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uplb perspective 0809 - 7th ish

uplb perspective 0809 - 7th ish

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Published by Mark

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Published by: Mark on Feb 04, 2009
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Januar 29, 2009
Gonzales to assume OSA post
page 3
The 2008 News Round up
page 6-7
Taking it lightl
page 11
SCs slams...
     L     A     Y     O     U     T
   S   A   L   V   A   T   O   R   R   E   D   E   V   I   N   C   E   O   L   A   N   O    |
     P     H     O     T     O
    K   A   R   L   S   U   M   I   N   I   S   T   R   A   D   O
Just a few days before the Codified Rules forStudent Regent Selection (CRSRS) referendum,student councils (SCs) and other groups contestedBUKLOD-UPLB’s campaign to vote “No”, saying themove is “divisive to students.”
  This after BUKLOD, a political party in thecampus, objected to the SCs’ present campaign tovote “Yes” in the referendum set Jan. 26-31, 2009.In a statement, BUKLOD called on the UPLBSCs to conduct a “genuine student consultation,”as allegedly “no information campaigns [wereheld] regarding what the CRSRS contains and itscontentious provisions.”BUKLOD is a member of the Choose to Knowmovement, an alliance of UP student councils andpolitical parties campaigning for a “No” vote in theCRSRS referendum.Choose to Know proposes the followingamendments to the present CRSRS: inclusion of minimum academic requirement as qualificationin the SR nominations, addition of specific dutiesto the OSR, modification of the SR selection votingscheme to give bigger campuses a larger number of votes, extension of the effectivity of the CRSRS fromone year to three years and “de-politicization” of the SR selection process by removing the provisioncontaining the Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP), a system-wide allianceof SCs.
University Student Council (USC) ChairpersonCharisse Bernadine Bañez said those who arecampaigning for “No” chooses to dwell merely on thetechnicalities of the CRSRS.She cited the OSR’s instrumental involvementin supporting UPLB’s campaign for students’ rightsand welfare such as the campaign against Tuitionand other Fees Increase, the ratification of the 1984UPLB USC Constitution and the ongoing campaign forUPLB’s Student Agenda.“Kung titingnan kasi natin na magkakahiwalayitong mga bagay-bagay na ito, ibig sabihin lang hindinatin kayang tahiin ‘yung pangkabuuang kaayusan ngdemokrasya sa ating pamantasan.”Bañez stressed that the word “democracy” has been“used and abused” by political groups and individualsto pertain to their “elementary definition of individualpreferences” rather than a collective action to defendstudent rights.She argued that the proposed amendments to theCRSRS have “faced consistent and rational oppositionnot only by [a] considerable number of studentcouncils but majority of student councils of the UPsystem” during the CRSRS’ ten years of existence.“Hindi ba’t ito [proposals] ‘yung sinasabi natinghindi democratic dahil hindi nila nirerespeto ‘yungpinagpasyahan ng isang GASC (General Assembly of Student Councils) kung saan na-eexhaust ang lahat ngarguments at napagdedebatehan siya [CRSRS]?”
A barbarian and lovin’ it
page 8
SCs slam BUKLOD’svote “No”campaign
by Rogene Gonzales with reports from Faith Allyson Beunacosa
Blly e Kd band jams ou wsudens n kOnSyeRo, a freeconcer sponsored by e DefendOSR-UPLB.
       b        i       l       l       b      o      a      r       d 
Got what it takes to be the next star?
audition date:
February 4, 2009
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 would produce a more“pulsed”, “principled” and“competitive” SR.
In a memorandumreleased last Jan. 16, SRShahana Abdulwahid citedCongress’ “Initiative andReferendum Act” to define“referendum” as “approvingor rejecting what has beendrawn up or enacted by alegislative body,” hence onlythe question “Yes” or “No” inthe referendum ballot.She stressed that theproposal of the Choose toKnow movement to includethe alternative of a CRSRS with amendments takesthe form of an initiativeand not a referendum. Shesaid the proposals were“entirely the work of theelectorate” and “without theparticipation and againstthe wishes of their electedrepresentatives”.Abdulwahid also stressedthat the amendments arealready invalidated as thedeadline for submissionof proposed amendmentshas already lapsed lastOct. 1, 2008. Since no SCssubmitted proposed changesto the CRSRS during thattime, the CRSRS as amendedin 2007 has been set forreferendum. The final referendumquestion was decided by theOSR based on the proposalsand comprehensive reportssubmitted by SCs in the AllCouncils Meet last Dec. 19in UP Diliman.
UPLB Perspective
January 29, 2009
As part of thecampaign to gather activestudent participation inthe upcoming referendumfor the Codified Rulesfor Student RegentSelection (CRSRS), theDefend the Office of theStudent Regent Alliance-UPLB (Defend OSR)held a university-wideconvocation in Baker Halllast January 15.
Defend OSR is analliance of student councilscampaigning to defendstudent representation witha “Yes” vote on the CRSRSreferendum.Classes weresuspended for the specifictime assigned per college.Students almost filledthe Baker Hall, makingit seem quite small forthe event as the UPLBConvocation attended bymore than 2,000 studentsin morning and afternoonsessions.Issues such as thestate of democratic rightsin UPLB, the studentagenda containing specificconcerns of studentssuch as large lectureclasses, org recognitionand tambayan phase-out,and the commercializationof education in UP werediscussed in the saidconvocation.Pamela AngeliePangahas, Vice Presidentfor Luzon of Katipunan ngSangguniang Mag-aaralsa UP (KASAMA sa UP),a system-wide alliance of Student Councils, said theseissues were discussed toemphasize the vital role of the Student Regent (SR) inairing student’s concernin the Board of Regents(BOR). The history of theOSR was discussed,including the events onhow the Student Regentevolved from being a merestudent observer in theBOR to a regent who hasvoting power. Pangahasalso discussed the roleof KASAMA sa UP in theestablishment of the OSR.University StudentCouncil (USC) Councilorand Referendum Officerfor UPLB Odraude Alubsaid the convocation hasserved its purpose, as anoverwhelming numberof students attended theconvocation.
“Nakita natin na ang mga estudyante ay matimong nakinig hanggang matapos ang convocation at magandang panimula ito  para sa mga estudyante ng UPLB” 
, he furthered.Ahnea Alvaran, BSComArts ‘05, said theconvocation encouragedstudents to be involved in
 The GASC, a conventionof all UP SCs, is in charge of the yearly deliberation on theCRSRS, as well as the selectionof the SR.
KASAMA sa UP Vice-President for Luzon PamelaAngelie Pangahas stressedthat the criticisms againstthe CRSRS referendummade by these groups areonly means to “divide thestudents”.She said the proposalto remove KASAMA sa UPfrom the CRSRS to “de-politicize” the SR selectionprocess is invalid since theCRSRS only recognizes therole of KASAMA sa UP in thehistorical establishment andperspective of the OSR.“Mayroong mekanismoat network [ang KASAMA saUP] para sa mga systemwidecampaigns na tumutulong saOSR lalung-lalo na sa datagathering for policy reviewsat doon sa pagcoconsolidatesa iba’t ibang units ng UP,”Pangahas said.On the amendmentregarding the voting scheme,Pangahas said this will onlyskew the results of the SRselection process in favor of UP Diliman (UPD) since ithas 22 councils, the largestnumber in the UP system, whereas other UP units haveless, such as one for UPBaguio and nine for UPLB.Meanwhile, Samahanng Kabataan para sa BayanChairperson Leo XL Fuentesstressed that it is moreimperative for students tounderstand the existenceand significance of theOSR and its connection tothe struggle for students’ democratic rights.Fuentes stressed thatBUKLOD’s mere adoptionof the amendments reflectstheir lack of understandingon the consequences of campaigning for a “No” votein the referendum.
Ernest Francis Calayag,Externals Committee Headof BUKLOD, said they arecampaigning for a “No” inorder to widen informationdissemination regardingthe CRSRS and “provide[an] alternative to thestudents other than the ‘Yes’ campaign.”Calayag explained thatthe campaign was adoptedfrom some student groupsfrom UPD who are part of the political parties Alyansang mga Mag-aaral para saPanlipunang Katwiran atKaunlaran and NagkakaisangIskolar para sa Pamantasanat Sambayanan.“The five amendmentsna gusto nilang [Choose toKnow movement] ilagay werethe amendments na gusto rinng BUKLOD na maging partng CRSRS,” Calayag added.But he clarifiedthat while BUKLOD iscampaigning for “No” votes,the party is not saying “No”to the Office of the StudentRegent (OSR). He addedthat the inclusion of theamendments to the CRSRSin the referendum ballots
Esel Lenwj Esropa
Defend OSR holds university-wide convocation
SCs slams...from page 1
CEB sets ‘09 election guidelines
The Central ElectoralBoard (CEB) set last Jan. 21and Jan. 27 tentative datesfor the 2008 UniversityStudent Council and CollegeStudent Council elections.
 The CEB is mandatedby USC constitution tofacilitate the annualelections, from formulatingthe Election Code,setting qualifications andapproving candidatesto proclaiming electedofficials. This year’s CEB iscomposed of the newly
appointed Ofce of the
Student Affairs Director Dr.Vivian Gonzales (acting as
the ex-ofcio ofcer of the
CEB), Student Organizationsand Activities Division head Janett Dolor, incumbentUSC Chairperson CharisseBernadine Bañez,
UPLB Perspective 
Editor in Chief Christian Ray Buendia,College Secretaries andCollege Student Councilschairperson.Bañez said that assuggested by studentcouncils, the election willbe held for a day and a half  just like in the elections andplebiscite last Sept. 10-11that registered one of thehighest voter turnout in UPLBhistory.Last Jan. 21 the USC helda meeting with Samahan ngKabataan para sa Bayan andBUKLOD-UPLB to discussto them USC’s plans on theupcoming elections.
Schedule of 2009 UPLB USC-CSC elections:
Deadline for ling of candidacy
Feb 5 (5pm)
CEB meeting to approve
Feb 6 (3pm)
ofcial candidatesPosting of qualied candidates
Feb 9
Feb 10 to Feb 23
Miting de Avance
Feb 24
Election proper
Feb 25 and 26 (8am-5pm)
Canvassing of Votes
Feb 26 and 27
Nkko Angelo Orbana
Hundreds of students parcipated in the university-wide convocaon to supportthe Defend OSR campaign. Dierent campus issues were also discussed in theconvocaon in line with the upcoming referendum.
the referendum especiallynow that they are equipped with more knowledge on thenature of the OSR.Alex Meria, BS Econ ’08added,
“Dito [convocation] rin namin nalaman na ang isyung kinakaharap ng OSR ngayon ay maaaring magsilbing balakid sa representasyon ng mga estudyante sa BOR.” 
SR Shahana Abdulwahid, who was brought to UP
Diliman’s inrmary, was
not able to attend theconvocation due to a highfever.
UPLB Perspective
January 29, 2009
Yves Chrisan Suiza
As issues involving studentwelfare remain unsolved,Dr. Vivian Gonzales fromthe College of Public Affairs
assumed the post of Ofcer-in-charge of the Ofce of 
the Student Affairs (OSA),replacing Prof. SeverinoCuevas, last January 16.
Chancellor Luis Rey Velascohas the prerogative to recommendto the Board of Regents the nextOSA Director, whose appointmentshall be approved by the BOR,after one month.As Cuevas vacated his post,he passed on student issues toGonzales for appropriate action. These include recognition of religious orgs and the phaseoutof BioSci tambayan. Janett Dolor, StudentOrganizations and ActivitiesDivision head, said Gonzalesalready recognized thereligious organizations that were not recognized duringCuevas’ term. Before the endof his term, Cuevas citedprovisions of the UP Code toprove the “discriminatory”nature of organizations.Also, the OSA is supposedto coordinate with the UniversityStudent Council (USC) inthe current Student RegentReferendum, as well as theincoming University and CollegeStudent Council elections. Jerald Mojica, President of Philobioscentia, said the essenceof being an OSA Director shouldbe consultative with the studentsand organizations.Meanwhile, Cuevas saidhe will continue to performcivil service work in Isabelaand Batangas throughagricultural extension.Cuevas is a faculty memberin the College of Agriculture.Zosimo Dimaculangan,
Administrative Ofcer IV of OSA,
said Cuevas has implementedpolicies that are acceptable tostudents, including a fraternitypeace agreement that Cuevasclaimed has resulted in zerofraternity war.A fratman, who refused to
be identied, said fraternity-
related violence in theuniversity still exists inspite of the presence of anInter-Fraternity Council (IFC)and the existence of a peaceagreement. The IFC providesvenue where fraternity-relatedissues are solved with the OSAas the intermediary.Gonzales said she will coordinate with theorganizations and USC to comeup with solutions for these issues.Mark Vincent Baracao,USC Councilor, argued thattambayan phaseout, non-recognition of organizationsand Tuition and other FeesIncrease (ToFI) were attacks tostudents’ rights, all of which were issues that happenedunder Cuevas’ term.“In Cuevas’ term, studentsalso proved that their unitycan never be defeated by thestrongest force of repressionand commercialization of education,” Baracao added.Gonzales, an honorary
Seguridad sa dorms tinasa
Rck Jason Obrero w repors
from Rogene Gonzales
Gonzales to assume OSA post
Mag-iisang taon na angnakalilipas magmula nangmagkabit ng security cameras sakampus kasabay ang pagbabawasng mga security guards, naumani na ng iba’t bang reaksyonmula sa mga opisyal at residenteng mga dormitoryo.
Noong Pebrero 2008,binawasan ang bilang ng securityguards sa lahat ng mga universitydormitories at iniiksian ang orasng duty ng mga ito mula sa dating6 p.m. hangang 6 a.m. tungong 9p.m. hanggang 5 a.m. Kasabay dinnito ang paglalagay ng mga securitycameras at ang pagtatalaga ngmga Community Support Brigade(CSB) program na tumutulong sapagpapatupad sa mga polisiya sacampus at ang pag-roronda sa ilangbahagi ng unibersidad.
Ayon kay University PoliceForce (UPF) Chief Norlio Aquino,nakatulong ang CSB sa pananatiling seguridad at hindi sila angproblema sa mga dormitory dahilang mga estudyante rin mismo angmay problema.Ipinaliwanag ni Aquino na angpagbabawas ng mga security guardssa mga dormitoryo ay binungang kakulangan ng kakayahan ngunibersidad na sumuporta ng mgapermanentang manggagawa.Nakatulong naman umanoang mga CSB sa pangangalaga ngseguridad sa loob ng unibersidaddahil 24 oras silang nakatalaga atnakapagsisilbi kapalit puwesto ngmga security guards.Sinubukan ng
 humingi sa UPF ng mga tala ng mganakalipas na kaso ng krimen sa mgadormitoryo ngunit administrasyonlamang umano ang maaaringmaglabas nito. At dahil sa kawalanng panahong tumugon sa panayamay hindi na nakuhanan ng panigsi Vice Chancellor for CommunityAffairs Elpidio Agbisit.
Batid ni Liwayway Dumagco,Dormitory Manager ng Men’sResidence Hall, na hindi kayangtumbasan ng mga Student Assistantang serbisyo ng mga security guards.Nagpadala umano si Dumagco ngrequest sa administrasyon parasa karagdagang security guardsngunit wala pa ring tugon angadministrasyon.Noong nakaraang ika-10 ngEnero, dalawang residente ng NewDormitory ang naging biktima ngnakawan. Isa rito si Lyon Alec Fiesta,isang BS EE ’06 student na nakawanng cellphone at laptop. Nagsagawaang UPF ng isang imbestigasyonngunit wala pa rin itong umanongresulta.Hiling nina Dumagco at Fiestana madagdagan ang security guardssa unibersidad dahil na rin umanosa pangangailangan na matiyak angseguridad ng mga estudyante.
Ipinahayag naman ni VeterinaryMedicine Residence Hall ManagerFlorentino Pasco na nabawasanang kaso ng krimen sa kanilangdormitoryo mula noong nagkaroon ngmga rumorondang CSB.Samantala, ayon kay MarianDinglasan, BS Econ ’06 at presidente
Feb fair to relive legacy of student movement
Along with UPLB’s Centennialfestivities, the annually heldFebruary Fair (Febfair) will revolvearound the theme “RaGeneration:
Reliving and Reafrming the Legacy
of the UPLB Student Movement.” The University Student Council(USC) has started preparation forthis year’s Febfair which will start onFeb. 10 to 14 with an initial budgetof P400,000.Originally organized as a protestfair, the Febfair serves as a venuefor students to commemorate thedark years of Martial law, back whenUPLB students mobilized againstinjustices committed by the MarcosRegime.With different themes every
day, the ve-day event will tackle the
history of student movement and thepresent campus and national issues.Ira Olivia Garcia, USC Councilorand FebFair Ad Hoc CommitteeHead said this year’s Febfair willpromote student awareness onissues like tambayan phaseout, non-recognition of student organizations, Tuition and other Fees Increase,OSR referendum, mass chargingof ST activists and administration’spush for Charter Change.She added that students should
relive and reafrm the fruits of 
previous student movements anduse these to evaluate whether theirresolutions to the current issues areenough or should be improved.Michael John Acosta, Presidentof UP Society of AgriculturalEngineering Students (UP SAGES)said, “Wala naman naging problema[sa preparations], na-relay ng maaga[ng USC] at maayos ‘yung mga
specications para sa fair.”
Meanwhile, UP Animal ScienceSociety (UPASS) President KristineLopez said the theme for this year’s
Febfair is t to bring awareness to the
students.“Inaasahan ko na magiginggrandest Febfair ‘yung ngayon sincekasabay nito ang pag-celebrate ngUPLB centennial,” Charlie Tañala, BSAgricultural Engineering ’06, said.One hundred sixty booths willbe put up on Freedom Park which will be occupied by different studentorganizations and concessionairesduring the entire Febfair.Various mainstream andlocal bands such as Ephrot Act,Brownman Revival and Itchywormshave been invited to the said event.Other activities include an Oblationrun, cultural presentations, torchlighting, WAR show and otheractivities organized by differentorganizations.
Karna Elaura
Dahil sa mga insidente ng nakawan
Ilang kaso na rin ng nakawan ang naitala sa New Dormitory, at ang inuturo ng mga
resdene na dalan no ay ang kawalan ng secury guards uwng umaga. Madlmdn ang daraanan paakya sa dormoryo
ng Women’s Residence Hall, walapa umanong kaso ng nakawan sakanilang dormitoryo. Ipinaliwanagniya na mahigpit magbantay angsecurity guard ng dormitoryo atmaayos na naipapatupad angpagkakaroon ng curfew.
Ayon sa mga opisyal ng NewForestry Residence Hall (NewFOREHA), Forestry Residence Hall(FOREHA) at Makiling ResidenceHall (MAREHA), ang maayos naseguridad sa upper campus ay hindidahil sa CSB at security camerasdahil wala rin naman umanongnakatalaga rito.Samantala, inilahad ni VirginiaAlinsod, Dormitory Manager ngNew Forestry Residence Hall, namayroon lamang iilang kaso ngnakawan ngunit pinaghihinalaangestudyante at residente lang rinnaman ang kumukuha.Dahil sa pagiging kampanteng mga residente na walangmanghihimasok sa dormitoryo ayiisa lamang ang security guard saFOREHA at MAREHA.
colonel of the Armed Forcesof the Philippines, was OSADirector from 1995 to 1998.She proposed the Student Transformation and Enrichmentfor Truth – Values Integrationand Promotion (STET – VIP)program in 1997, which wasadapted by the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). She wasinvolved in suspending fraternitymembers involved in rumblesin 1997. During the secondsemester of AY 2004–2005, 350CWTS 2 students complainedagainst her after she failed themdue to alleged unsatisfactorygroup reports.
hand carry to SU 2/f rm 11 or

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