadministration, was responsible for theremoval of the tambayan. Though thefraternity was not considered a CAS-basedorganization, its members were still given acopy of the rules regarding tambayan.Dr. Saniano said, however, that thefraternity and sorority failed to attend themeeting called by the CAS administrationregarding a “tambayan contract” last semester.
Even before the relocation of thetambayan in the IBS, the tambayan of theUP Human Ecology Student Society (UPHESS) in front of the College of HumanEcology (CHE) building was alreadyremoved last September 2007.“Nagpaalam kami sa dean (Dr. SueLiza Saguiguit) namin kung pwede kamingmagtayo ng tambayan doon. Ang nagingusapan, sige magtayo kayo ng tambayandoon as long as it is removable,” MitzBernardo, BS Nutrition’04 and member of UP HESS, said.Bernardo stressed that the CHEadministration will only allow tambayan tobe set up in front of the CHE building aslong as it can be removed after 5 p.m. daily.On the other hand, Dr. BenjaminBartolome, CHE professor anduniversity landscaping committee head,said, “bawal talaga dito sa CHE angtambayan. Kaya sila nandito [ay] paramag-aral at hindi para tumambay atmagkwentuhan maghapon.”According to Dr. Saguiguit, theorganization from CHE can only set uptambayan if their organization can raisefunds for constructing a gazebo thatamounts to Php 80,000.“Ipasa daw sa org namin angpagpapatayo ng ganitong facility for thecollege. Ayos lang sana kung limang libo‘yun,” Bernardo added.Subsequent to the series of dialogues with the IBS administration, the tambayanof student organizations based in the IBSbuilding were relocated to the StudentUnion (SU) building last February 25. The administration said the positionof the
, which blocks thepassageways of the IBS building, is inviolation of Section 9 of the Fire Code of thePhilippines, which states that “exit ways [of buildings] should be free from obstruction.”
Arbeen Acuña, University StudentCouncil (USC) Councilor, said the removalof the tambayan is a direct attack to thestudents’ right to organize.“Mahigpit pa rin naming kinokundenaang kawalan ng democratic consultation samga na-aalis na tambayan,” Acuña added. The USC is campaigning for therestoration of the evicted tambayan as
part of their “continuing ght against
campus repression.”
Tambayan ‘eviction’ threatens orgs anew
Nikko Angelo Oribiana
took place, participated in by recognizedstudent organizations, fraternities andsororities, to serve as their courtesy callto the NF. The participants assembled atthe College of Arts and Sciences Buildingand marched to Baker Hall where theCentennial Welcome Concert Party washeld at 7 p.m.
Some key persons in UPLB gavemessages to serve as challenge to the NF.During the AlmOSAlan, UniversityStudent Council (USC) Chairperson LeoXL Fuentes said, “lalo na ngayon nahindi lang freshies, hindi lang ang atingunibersidad, kundi ang buong bansa angnasasadlak sa isang krisis pampulitika,dapat silang (NF) mamulat at makibaka.Sa tatlong salita dapat silang mag-aral,maglingkod at makibaka.”In the Welcome Convocation, Velascosaid that being among the brighteststudents, the NF have abig responsibility to thecountry because part of their tuition is subsidizedby the government.“You (the NF) shouldnot forget that you areIskolar ng Bayan tobecome Iskolar para saBayan,” Velasco added.Also, Guevarra,in behalf of PresidentEmerlinda Roman,
specied Roman’s four
reasons why UP isregarded as a nationaluniversity, namely,geographic importancebecause UP campusesare almost all over thePhilippines, depth and worth of UP education,
UPLB ginunita ang pagkawalanina Karen at She
Rogene Gonzalesulat mula kina Liberty Notarte atNikko Angelo Oribiana
akalipas ang dalawang taongpaghahanap sa dalawang
,tuloy pa rin ang laban ni Linda Cadapanpara sa pagpapalitaw ng kanyang anakna si Sherlyn at kasama nitong siKaren Empeño.
Ang mga
ay mga taongsapilitang dinukot, kalimitan dahil sa mgapulitikal na motibo, na hindi pa inililitaw.Isang gabi ng mga pangkulturangpagtatanghal na ginanap sa HumanitiesSteps ang inialay ng mga estudyante ngUPLB sa dalawang mag-aaral na ito ng UPupang gunitain ang kainlang pagkawala.Humigit-kumulang 80 estudyante angdumalo rito noong ika-25 ng Hunyo.Pinaghihinalaang dinukot ng mgamiyembro ng militar sina Karen at Sherlynhabang nagsasagawa ng communityimmersion sa mga magsasaka ngBarangay San Miguel, Hagonoy, Bulacannoong ika-25 ng Hunyo 2006.“Bawat segundo, hinihintay ko angpagbalik ni Sherlyn, mayakap muli,mahagkan man lang ‘yung aking anak,”ani Gng. Capadan na nagtapos ng kursongBS Biology dito sa UPLB.Idinetalye ni Gng. Cadapan basesa testimonya ni Raymond Manalo,ang testigong nakatakas sa kampong militar makalipas ang 18 buwanng pagkakakulong, ang pagtotorturekay Sherlyn.Dagdag pa ni Gng. Cadapan, “Maypanahong hindi lang ako lumuluha dahilnasasabik kay Sherlyn ngunit para [rin]sa bayan na makamit ‘yung hustisya atmapatigil ang karahasan na ginagawa ngestado.”Nagtapos si Sherlyn ng hayskul saMakiling School, Incorporated at kumuhang BS Human Kinetics sa UP Diliman.Naging miyembro siya ng konseho ngCollege of Human Kinetics, at ayon kayGng. Cadapan, tatlong kurso na lamangang kakailanganin ni Sherlyn upangmakapagtapos. Samantala, si KarenEmpeño ay estudyante ng BA Sociology atmiyembro ng League of Filipino Students(LFS) sa UP Diliman.Noong ika-29 ng Mayo 2007,napagdesisyunan ng Korte Suprema nabigyan ng karagdagang imbestigasyondahil sa kakulangan ng ebidensiya angkaso nila Karen at Sherlyn. Ang writof habeas corpus na isinampa ni Gng.Cadapan ay pinayagan ng korte noongika-24 ng Oktubre 2007. Subalit bagoipinataw ang desisyon, pansamantanginilitaw si Sherlyn noong ika-11 ngAbril 2007.“Dinala po [si Sherlyn] sa bahay ngkanyang boyfriend sa Bulacan, dahil dawpo may dala-dala siyang sulat [na] naisibigay,” kwento niya.Subalit, ‘sing bilis ng sindi ngsigarilyo’, hindi na naiabot ni Sherlynang sulat dahil napansin ito ng tatlongkababaihang nagbabantay sa kanya.Maging ang writ of amparo na hinilingni Gng. Cadapan noong ika-24 ng Oktubre2007 ay wala pa ring desisyon sa ngayon.Ang writ of habeas corpus ay utosgaling sa korte para sa isang indibidwal oopisyal ng gobyerno na ilabas ang taongnakakulong upang mapagdesisyonanng korte ang kaso. Ang writ of amparonaman ay pagbibigay tulong sa mgabiktima ng extrajudicial killings sapamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng malayangpag-iimbestiga sa militar.Ayon kay Mark Velasco, tagapagsalita
Buendia retainsEIC post
ast year’s Editor in Chief (EIC) retains his post in the UPLBPerspective, leading the publication asUP celebrates its centenary.
Christian Ray Buendia, a fourth yearcivil engineering student, said he is set
to make UPLB Perspective reafrm its
existence in the university by upholdingthe publication’s pro-student and pro-people tradition.Buendia added that amid thefestivities UP launches on its centenary,there are critical student’s issues to bedealt with.“We see that this is not just anordinary year for the publication. It isimportant that we give our publisherssomething different,” he said.Buendia intends to make relevantarticles regarding the approval of thenew UP Charter and its implications,such as further increases in tuition andother fees, the ecotourism project andother commercialization and privatizationschemes for education.He sees his second term as anopportunity to disprove allegations likepublishing “biases” by remaining loyalto the paper’s advocacy of advancingstudents’ rights and welfare andby sticking to what he says are the journalist’s weapons: truth and aptanalysis. Buendia aims that Perspectivethis year will not only be a source of 
information but also a reection of “what
UP should be to its students and whatstudents should be to UP.”With an accumulated score of 93.36percent in the EIC selection exam,Buendia bested four other EIC hopefuls:Mark Vincent Baracao (BA Sociology‘06) with 89.39 percent, Arbeen Acuña(BA Communication Arts ‘04) with86.27 percent, Rogene Gonzales (BSDevelopment Communication ‘05) with85.48 percent and Carlo Angelo Cruz (BSDevelopment Communication ‘06) with76.12 percent.By topping this year’s exam,Buendia joins the ranks of Bayan MunaRepresentative Teddy Casiño and LourieVictor, who were all able to hold twoconsecutive terms as EIC. Moreover,Buendia is the only student to top theEIC exam for three consecutive years,
Sugar Marie Baula
The UPLB community treats the new Isko’t Iska to a grand welcomefeaturing the university’s homegrown talent. Meanwhile, the UniversityStudent Council reminds them of their duty to ‘Serve the People’ amidescalang socio-economic crisis.
Pagkalipas ng dalawang taon
August 1, 2008
UPLB Perspective
UPLB Perspective
August 1, 2008
a pagdiriwang ng ika-147kaarawan ni Gat. Jose Rizal noong ika-19 ng Hunyo, nagsama-sama ang mgakabataang kinatawan ng labindalawangorganisasyon sa Timog Katagalugan(TK) upang muling ipaabot sa mgakabataan ng kasalukuyang panahon anghamon ni Rizal na “ang kabataan angpag-asa ng bayan.”
Nagsilbing hudyat ng pag-uumpisang programa ang pagdating ng mgakinatawan ng Kabataang Pinoy Party,
NIkko Angelo Oribiana
Kabataan isinabuhay ang mga aral ni Rizal
isang pulitikal na samahan ng mgakabataan mula sa iba’t ibang sektor saLaguna, matapos silang manggalingsa paradang bayan na inorganisa ngMunisipyo ng Calamba.Pinatampok sa programa angkasalukuyang kalagayan ng edukasyonat agrikultura kasabay ng mga usapingaya ng Comprehensive Agrarian ReformProgram extension at pagtaas ng matrikulaat iba pang bayarin sa eskwelahan.Bilang pagtugon umano sa mgaisyung ito, binigyang buhay ng KulturangUgnayan Alay ng Kabataan para saBayan (KULAYAN),isang organisasyon nanaglalayong ipahayagang kanilang mgahinaing sa pamamagitanng pangkulturangpagtatanghal, ang mgaaral ni Rizal tulad ng“pagmamahal sa bayan”sa pamamagitan ng mgamalikhaing skit at tula.“Dapat tingnannatin [si Rizal] bilangisang modelo kasimatanong siya, kritikosiya sa Kastila. Ngayoni-apply natin siya sanangyayari ngayon, wala ngang mga Kastilapero nandiyan namanang administrasyon nasiyang nagpapahirap saatin.” Pahayag ni Marifel Geronimo ngSAKBAYAN.Ayon naman kay Edward Lansanasmula sa Calamba Youth Organization,ang pagsama ng kanilang organisasyonsa mga programa gaya nito ay isa lamangsa maraming paraan ng pagtupad samensahe ni Rizal para sa mga kabataan.Dagdag pa ni Vanesa Alporha ng SaveOur Education Movement-Batangas, bilangmga kabataan ay “kailangan manghikayatng ibang kabataan para makatulong saating bayan.”Sabi naman ni Nyka Serrano ngANAKBAYAN-UPLB, ang naganap naprograma ay nagsilbing daan paramaipaabot sa kinauukulan ang bosesng kabataan.
“Hindi dapat i-conne ang pag-aaral
sa loob ng eskwelahan. Maging aware[tayo] sa issues na kinahaharap ng atinglipunan,” dagdag pa niya.Para naman kay Resty Frado nananiniwala sa iba pang bayani tulad niAndres Bonifacio, kailangan na umanonating labanan ang mapagsamantalangdayuhan at ang mga nakikipagsabwatangmga politiko na dapat ay nagbibigay nghustisya sa ating bansa.Sa hanay ng mga tagapag-organisang programa, si Pedro Santos Jr. ngANAKBAYAN-TK ay nagpahayag na hindiman umano ganoon kalaki ang bilang ngmga dumalo sa programa, “well represented”naman umano ang iba’t ibang organisasyongpang-estudyante ng Laguna.
REPSA naghapag ng mga hinaing
Mark Angelo Ordonio
aging pagkakataon angnakaraang flag ceremony nitongika-16 ng Hunyo para sa Research,Extension and Professional Staff Association (REPSA) at All-UPWorkers’ Alliance, ang alyansa ngAll UP Workers Union (AUPWU) atAll UP Academic Employees Union,upang iparating ang kanilangmga petisyon sa kasalukuyangadministrasyon ng UP.
Ang REPSA at All-UP Workers’ Alliance ay kapwa mga sektor ngunibersidad na binibigyang pansinang pagtataguyod ng demokratikongkarapatan at mga kapakanan ng mgaempleyado sa buong UP System.Iminungkahi ni Chancellor LuisRey Velasco ang pagkakaroon ng isangmulti-sectoral forum kasama angREPSA at All-UP Workers’ Allianceupang mapalawig at mas mapag-usapan umano ang ilang mga isyu(tignan ang sidebar).Ngunit ayon kay Assistant to theChancellor at Office of the AlumniRelations Director Dr. EmmanuelRodantes Abraham, wala pangnatatanggap ang administrasyon napormal na petisyon mula sa dalawangnabanggit na grupo maliban saimpormal na pahayag ng mga ito sanaturang flag ceremony.Gayunpaman, sa flag ceremony naiyon ipinahayag ng REPSA ang ilan samga hiling nito gaya ng makatarungangpagkilala sa kanilang ambag sapagtupad ng mandato ng unibersidad,tulad ng serbisyong propesyunal.Ayon kay UPLB REPS PresidentDanny Mendoza, “[Ang] classificationng REPS na tinuturing ngunibersidad na parte ng academicstaff [ay] parang nawala.”Nais din nila na magkaroon ngREPS Regent sa UP Board of Regents,ang pinakamataas na tagapaglikhang mga desisyon at polisiya ng UP, atREPS Representative sa bawat komiteng unibersidad.Layon nilang mapasama angkanilang sektor sa pagkakaroon ngaktibo at regular na partisipasyon sapagbabalangkas at pagpapatupad ngmga polisiya ng unibersidad.Isa pang mithiin ng REPS ay angpagkakaroon ng patas na pagbabahaging mga benepisyo katulad ng meritpromotions.Ayon kay All UP AcademicEmployees Union President TedMendoza, ang hatian ng alokasyonpara sa promotion noong 2005 ay 80bahagdan para sa 4,500 faculty staff at20 bahagdan lamang para sa mahigit9,000 REPS at administrative staff.Sinabi rin ni Ted Mendoza na mulasa mga bilang na nabanggit “makikitana parang lop-sided ang allocation.”Ayon naman kay Danny Mendoza,hindi naging malinaw ang isyu ngmerit promotions noong 2005.Isa sa mga sinasabing dahilannito ay ang papalit-palit na mgapatakaran, na sa pagkakaalam ngREPS, sadyang hindi sapat ang pondopara sa promotions.“Kung ang ibibigay na pondo aytalagang magkukulang, syempre iisipng paraan ang administrators natin nagumawa ng ibang klase ng guidelines,”dagdag pa niya.Ayon kay Ted Mendoza, mula saP20M na inilaan ng Department of Budget and Management para sanakaraang promotion, P37M angnagastos na, at nanatiling tanongang pinagmulan ng dagdag na P17M.Gayundin, wala pa ring kasagutanhinggil sa sinasabing hindipagkaubos ng pera para sa meritpromotions.
Ang UPLB REPSA ay sumusuporta sa mgasumusunod na kahilingan na isinusulong ngAll-UP Workers’ Alliance:
 1.P20,000 minimum centennial bonus para sa lahatng kawani ng UP2. P1,700 na rice subsidy para sa bawat kawaning UP
3.10 araw na karagdagang sick leave benefts
para sa REPS at Administrative Staff4. 50-50 na hatian ng alokasyon para sa meritproportion (50% para sa Faculty at 50% parasa REPS at Administrative Staff)
Bukod dito, mithi ng UPLB REPSA ang mgasumusunod:
-Makatarungang pagkilala ng kasalukuyangadministrasyon ng UP system sa ambag ng REPSsa pagtupad ng mandato ng unibersidad,partikular sa RDE at serbisyong propesyonal-Pagkakaroon ng “makabuluhan, makatarunganat malinaw na pamantayan” sa pagsuri ng REPS’performance-Patas na pagbabahagi ng mga biyaya atbenepisyo (merit promotion, rice subsidy, atbp.)-Maayos na dokumentasyon ng GSIS at PAG-IBIGmembership records at UP service record-Aktibo at regular na partisipasyon sapagbabalangkas at implementasyon ng mgapolisiya ng unibersidad (magkaroon ng REPSRegent sa UP Board of Regents at REPSrepresentative sa bawat komite ng unibersidad)
Rogene Gonzaleswith reports from Karen Lapitan
CDC admin restricts facility use beyond 7 p.m.
The College of DevelopmentCommunication (CDC)administration is allegedlyimplementing a policy restrictingCDC student formations andinstitutions from holding activitieswithin the CDC building and usinguniversity facilities beyond 7 p.m.
Meanwhile, some students fromother colleges worry that this measureis already implemented throughoutthe campus.
 CDC Student Council Chairperson ArjayGarcia said CDC Dean Cleofe Torres told thecouncil in a consultation last July 4 that thepolicy’s goal is to improve security, as well asto cut on electricity expenses.Garcia, however, pointed out thelack of student consultation prior to theimplementation of the policy.“Early this sem, nagulat ‘yung mgaorgs na planong mag-conduct ng activity within the college na bawal na pala.Siyempre nagmanifest sila na nahirapansa new policy.” he said.He added that student organizationsare discouraged from holding activitiesinside the building during class hoursbecause these may disrupt classes.Garcia said Dr. Torres even pointedout the absence of a rule allowingorganizations to hold activities beyond 7p.m. in university buildings.
“Pero wala rin namang ofcial policy
[noon] na nagsasabi na bawal maghold ngactivities beyond 7 p.m.,” Garcia said.Mark Andrianne Ng, head of UPLBDevelopment Communicators’ Society, saidthat holding activities outside is less safethan inside the campus.He related that their organization is
having difculties securing a venue for
activities and even for regular meetings. The alleged policy has made them resortto intensive income generation to affordrental fees of venues outside campus.“Hindi namin ramdam na college orgkami dahil hindi kami makagalaw sa sarilinaming college,” he stressed.Garcia fears that other colleges maysoon be affected by this policy. “Madalaskasi ang admin inuuna ang pag-implementng policies sa CDC tulad na lang ngincome generating projects for the UPCentennial celebration.”
Dr. Torres, however, declined tocomment on the issue and told Perspectiveto interview the college’s propertycustodian instead.In an interview, CDC PropertyCustodian Jaime Almazan said that notonly students but also faculty membersand staff are affected by the rule. He
conrmed that the policy was done for
security reasons.“May mga cases kasi last sem na maynawalang LCD projector pati cell phoneng estudyante at staff. Nagiging madalassa gabi [‘yung ganitong insidente] kayakailangang maging mahigpit [sa pagbibigayng late permit],” he said.
He conrmed that the policy is
also an energy-saving measure by theadministration.“Hindi na siya tulad ng dati na malimit[payagang ipagamit], kasi maramingfactors. Halimbawa [sa] Lecture Room,sampung aircon ‘yan [kaya] malakas sakuryente,” he added.
Almazan claried that only DevCom-
related student activities would be grantedpermission for facility use beyond 7 p.m.He also said that it is more advisable tohold activities on Mondays since there areno classes.
Student Activities and OrganizationsDivision (SOAD) Head Janet Dolor saidthe alleged policy is not a university-widepolicy. She said students of other collegesshould not worry since what happened inCDC is an “isolated case.”University Student Council (USC)Chairperson Leo XL Fuentes shared,
however, that the Ofce of Student Affairs
(OSA) “explicitly” restricted USC’s activities.Last June 25, the USC spearheaded acultural night and candle lighting activityto commemorate the disappearance of UP students Karen Empeño and SherlynCadapan (see related article on page 3).Fuentes said that Dr. Zita Albacea,building administrator of the College of Arts and Sciences Building, disallowedthem from using the building and toldthe USC to notify the OSA. OSA grantedpermission but Albacea still deniedthem access to the building’s electricitysource, saying she has already “made herdecision”, according to Fuentes.“Kung may mga ganitong isyu kasina hindi nakonsulta, ito pa rin ayisang pagtapak sa kalayaan natin sapaggamit ng pasilidad ng university,”Fuentes stressed.He added that even if the issue is“isolated,” what happened in CDC is“still a repression of democratic rightsof students.”
Congrats sa mgabagong miyembro ngaming
Michael Angelo ClabitaSamantha Isabel CoronadoGerica Patricia Rejinald de ChavezAlvin de Los SantosEstel Lenwij EstropiaKatrina Elauria Jarienill Daquioag NamitRick Jason ObreroYves Christian SuizaAndrea Velasquez
WeareinneedofNews,FeaturesandCulturewriters,Layout Arsts, Graphic Arsts,Managing, Business, CopyEding andWebsta.
In our special election issue datedJuly 11, 2008, the last paragraph of NikkoAngelo Oribiana’s article titled “USC vicechair accused of ‘gross misconduct’” wastruncated. It should have read “As of presstime, the SDT has not yet decided whether to dismiss [the case] or give Bañez anydisciplinary action.”To clarify arguments in the editorialpublished in the same issue, the UPCode, not the 1978 Student Organizationconstitution, gives legal mandate to the
Ofce of the Student Affairs Director toserve as the USC’s ex-ofcio adviser.
Also, the 1978 Student OrganizationConstitution states that the council shouldonly “coordinate” its activities with theChancellor, not “secure” his approval.Our apologies.
~UPLB Perspective
Nikko Angelo Oribianaat Rick Jason Obrero
Bilang pagpapahayag ngprotesta laban sa iba’t ibang krisisna kinakaharap ng ating lipunan,nagdaos ng isang kultural napagtatanghal na pinamagatang Aralat Sining ng Kabataan sa Kalsada(ARANGKADA) ang mga mag-aaralng UPLB at kabataan ng TimogKatagalugan na sinundan naman ngisang walkout sa klase kinabukasan.
Nagsimula ang ARANGKADAnoong ika-10 ng Hulyo sa Humanitiesbuilding na may temang “Sakbay-lakbay kontra korupsyon para saedukasyon, pagkain at hustisyangpanlipunan.” Naglalayon ang naturangproyekto na mag-organisa ng kabataansa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ngcultural workshops at training upangpalakasin ang suporta sa sektorng kabataan sa gitna ng mga krisispanlipunan gaya ng sa bigas at langis.
Ayon kay Pedro Jose Santos Jr. ngANAKBAYAN–Timog Katagalugan, isa samga tagapag-organisa ng ARANGKADA,“Ang gawaing kultura ay isang effective way para maipakita ang kasalukuyangnangyayari [sa pamamagitan ng]theater arts, music, visual arts - ganunang laman [ng ARANGKADA].”Saad naman ni Rayan Brozula,Pangkalahatang Kalihim ng National
administrasyon sa ganitong mgausapin (usaping pang-estudyante).”Dagdag ni Fuentes, dahil dinumano sa mga problema ng represyonsa kampus, nagsama-sama namankinabukasan ang halos 80 estudyante,para makibahagi sa walkout sa mgaklase. Ipinakita din ng mga estudyanteang kanilang protesta sa pamamagitanng pagmamartsa mula Humanitiesbuilding hanggang sa Junction, College.
Nilalayon ng magkasunodna aktibidad na ipaalam sa mgaestudyante ang mga usapin ngumano’y represyon sa mga estudyantesa kampus gaya ng pagkaka-antala ngeleksyon ng USC at College StudentCouncil (CSC), hindi pagrerecognize ngilang mga organisasyon at pag-aalis ngilang tambayan ng mga organisasyon,at iba pa.Lumibot ang cultural caravanng nasabing programa sa TimogKatagalugan na nakahikayat ngmga lumahok sa “people’s State of the Nation Address”, isang kilos-protestang sumalubong sa State of theNation Address ni Gng. Arroyo sa ika-28 ng Hulyo.
Union of the Students of the Philippines –Southern Tagalog (NUSP-ST),“Ang sining ay isangmahalagang pormapara sa ating kabataan,sa mamamayan, at sanangyayari sa ating bayan... upang isulong angpanlipunang pagbabago.”Ang ARANGKADAay isinagawa ng mgamiyembro ng iba’t ibangorganisasyon at samahandito sa Timog Katagalugangaya ng National Unionof Students of thePhilippines (NUSP),College Editors’ Guildof the Philippines (CEGP),ANAKBAYAN, Kabataang Pinoy Partyat Southern Tagalog Cultural Network.Ayon kay Leo Fuentes, UniversityStudent Council (USC) Chairperson,ang programang isinasagawa ngARANGKADA rito sa UPLB aydinaluhan ng 50 katao na karamihanay freshmen na bahagi ng “Isko’t Iska2008,” isang taunang pagtatanghalsa pangunguna ng USC at ng TeatroUmalohokan, Inc. na tumatalakay samga usapin sa ating lipunan.Para kay Vladimir Recidoro, BSAgricultural Economics ‘08, “Angpakikilahok ng mga freshmen saganitong mga aktibidad ay mahalagaupang mabago ang opinyon ng ating
Bilang pagkondena sa palalang krisis panlipunan
Palihan ng kultura’t sining inilunsad
UPLB ginunita...
ng ANAKBAYAN-Timog Katagalugan, sa
kabila ng hindi pagpayag ng Ofce of 
Student Affairs at Building Administratorng College of Arts and Sciences Building nagumamit ng kuryente mula sa Humanities,naging mainit ang pagtanggap ng mga mag-aaral ng UPLB kay Gng. Cadapan.“Sina Karen at Sherlyn ay hindi kaibasa atin, pareho silang nakararanas ng mgaproblema dahil sa krisis sa edukasyon atnaghahanap din sila ng mga solusyon parasa mga problemang iyon,” ani Velasco.Ayon naman kay Joyce Ann ThereseOracion, BS Development Communication’08, isa ang aktibidad na ito sa mganagbibigay ng pagkakataong mamulat angisang indibidwal sa kung ano ang tunay nanangyayari sa bansa.exam for three consecutive years,although he was not appointed when he
rst topped the exam.
A selection committee with membersappointed by the Chancellor administeredthe EIC exam conducted last April16. This year’s committee was headedby Dr. Bella Cruzana of the Collegeof Veterinary Medicine. Other facultymembers include Dr. Jovita Movillonof the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology and Dr. Emilia Viscoof the College of Human Ecology. BeverlyChristcel Laguartilla of the College of Economics and Management and Aaron Joseph Aspi of the College of DevelopmentCommunication served as studentrepresentatives, both from last term’sUPLB Perspective. The EIC exam is based on thefollowing criteria: editorial writing (40%);news writing (30%); front page layouting(15%); and interview (15%).
Sa kabila umano ng hindi pagtugonng gobyerno sa mga pakiusap ni Gng.Cadapan, nagpasalamat siya sa suportangnatatanggap mula sa iba’t ibang non-government organizations tulad ngKARAPATAN, human rights watchdogng Pilipinas, mga taong-simbahan atestudyante mula sa UP.“Sana ay mas palalawakin pa ng mgaestudyante ang kampanya na mailitaw ‘yungdalawang UP students,” ani Gng. Cadapan.Nagkaroon ng candle lightingceremony at mensahe mula sa UniversityStudent Council sa pagtatapos ngprograma. Isinasagawa ang aktibidadna ito sa iba’t ibang kampus ng UP sapamumuno ng ANAKBAYAN, LFS atGabriela-Youth.

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